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Levana Ovia 2 Camera Baby Monitor Review: The answer to better sleep.

 This is an honest review of the Levana Ovia 2 Camera Baby Monitor written by myself with all opinions stated that of my own. 

When our first born came into this world, I felt the most incredible happiness and deep satisfaction of being a mother. I never understood what it meant to love someone so hard it hurt until the moment I held my daughter in my arms and began to watch as she developed and grew. Her first smile, her milestone achievements, her giggles, and cuddles, and eventually kisses and big fat hugs-- it was like falling in love over and over and over again. The thing about it though, it wasn't just love that I acquired on the day that I became a mother, but also worry. And nothing worried me more in this world than something happening to her.

I worried about her catching a terrible illness. I worried about her being hurt and me not realizing it. I worried about her being hungry and me not understanding that specific cry. I worried about SIDS and waking up to my baby being gone. I worried about her happiness, her health, and her safety. I think, as first time parents, the term worry and everything it encompasses seems to come with the title. It pretty much goes like this: here is your baby, and here is a bag of things to worry about, now figure it out.

Are there ways to get rid of the worry completely? No I'll always be one to worry about something. But there certainly are ways to ease it a little and give you a sigh of relief. One of those ways is through the video monitor that I never knew I wanted or even needed until we first owned one. Which by the way wasn't until baby two came into our lives, and now again with the anticipation of number three.

You see, nap time and bed time was probably one of the biggest triggers for my stress when it comes to my babies. I read too many stories of SIDS, broken limbs {from getting stuck}, climbing out of crib, and so much more. So running up the stairs and checking on them constantly was always just out of habit with my first, and something that was merely eliminated with my second. Eliminated because of something magical known as the video monitor.

Needless to say, I think it should be at the top of a baby registry. Not just for moms that worry, but for all moms.
Our giraffe keeps the Levan Close

I was given the opportunity to test out the Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Baby Monitor, and I am excited to share with you all how amazing this product really is. From the ease, to the picture, to the design, it really was constructed with every kind of mother and worry in mind.

If you look closely, you can even see my 28 week belly!
Large 4.3 inch LCD screen

I love that this screen is so much bigger than what we were used to with our previous monitor and that I can truly see my babies through the screen. No more squinting and guessing as to what they may be up to. Here, every detail is visible. The touch screen option is also a plus, and it allows me to customize my settings.

Save Photos and Video

Now this is a feature that I would have never even thought of, yet one that I surprisingly really enjoy using. Sleeping pictures of my babies are my favorite, and the funny things they do when they go to sleep are even better. So with this feature, with a touch of a button I am able to take a quick picture or even video the scene so that I can send my husband when he's at work, or to the grandparents who never get tired of images of the kids. It already comes with an SD card, so all you have to do is pop it out and transfer the data to the computer.

Two-Way Communication

My kids this is just hilarious. They always ask me to "talk to them" and I love having the option of being able to talk them down when they are trying to nap without having to actually go upstairs if I am busy doing something downstairs. This will also be very beneficial with the baby where my voice may soothe them right back to sleep. I would say that I could sing a nursery song, but my voice is not up to par for singing.

24-hr Battery Life

The battery on this monitor is great. Instead of eating away constantly while the baby is sleeping, it goes into a sleep mode until it picks up the trigger of your baby waking up and alarms  you. I like this feature because I am able to take our monitor to my parent's house and not have to drag every single cord with us.

Invisible Night Vision LEDs

It's bad enough that I am already legally blind, but the last thing I needed was a monitor that I couldn't see at night when my babies are sleeping. To really see their bodies to the extent where I can even see them breathing. It works up to 12 feet away!

Rotating View

I saved the best for last. I did not have this feature with our last video monitor, and I cannot tell you how many times I remember telling my husband how irritated I was that I was unable to scan the room when the kids were getting out of bed, and now that issue is completely eliminated. I am able to control from my screen the angle of the camera by 270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically.

There are so many other things that you are able to do with baby monitor, and I am confident in saying that it is one of a kind. One thing that I worried about was the connection interference and someone having the ability to view my children. That problem is solved with Levana with their ClearVu technology that prevents other people from accessing the video footage. It has lullabies for my baby. I can connect up to 4 cameras {which means we need one more}, and it is a colorful LED ring that changes colors to notify you of important signals when your baby is crying and your volume is turned down. For instance, it turns red when the baby is screaming/crying loudly.

I am so excited for our third baby to arrive in October, not only to meet her, but to have this monitor as another source of peace of mind.

No more worrying, no more waking up in the middle of the night frantic, no more rushing out of bed. A good night rest for all. I hope.


  1. Good review!! Looks like an awesome camera/baby monitor! I wish they had fancy dance monitors like this when my kiddos were babies. video baby monitor

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