Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day to our favorite DAD

Father's day here, and all I keep thinking about is how lucky my children and I are. I don't say it enough, I don't give the proper praise, and I definitely don't scream it out loud to the world, but once in a while it's important to acknowledge that we have ourselves a really special guy. Not because he's perfect or that he stays calm in every situation out there or that he knows all the right things to say and do at all the right times, but because he has such a big heart for his family. It's hard to describe who Andrew is as a father, but I just know that he is one that wants to be his very best for his children and for that I am ever so thankful. It's that desire in the heart and the passion to want to fight for them, for us, as a family.
And so, I thought about what I wanted to write this Father's day to him. What I wanted to say, or how I wanted to say it. I know there won't be enough words, and I won't say it the way I feel it, but I know that Andrew and our children will understand. I hope that they grow up seeing the heart of this man that I know so well.
So kids, let me tell you about your dad.
He loved you before mama ever did. I know that may sound odd, but it's the truth. I formed bonds with you kids as you grew {very quickly, rest assured}. I knew I loved you, but I wasn't in love with you the way that I am now---the way that I was 1 month in. The way he was right away. The way he looked at you only reminded me of one other time that I had ever seen Andrew look at someone that way, and that was with me. Nothing could ever describe how I felt in those moments when you babies were born and your papa fell in love with you. He waited so long to touch you, to see what you looked like, and to whisper I love you, and in those moments they were just as tender and intimate as I had ever imagined.
He wants nothing but the best for you kids--Life, health, happiness. Elli, he worried about your little cone-head as soon as you came out, and Graham he couldn't stop checking on you and comforting you the minute we found out you broke your shoulder blade coming out. And he has continued to be the little worrier of the family--Are they okay, is that scab healing okay, how are they feeling,  is that temperature worrisome, checking on you babies at all hours of the day when at work, and constantly thinking of you when he is at home. He hates to see you in pain or suffering, and so when the slightest thing goes awry, he is on it to comfort you.
He does all the mama stuff that
He gets on the ground and plays with you. When it comes between mama and papa, you kids will pick papa over mama any day to play on the ground---whether it be cars, puzzles, or blocks. Papa just has so much more enthusiasm and excitement in being a "big kid" and mama sticks to the stories and cuddles. He enjoys all the time that we spend with you kids. He actually enjoys all the festivals, family traditions, beach trips, vacations, and park dates that we take you guys on and wants to be so much a part of your childhood. I have always told him that life isn't about being drowned in work and making money, but if there is a way to find that happy balance and be able to not miss out on your kids' lives, then that's where I want us to be. I am so thankful that he feels the very same way.

Elli, you will forever be his baby girl and he will do anything for you because I am certain that you will always be loved the ultimate most {don't tell the others that}. Graham, you will forever be his little guy, the brother he never had, and his best friend growing up. And baby P, you may not be here, but I am also certain that being the "baby" in the family that you are going to have a very very special place in your papa's heart.
Nothing, and I mean nothing, means more to me in this world than knowing that your papa loves you guys so deeply.
Happy Father's Day my love. So happy God chose you to be my baby daddy.


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  1. So sweet :) Posts like this make me so excited for all the ways my marriage will stretch and grow when my husband and I have kids! Thanks for sharing and happy Father's Day to you and your sweet family!


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