Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Vacation Video. The impact. The tears. The GROWTH.

Over the weekend, I finally decided to sit down and finish putting together our vacation video from last summer. Yes, ten months later. The reason for that being is that I was skimming through my computer files upstairs and started watching the videos that I had put together from the previous vacation years and realized that I had yet to finish the one from our last vacation. And well, with another one coming up, I thought I better get on it.

I think around the time that I started putting it together the kids were both arguing about something, testing my patience, and completely misbehaving and I have to be honest and say I was stressed. Frustrated when I sat at the computer, urged my husband to go do something with the kids before I lost it, and decided to get something productive done so I could get my mind off of the crazy.

Then I opened up the videos and pictures and started to put the pieces together and as I started watching the formation of it all, I began crying like a baby. Looking at my kiddos, listening to their sweet voices, and wanting to touch their baby like features right through the computer. I couldn't stop watching. I couldn't stop replaying it over and over again. And I couldn't help but forget any frustration I had felt just moments before. Why? Because it didn't matter. Because looking at my kids in these videos is what truly matters. Watching them discover the beauty of our Earth. Watching them bond and love on their cousins, uncle, and my parents. Watching them just be... kids.

I think sometimes we need little reminders like this. Videos like this. To show us what life is truly all about, and all that other stuff in the middle {the nonsense} really doesn't matter. It passes. Kids grow up. And then... well.... kids grow up. That part is what sinks in the most. It's amazing to look back on these videos and watch how much my oldest has changed just in a matter of 3 years. Drastically. Andrew told me "I can barely see her in there." She's grown now, but yet she still seems like a baby girl to me. And my youngest is a little boy now. And to think now I will be on vacation again with another child in my belly and that one day she will grow up and be running her little feet through these exact same beaches.

It's a lot to take in.

These videos had such a great impact for me over the weekend, put a lot more things in perspective, and really challenged me as a mother.

And to think.... what will they do to me 20 years from now?

Memories, in the form of pictures and videos, are truly one of the greatest gifts in life. I see that. And I want to hold on to that for as a long as I can.

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