Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I might just have to have a 4th.

I'm going to have to get pregnant a 4th time. Simply because of the burst of energy that this second trimester has brought me and how happy this had made my house. What does this mean? All I ever want to do is clean clean clean and organize organize organize. And once I get an idea in my head, then there is no way around it. My poor husband has a mile long honey do list as well of things that I want done around the house from re-painting the kitchen cabinets to painting trim, crown molding, fixing deck, and so forth. I am just about through organizing every closet and drawer in my entire house. I have a million and one ideas and projects running throug my head that sometimes I forget there are absolutely not enough hours in the day, and also I shouldn't be working quite as hard. But seriously, I'm loving stepping foot in a cleaner more organized home.

Two weddings to shoot. In July. Back to back weekends. I am so excited/nervous all at the same time, and so thrilled about the opportunity in gaining more experience in this photography outlet of mine.

Speaking of organized, part of the reason that I have been able to get so organized is because I have gone through and donated half of the stuff that used to exist in our closets and drawers. For anyone looking to donate their stuff, please please check out your local churches, as well as the wheeler mission where you can drop off your goods at a little barn area they have located in various locations. I stopped donating to Goodwill many many years ago because the thought of someone making a profit off of stuff that I just want someone to have for free bothered me greatly. This way, whether it's used or not, at least I know that no one has to fork out any money for it.

Potty training question/ advice needed. G man has been #1 trained for about 4 months now with no problem and that includes no bed wetting at night, but we cannot for the life of us get him to go #2 in the toilet. He has has maybe 4 successful trips and I think even those were more accidental than anything else. We never had this problem with our first {it only took a couple weeks to figure out #2}, so this is a whole new ballpark for us. Update, I think we are going on the uphill. A little bribery for new Thomas trains seems to have done the trick. We shall see...

Sleeping album.
I decided that I'm going to put an album together of the kids sleeping since I have so many pictures of them in the funniest positions. I am seriously obsessed with making photo albums.

Kings Island is amazing. We went for a day trip and spent 9 hours at the park, and it seriously exceeded our expectations for the kids. Now, the two of us had been to this park a handful of times each when we were young, but of course only hung out in the roller coaster area, so we had no idea what to expect out of the kid section. Andrew actually was worried about not having enough to do for the little ones,and let me just say that is far from the case. We could have spent 2 days at the park and no one would have been bored. We will definitely be going back next year.

Little Passports.
I signed E up for this monthly geography box where they send you an initial "welcome suitcase" with a passport, a large map, and some fun goodies, and then every month after that they send you a new country to learn about. We received our first country and I am just in love with this concept. She got a little postcard with a rare animal on it {and info about it} from Brazil, a stamp to put in her passport, a souvenir from that country {an Amethyst rock}, and some crosswords to work on. Here is the thing, I am so glad we signed up just because she is obsessed with her suitcase and passport, and it also gave me some insight on how I want to approach geography in the homeschooling department, but I definitely don't think they send enough for the money that you are spending, so I probably will just be doing my own thing and deliving a new country every couple weeks, making my own stamps, having her color the flag for each country, and making a little info paper on each one that we can start putting in a binder.

Sadness= the news that Jennifer and Ben are getting a divorce. I really thought that couple was going to make it. Sad to think about the family breaking apart.


  1. One thing that helped my little man was when we turned him backwards on the potty. He didn't feel like he was going to fall in and it allowed him to relax enough to actually go #2! And a little bribe never hurt anyone 😄

  2. We are heading to Kings Island next week. As long as it's not pouring the rain! We love going!

  3. That Geography box is so cute and clever x

  4. I am totally going to steal your idea of a sleeping album! I have tons of pics of our little dude in the craziest positions that couldn't possibly be comfortable! :)

    <3 Melissa

  5. So are you guys for sure homeschooling? I love that geography box idea and am definitely filing that away for my son when he's a bit older.


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