Thursday, April 9, 2015

Old Navy Complaint: Please Work on Your Customer Service.

Old Navy, if your supervisor wants to ignore me, than maybe your corporate will actually listen.  I have reached out in all social media outlets to let you know my frustration, as well as email your corporate in hopes that someone will reach out to me to assure me that this sort of thing will never happen again. What happened with my order isn't even the problem, it's the poor customer service that I interacted today that left me utterly speechless.

My email to corporate:

To whom this may concern,

Please forward this below email to corporate. I have attempted to speak to a supervisor already today by the name of "Thomas" who I waited 20 minutes on the phone for but one who refused to actually come to the phone, and instead passed his message along to the service rep, named "Selena," that he "couldn't do anything for me." Without even talking to me, he assumed there was nothing more he could do for me.

I hope that corporate handles their complaints in a much more professional manner, and someone can reach out to me that will not feed me nonsense. I hope you actually read my complaint before assuming you can no longer help me.

So, let us back up here and begin with the actual problem.

My order number {listed in the subject} of approximately $164.00 was shipped out at the end of March in 3 different orders. One of those orders included the tan double strapped sandals in size 7. The tracking number for that order: listed in original email  . It stated that my order should have arrived at the end of March. At the beginning of April, when it still had not arrived, and when the shipping information was still not updated on the tracking number provided to me, I went ahead and emailed customer service. The person I was in contact with was Jill, and this was the email she sent back to me:

{{inserted original email from Jill, Old Navy representative who stated that she would be reshipping the brown sandals to me}}.

There, above in that email, the old navy representative acknowledged  that it was the tan sandals that I was looking for.

Unfortunately, today, when I made sure to be home all day for the UPS guy that I missed yesterday {since it now required a signature}, I opened up the package to find the color of the sandal to not be tan, but pink. A color I already owned.

I proceeded to call customer service, and speak to Selena. She then told me that I would have to send back the wrong sandals to the post office and that they would reship the CORRECT color {for the 3rd time now}. I would have to print a packing label upstairs from my own computer, package this order back up, then drive to the post office to drop off a package that was sent to me incorrectly. I was literally shocked, and thinking to myself that surely they would at least offer to pay for the sandals that they have not yet to get right. When I asked her what exactly she would be offering for my inconvenience, she abruptly offered me 10% off the shoes. I couldn't help but laugh and tell her that comes to 89 CENTS. 89 CENTS for getting my order wrong twice, having me to contact customer service TWICE, having me stay home all day to wait to sign a package for $9 sandals, and then now having to print and send out the WRONG shoes and wait for my new ones. 0.89 CENTS. That is what Old Navy is telling me my time is worth.

Her response?
"Well, they are already cheap shoes."

Good job Selena in selling the product.

My response?

"My point exactly! We are sitting here arguing over $9=8.99 shoes, that you shouldn't even hesitate to credit back to me for all the errors that they have caused. Not to mention, I still don't have them in my hands. "

Now, to top things off, like I started in this email, I told her that wasn't good enough and now I was very upset and I needed to talk to a supervisor. I was on hold for 18 minutes before Selena, not the supervisor, came back on the phone to tell me there was nothing more that she could do for me except resend me the shoes {me still paying for it} for the 3rd time. Again, I pointed out how Old Navy has wasted a lot of my time, and STILL has not offered to pay for the $8.99 sandals that have still not reached my door two times in a row.

Old Navy, you mean to tell me that you are hurting so bad for money that the $8.11 {you offered to pay the 0.89 cents remember} that you were unwilling to credit me with the proper shoes in my hand is worth losing a customer over? One that has invested thousands in your company, and your way of saying THANK YOU is by offering me 89 cents for a mistake {made twice} by YOUR company and inconveniencing me along the way?

I hope that is truly not the case. I hope that if nothing else, you can take this situation and make this a learning experience for your customer service representatives. That arguing with a customer, inconveniencing them, and mistaking their order should be more than enough reason to go out of your way, as a large well-known company, and making them completely satisfied. Not 10% satisfied, but 100% satisfied.

I think my loyalty as a customer is definitely worth more than .89 cents. What you have told me though, is that it's not.

Thank you for your time,

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