Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seriously, Thanksgiving Edition!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my bloggy friends!!
I hope you all are getting ready to enjoy wonderful food with all your family friends. Remember all the wonderful blessings that this life has given to us all. Even the little things.

So this Seriously Thursday is going to be Thanksgiving Style.

I'm seriously thankful for......

1. My family. Including my parents, brother and sister, my husband and daughter, and my wonderful in-laws. It's small. But the amount of love is so huge and I couldn't have been blessed with a better family.

2. My husband and daughter. I know they are included in the "Family" but I have to sit here and tell you guys how absolutely amazing this little trio of mine is. The three of us. I always dreamed of us as a little girl. Thought of this life as only a "fairytale" and ones that princesses live. But here I am. Living that life. And I am so thankful the Lord chose these two to be part of my family.

3. My home. It's perfect to us. It's spacious. We have plenty of room to grow. It provides us shelter and warmth. It's reliable.

4. My Career. That allows me the opportunity to be a SAHM and not have to put my child in daycare. It's been a complete blessing, and I am so thankful to do something so rewarding and not have to sacrifice time with my family.

5. Health. My daughter's. My husband's. My family's. And my own. Too often we take our good health for granted... and I am faced with sickness all around on at work which helps to remind me how important it is to live each day being thankful for the health that we have.

6. Christmas being right around the corner. It's such a beautiful holiday. And having the family close together just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. And my daughter hopefully getting into the spirit!

Again, happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving loverbutt!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving sweet girl!

  3. Just found your blog!!! Love it! Happy Thanksgiving to you!



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