Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

 ** I was provided an opportunity to review cards by Minted.com, however all opinions are that of my own.


They are important to me. Very important to me. Pictures, to me, tell a story. They bring back memories, emotions, events, and milestones in our lives. They are not only for us, the parents, but also for our children, and grandchildren down the road. A way for them to look back, put the pieces of their history together, and most importantly to carry on the memory of those that are no longer with us.

Pictures are sacred.

It's the thing that people run after if there was a fire.
It's a way for people to show off those they love most.
It's a memory of something, or someone.
It's a piece of our past to hold on to.

Therefore, it should be of no surprise to anyone to know that I have tens of thousands of pictures printed. Books of every year of our lives. Canvases blown up of our three children when they were born. Many frames across our stairway wall showcasing this years growth and milestones. And two computers that have warned me on more than one occasion that it is going to blow up if I don't find a new storage area for all these images.

So when it comes to holiday cards, I think they are important.  I love sending them in the mail, and I love even more receiving them in the mail. I love to see those we love the most with their families, and how they have grown over the past year.

We did our fall pictures early in October with the birth of our newest family member, Polina, so I was on it this year and had our Christmas cards printed immediately after our pictures were taken, ordered, and on my doorstep within a week. Minted has always been the most reliable company to work with, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to use this company that not only offers quick service, but great quality of cards as well. My biggest struggle was just pinning down which design I wanted, and all the details that I wanted included. They even offered to address all my envelopes for me, for free! There's an option for foil press, letter-press, to write a message on the back, there's an option to change the shape of your card, to have a colorful envelope, and more!

Kind of like that commercial where they say "there's an app for that" well there's a design for that is what I said whenever I was maneuvering through the Minted website!

They are finally ready to be placed in envelopes and sent out to our loved ones.

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