Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why we skipped on preschool.

I know I have mentioned homeschooling a lot on this blog. In fact, it is one of the main things that I would describe about myself when talking about motherhood. It's {teaching} something that I have done with the kids since they were about 9 months, and I have had a passion for it since I was a little girl. Although I have to say that my patience and persona is definitely not of one I would describe as sweet, quiet, or soft-spoken, I've definitely grown throughout the years.  I have learned a lot, and I am slowly {but surely} getting to that point where I am proud of the work that I do with the kids and how I handle certain situations.

So.... preschool.

For two years, Elli was enrolled in a one day "preschool" at our church that we attend. It was a 4 hour class, one time a week, and she absolutely adored it. Initially, when I placed her in this preschool, I did so because I was pregnant with Graham and unsure of how I was going to handle two kids and working full time nights. Basically, I viewed it as an opportunity for me to "sleep" while Elli had a good time socializing with other little people.

And so after the first year ended, we decided to continue and go on and do it again the following year. I loved that it was 1 day a week, and that I didn't miss out on seeing my baby girl. I loved that it was something that she enjoyed, and I loved that she had an opportunity to be away from her comfort zone and be around others and learn from them. I truly did love it. And I know E loved it even more.

We did pick up some bad habits at "preschool" and it was amazing to me how much 4 hours could impact her behavior. It then reminded me of how much harder it would be if the kids went to school more days/more hours and trying to correct/fix certain things that they pick up from others. They are too young at this age to know any better, and so it was even more important to make sure we talked about our days and talked about what went well/what didn't.

After the second year, this past winter, it was time for re-enrollment. When we found out that the option of 1 day was no longer available for 4 year olds, and instead she would have to do 3 days a week, I knew right then what we would be deciding to do. I also knew that if E did preschool, that G would have to do it as well because he would already cry when we dropped her off wanting to go in his own "classroom." We talked to E extensively about it, put all the pros/cons out on the table, and really discussed what our goals and reasons were.

It was simple.

We could not justify a reason to pay $400+ a month for the kids to socialize and play. They were already very social, spent much time around kids from play dates to park dates, and had no problem making friends with others. Academically, Elliana had already been reading for almost a year and met the expectations of that of a first grader. Graham would have definitely benefited from a 1/day a week program because he is very attached to his mama, but again we were placed in a dilemma where E would have to go in with us when we dropped him off and that would make her sad.

Surprisingly, when we asked E if it was okay if we took a break from "school" at church, he simply shrugged her shoulders and said yes. I think I wiped a little sweat off my forehead at that time, and definitely sighed a deep breath of relief. I was so worried, so concerned, so anxious about the idea of taking her out of something she loved. And here she was, totally okay with it.

Now that the school year is here and she sees her friends going back to school, she still hasn't mentioned not even once about missing it or wishing she could be going. It was again reconfirmed our decision, and has most certainly given me a peace of mind. Although, I do have to say, she tells me often that since she will be FIVE next year, that she will start kinder. Not sure where she even learned this {as we have never talked about kinder}, but it breaks my mama heart to even think about this. We have mentioned to her many times that if she wants to go to school, that she can start with 1st grade, but if she continues to be this passionate about it, we may just have to start next year. Ultimately, the kids will be an equal part in the decision making and they will be able to decide what they want to do. Doesn't change the fact it will hurt my little heart. Bad.

But back to preschool. Back to why I am so glad we didn't do it. Back to telling you why I love this time we have together at home.

Bonding. Time. Family.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important to me than spending time with the kids, loving on them, and having the opportunity to watch them grow. But do you know what is even better than that? Seeing the relationship between the two of them. It is seriously so amazing how they can spend hours pretend playing together, and the conversations that I hear between them. Sure, they fight {and they can fight hard}, but the way they love each other? It is way deeper than I would have ever envisioned for my children. They are seriously stuck to each other, and I truly believe in the importance of this time together before their world gets turned upside down with the crazy hectic schedule of school {in the future}.

I want nothing more than to homeschool these kiddos as long as I possibly can. Not just because I see the amazing benefits of learning at home without distractions, but because of the time that we get to spend together. The fun that we get to have. And the memories that we are able to create.


So have I regretted our decision to keep the kids home? Not one bit. And from the looks of it, I think we are all much happier at home.


  1. I think your decision to keep the kids home is admirable, but how on earth will you keep them entertained and homeschool them every day and tend to a newborn?? You must be super-mom!!

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  3. I was 100% on board with homeschooling, but found myself very impatient with my daughter as the new baby came into the mix, and relying on TV way too much. We signed her up for preschool this year and it's been a great decision. She is blossoming and learning so much! Not that we will always keep her, or any other kids, in school... we still have plans to homeschool in the future. But for now, it works. So I'm glad you found something that works for you!

  4. I've never read your blog before, but this post won me over. My daughter is only 5 months, but I've been planning to homeschool since before I even got pregnant. I'm so passionate about it even though I grew up in both public and private school. This just makes me really happy to read :)


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