Monday, September 14, 2015

New Father Gift Ideas for the first timer, second, or fifth

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When I think about the past 9 months, one of the first things that comes to mind is how much more I needed my husband than ever before. With two toddlers, continuing to work full time nights, and staying up during the day with the kiddos until Andrew rolled in the door around 6pm, I was exhausted, cranky, and definitely more impatient than I'd like to admit. Andrew picked up on these cues right away, and would jump right in. Without even asking. He'd take on the bath role, reading books, and putting the kids to bed, all while I took a moment to sit the couch and just decompress. Most nights? I'd fall asleep before he would even make it back down for night time in-home dates.

I wouldn't say that this pregnancy was the hardest of my three, but I would definitely say that I felt every moment of it. I have felt the fatigue, the pain in my joints, and the heaviness of carrying around a full term baby. I have felt the restless nights, the constant getting up, and the difficulty of simple tasks like-getting out of bed.

And I've always felt the full love and support of my husband.

Often times, when we think of a mom delivering a baby, we think about people bringing her flowers, balloons, and even a "push gift" presented to her by her husband. Everyone congratulates both parents, but it's the mother that they focus on when acknowledging all her hard efforts in bringing a healthy baby into this world.

But the fathers. My baby father, is someone that also needs just as equal acknowledgement. Sure, they may not be the one to physically feel the heaviness of a 9 month pregnancy, but they definitely feel the emotional and mental roller coaster. And for that, they deserve more than just a high five.

So this year, I decided to make him something special to take to the hospital on the day of the delivery. Something for him to do, something for him to enjoy, and something for a little later when I know that we will need on those late nights and early mornings—hello coffee again.

I had so many ideas when it came time to making his New Father Gift idea basket, but I tried to not overwhelm him and keep it simple. I really wanted to make sure that I kept some of his favorite things in mind, and to think about what he would reach for come go-time. Push time. This baby is coming soon-time!

So here are my list of things I added, and some others that would be a great thing to think about. I also think it would be cute to attach a little fun sticky note to each item to explain why you chose it and how they may benefit from it. For instance Starbucks gift card: for all the times we will need coffee to stay awake. And gum- because you know we will forget to brush our teeth more times than not. It's fun, and makes this whole process even that much more real.

New Father Gift Ideas

1. Gum. This is simple, easy, compact, and necessary. With not knowing how long labor will last, and knowing the nerves are going to be kicking in, it's nice to have something to chew on and to get your mind off of what is about to happen.

2. Book. I suggest one that prepares {or reminds} dad of the early days and what to expect. Although a pleasure read would also be nice, it definitely isn't ideal during the labor process. Remember, they have to frequently come and rub our feet, hold our hand, and fluff our pillow. Even if it's not their first time around, they do appreciate a little reminding of what to expect.

3. Gift card. To treat themselves to either something they enjoy or something as simple as coffee.

4. A gift. A small gesture of appreciation. For Andrew, I chose his favorite cologne. So he can cover up the smell of "being up all night" and then going to work the next day. You know, that smell.

5. A treat. For my husband, I chose gum. For yours, it may be twizzlers. But definitely something sweet and yummy for them to enjoy. Now just don't get mad when they are eating in front of you during labor and you know that you can't have a single bite. You might just have to remind them to wait on that one.

6.  A celebration gift. Havana Honeys is the way to go. After we are settled in our room, and after all the commotion starts to settle down, it will give him the opportunity to leave for a moment, to walk outside to breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy a cigar for himself {and maybe his dad or friend} with tasty flavors and great Cuban quality.

**To sign up for free coupons and to find a retailer near you visit Havana Honeys website here.

So here we are, 9 months in, and ready for a baby to be here any day now. With our bags packed, car seat installed, baby items out and ready to be used, and finally my gift basket for the best father ever, I can officially say we are ready. 

We are ready for our lives to be turned upside down all over again, but in a great way. Our arms are open, our hearts are ready to be filled again, and the excitement is at its ultimate high.

We will see you soon baby Polina.


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