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How the 3 deliveries were different, the same, and unique in their own way.

One of the things that I loved to do the most when I was pregnant with my first, is read all about labor and deliveries. Of course it is something that I still enjoy to do, but unfortunately, do not have the time that I had when I was first pregnant.

I also remember jotting down notes after Graham was born on how my first two deliveries were the same, different, and unique. I want to be able to do the same with Polina's birth, even if it sounds like a complete snooze. Let's just say this post is for the memory books.


1st: 39 weeks 1 day: November 8th, 2010 in the a.m.
2nd: 38 weeks: December 26th, 2012 in the afternoon.
3rd: 37 weeks 3 days: September 15th, 2015 in the a.m.


1st: 6lbs 15 oz
2nd: 7 lbs 11 oz
3rd: 6lbs 15 oz

the girls were exactly the same weight, even though their gestation age was nearly 2 weeks apart.


1st: 20 inches
2nd: 21 inches
3rd: 19.5 inches

Water Breaking

1st: At the hospital, spontaneous; large POP and gush
2nd: At the hospital, by the physician, and just a slow quiet gush
3rd: At home, very VERY small trickle

Total Labor Length

1st: approximate 3.5 hours
2nd: approximate 4.5 hours
3rd: approximate 5 hours 


1st: Went in after work because of contractions throughout the day {inconsistent} and thought my water had broken. My blood pressure was high in triage, and since I was 39 weeks and already 3cm dilated, they decided to go ahead and keep me and induce labor {didn't matter, once my water broke, all went crazy from there}.

2nd: Was at work, 10 hours into my shift, with contractions {again inconsistent} and lots of pressure. The girls are work decided to call security to send me across the street to the women's hospital to get checked out. Although I was not in labor at the time, because I was already 4cm and because my previous delivery was very quick and there was a huge snow storm, they decided to keep me break my waters hoping to stimulate labor {it did!}.  

3rd: Was at home, woke up to a small "gush" and then immediately contractions began and escalated from there--was by far my most painful and real experience of what labor truly felt like. Upon arriving to triage, it was determined that I was in real labor, and that my membranes had in fact ruptured. I delivered a couple hours later.


1st: Right after the epidural was placed, I felt intense pressure and the nurse then discovered that I was fully dilated. I was able to feel all my contractions and push on my own, but there was definite pain relief!

2nd: I was offered the epidural prior to my water breaking in hopes of avoiding pain, and somehow {even though I wanted to wait}, I went with it and agreed. I ended up not feeling a thing, being numb from the waist down, and hating every second of it. I went into a full blown anxiety attack, although I knew that this was all completely normal, and asked the anesthesiologist to come back to lower my dose. We had a little bit of a disagreement at first, but then he reluctantly did what I asked, and I proceeded to feel many of my contractions and was able to push on my own as well.

3rd: I wanted to wait. I wanted no epidural if I could. I think I could have done it had I waited maybe 30 more minutes at home. Instead, I got hit with the hardest of contractions at the hospital and finally gave up. I think at this point I had probably already dilated to an 8 or 9, but because I didn't know where I was at, I just gave in to it. I didn't feel relief right away and I felt two more painful contractions and thought surely I was going to die right there and then {dramatic much?!}, until the doctor gave me a little boost and it was perfection all over again. I had the epidural on for only an hour before I asked for it to be turned down {they decided instead to turn it off completely}, so that I could feel when I was pushing.


1st: I think it was 15 minutes {in between them setting up}, and about 4-5 contractions that I pushed through.
2nd: Out after 2-3 contractions {5 minutes}. 
3rd: 1 contraction {3 total pushes}, out.

People In Room

With the 1st, I had everyone in the room that you could think of {I think there were 8 total}. All women of course. With the other two? Just me and Andrew. 


I had a 1st degree tear with my first, and none with the following two. I had great recoveries with all three, and was up and moving within hours after birth. 


All three babies latched on right away and had no issues breastfeeding from there on out. Never had to supplement with formula.

How the kids reacted

Obviously with my 1st, there were no other kids.

With my second, Graham, Elli was overjoyed and excited. She was intrigued by the baby at he hospital, but only for a minute. There were no tantrums of any sort, but she did have trouble sleeping in the first two months.

With my third, Polina, of course my oldest at this point is MORE than overjoyed. She is VERY intrigued. She always wants to help, and she always wants to be around. As for my second child, definitely no tantrums or jealousy like I expected, and has surprised us so much by his excitement and love for his little sister. He can't walk past her without wanting to kiss her, and is so gentle and kind. And definitely understands when I need to tend to her.


I can't believe that this may have possibly been my last labor and delivery. To think that I may never do this amazing experience again just saddens me, and I don't even want to think about it. At the same time, I have to just say that I am so thankful that I have had three healthy deliveries, and I choose to focus on that. Thank you God for this gift, and thank you to my husband for being the strongest rock by my side.


  1. Loved reading this! It's amazing how each one can vary so much

  2. Wow - so crazy just to read how differently all of your L&D's were from mine. Insane how people can be so different! PS. Totally jealous of your last 2 no tearing!


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