Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am blank because....

I've seen these going around on numerous blogs, and of course I thought it was super cute and wanted to write a post doing something similar. So here I go!

I am weird because...

I started x-mas shopping in January.
I have x-mas presents for 2012 already.
I make tons of list, but rarely revisit them.
I would much rather stay in than go out.
I have an obsession with free stuff.
I don't like manicures/pedicures. {I'd rather do it myself}. {And I don't do a very good job}.

I am a bad friend because...

I am terrible about making plans.
And sticking to them.
I am horrible at checking my phone.
And answering messages, emails, calls, etc.
It takes me days , sometimes weeks, to check my voicemails.
I have to say no, a lot.
I often prefer to spend my weekends with the family, every time.
It's hard. Very.

I am a good friend because...

I am a good listener.
I will do anything for my friends, as soon as they ask.
I'm very giving, and don't expect anything in return.
I give good advice.
I am very supportive.

I am sad because...

Time goes by way too fast.
I feel like I should be doing more sometimes as a mother and wife.
Money doesn't grow on trees.
My friends live so far away.
Winter is coming and I hate driving in the snow/ice.
My to-do list is never ending.
I can't please everyone.
Elliana gets more bumps and bruises now that she started walking... sad face. 

I am happy because...

I love my little family of three.
God has blessed my life.
I have a career that allows me to not have to put my child in daycare.
Christmas is right around the corner.
For My baby's health.
For My health.
For My husband's health.
I get amazing kisses from my baby girl.
Hopefully 2012 will hold an addition to our family.

I am excited for...

Swim lessons with the baby girl.
All the milestones to come.
Welcoming another nephew in the family!
To see what 2012 has in store for us.


  1. I did this last week and my "I'm weird" list was the longest! :) I hate pedicures too because I am so ticklish and I hate people touching my feet. I thought I was one of the only girls on the planet that felt this way! That's awesome that you have gifts for 2012. I wish I was ahead of the game like you are!

  2. I did this meme a while ago too! It's fun!

  3. I love this...and LOVE YOU mainly because I can relate to everything on your lists....the borderline obsession with all things free:) Wanting to be with my family on the weekends:)Not returning calls or emails...my bad downfall!!

    I must say as a bloggy friend you have rocked lady!! You have supported me through a lot and I appreciate it!!:) You ROCK!!

    I wish nothing but the best for you 3 in 2012!:) I cannot wait to see Elli in swim lessons, that will be so cute!!! Let me know how it goes, I REALLY need to get the boys in some!


  4. Loved this!! I'm going to do it too, thanks for sharing!!!

  5. here is my "I am ______"

    I am still trying to figure out how I did not now you are from Russia?!?

  6. Love this idea! I make lists too, but I always revisit them and then when the items on the list are all crossed out - it can be thrown in the trash!

  7. I have this scheduled for tomorrow :) thought is was super cute too and had to join in.
    i hate pedicures and manicures too...waste of money lol
    aww your baby girl is going to do swim lessons...super cute!! cant wait to see some photos!! :)

  8. Great post! this looks like fun I think I might join in! and I am also sad that money doesn't grow on trees, especially with my wedding only a few months away and starting to look for a place. This will be the first time I ever live on my own I don't know how I'm going to afford this!


  9. LOVE this...what a fun idea for a post!!! I'm the worst about my cell phone too - missed my "sister from a different mister" 's call that she has just welcomed her first bundle of joy into the world (on my birthday, nonetheless) and didn't get her voicemail until 3 days later...worst BFF of the world right here!

  10. What a great post!
    I started shopping in January, too! ;)

  11. Great GREAT post! What a good way to get to know you! New follower : )

  12. I love this! I'm the same way with friends, I feel like I would rather be with my family. Not enough hours in the day. UGH.


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