Thursday, November 12, 2015

Before you shop online, stop and read this. Now!

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Yes. Your eyes aren't lying to you. That is $500 of free money.  No gimmicks. FREE. And? That was just the first check I had received in 2013. Since then, I have made over $2,000 more total. My highest check in a 3 month period was 900. So.... your must be thinking....

What is it?

It's a shopping website. How it works? You search for the place that that you want to shop at {for instance lowes, target, wal-mart, ebay, etc} and then it directs you to that site. For every purchase you make, it then gives you a percentage back. And?

By signing up and spending your first $25 linked through their website, you get a free $10 gift card to the place of your choice {I picked Target}.

Then? Refer your family and friends and get even MORE money back. For instance, they are running a promotion where you get $100 for referring 3 people. Surely you know 3 people that love to shop online.

Did I mention that it's free money? You're shopping anyway. You're going to spend that money anyway. Why not earn money back doing so? I never checkout on a website until I have first gone to Ebates, searched the store, and then clicked from there so that they are able to give me cash back!


  1. I also have tried ebates. It is easy and worked great. But all I can say is, you must do A LOT of shopping to be getting that kind of money back?? I am a moderate online shopper but never made anywhere near that kind of money back.

  2. I do Ebates! I love it! Even though I don't get that high of checks, every time I get one in the mail. it feels great! I always check Ebates before I go shop online now. :)


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