Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Egg Activities for Learning!

There are so many learning opportunities during Easter time. The kids are excited about the holiday, it's bright and springy, and of course there are a lot of yummy treats involved, so I definitely use this time of year to have fun with the homeschooling.

One of my favorite things to use during Easter for learning is :EGGS! Who would have thought?

There are so many different little learning activities that you could do, and the kids just think they are having fun playing with eggs.

Here are a list of some ideas that you can do:

1. Easter egg hunt: Fill them with whatever the child may be learning! Pictures of shapes. Sight words. Numbers. They don't have to be just on paper, you can use small little magetic numbers or alphabet letters or if they are learning colors, you can include different colored "dot stickers." For my oldest this year, I used biblical Easter sight words: sacrifice, believe, crucified, miracle, savior, risen, faith, cross. For Graham, I included different magnets for numbers since we are really focusing on memorizing those right now. Of course I threw in a few eggs that had treats so it was more incentive to open each one up and see what was inside.

2. Easter math. Get a large poster size paper and write out the math problems and then draw circles for the eggs 2+3= . They would then add two eggs, then three eggs and them count to see the answer and write it down. You also can just write out the problems and they can use the eggs to help them solve the problem on their own.

3. Easter counting. For my youngest, we are focusing on recognizing numbers, so for him, I used cardstock paper and wrote down a number {as well as write out the word} and then drew eggs for each number. Then I used some of our puzzle pieces numbers and had him match those numbers up as well as match up the eggs.

You can also write numbers on the eggs and have them put them in order from 1-10 or 1-20, or whatever other numbers your child may be working on. 

4. Small, medium, large. Bigger, smaller. Longer, shorter. Lighter, darker. Get a variety of eggs shapes and sizes and colors. Use three baskets and have them sort the smallest in one basket, the medium size ones in another, and the large in another. The lighter/darker one is just easy, have two shades of blue and ask which is lighter and which is darker. Same with the longer and shorter. The great thing about these activities is that we can sit on the couch and just "talk" about it.

5.  Memory game. Love this idea I found on pinterest and again, you can tailor this for whatever your child may be learning: numbers, shapes, ABC's, sight words, animals, etc. Or find fun little small objects around the house to place underneath.

direct link
6. What time is it? Another wonderful pinterest find, and something I am working on with my 4 year old is telling time. This is just a fun way to get rid of worksheets and do something more hands on. Hands on always means they remember it better, at least it was always that way for me.

direct link

7. Upper case/lower case matching: Write the uppercase on one letter and the lowercase on another and have the child match them up.

Direct link
For more ideas, check out the pinterest search I did here: Plastic Egg Activities


  1. What absolutely great ideas. I LOVE taking themes (and holidays) and turning them into learning opportunities. Will be sure incorporating some of these games.

  2. Thanks for sharing! My daughter loved the letter matching activity. I shared your link on my post.



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