Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Your Answers. FINALLY! {Part 3}

I'm only a {million} days behind on this part 3. That's because you guys had such amazing questions and I was just rattling my brain thinking of the best way to answer them. So wa-la {however one spells such a word}, here they are!

Amber asked...
"My question is who did you get to design your blog, or did you do it yourself?"
-I actually designed my blog myself. It took me a while (like all night because I am type A), but after much research and browsing around on the web, I finally mastered it. I'm actually surprised I have not changed it yet, but I have a feeling I will once the new year approaches. Nothing drastic, just change it up a little bit.
Lindsay Asked...
"What you tat is. you said you have one, but what and where is it???"
-My tattoo is a chinese symbol that means "dream." I got it the day after my 18th birthday and it is on the right groin area {you know, keep dreaming you can get in my pants. No, more like "follow your dreams}. Right below the bikini line where no one but my dearest husband can see it. And to this day, I still love it. Don't notice it 90% of the time, but love it nonetheless.
Lay Asked...
"When did you move from Russia to the States? How long did it take you to learn English? Have you ever been back since then?"
- We moved to the States just a couple weeks shy of my 7th birthday. I picked up English pretty quickly. We moved in the summer before first grade started, and my dad would give me 50 words a day in the summer to learn. And when school started, I just kind of picked it up. I do have to say though, I peed my pants twice when I started school because I was too afraid to ask to get up to use the restroom. And I remember it like it was just yesterday. {Sorry, I know that wasn't part of the question. Just wanted to add that in there}. And no, I have not been back. I am the only person in my family who has not, and it really kills me because all of my family members (aside from the immediate ones) are back there. Including my grandparents, 10 aunts/uncles, and like 30 cousins. I keep saying every year that this will be the year... but every year, something always happens to come up.
Lauren Asked...
-"What did you pack in your hospital bag? (I'm not due till April, but its never too early to start getting ready right!?)"
-I aswered this question in part one. Here is the link!
"Diapers for free!?! Hook a girl up! Give me the down low!"
-I wrote a post on getting cheap diapers. Am working on another post though. In the meantime, here is a link to the diaper post I did a while back.
MrsrsM4 Asked...
"Who watches Elli when you are at work? Does she go to your mom's or does the hubby watch her?"
-I watch her during the day. When I first went back to work, I was still on days and my husband was in grad school, so my mom and husband watched her during the week. I switched to nights shortly after and now I watch her during the day. Best decision every made. I never miss a moment :)
Tammy Asked...
"Question #1 is, how much coffee (or whatever is your caffeine of choice) do you need to drink to stay functional on such minimal sleep?"
- Well. I don't drink coffee. My drink of choice is coke zero and I used to obsess over diet mountain dew. I haven't drank diet dew since getting pregnant with Elliana, and I am now no longer drinking any type of soda except an occasionl drink at work. So no more caffeine really for me! {Except sometimes}
 "#2: If you weren't a nurse, what would you be doing? (I mean, besides Coupon Queen and Photog Extraordinaire, lol.) I often ask myself this, but deep down think I'll probably be a nurse forever and ever in some capacity."
-Oh goodness. So many things. Photographer for sure. That would be awesome. Also, I would like to one day be a professor at a big University (plan on going to grad school). Being a lawyer would be super fun if it didn't require so much of my time away from the family. But above all else, a SAHM without the night shift life of a nurse so I can actually sleep :)
Ashley Asked...
"What are the names of the fonts you used in your header? Love them!"
-The font names are: Marker Felt & Brush Script. I used Paintbrush for Mac.
"Can you speak Russian fluently and if so, are you teaching any to Elliana?"
-Yes I can. And yes I am trying. I need to do it more, but I often times forget, and speak English to her. Shame on me. Thankfully my mom is only speaking Russian to her. And I will work on it some more.
"What's your favorite thing about having a daughter?"
-Knowing all the wonderful things that are ahead for us. Being best friends with her. Seeing myself in her. Having a daughter is just so special, it's hard to put into words. A part of me is in her. And knowing that I am her biggest influence. That she will turn to me one day for guidance. That I get to be the one she looks up to. And of course, dressing her. Shopping with her. Getting our nails done. Oh I could go on for days!

"What's the strangest encounter/interaction you've ever had with a patient?(I ask because my mom is a RN and always comes home with strange stories involving her patients). "
-Ha. I have had my fair share. Believe me. But the one that will always stick out to me is a patient that I had a few years back. She had a urinary tract infection. Around my mom's age. And when I went to start an IV on her... she starts saying to me "I know what you are trying to do to me. You are trying to take advantage of me. You want to get in my pants..." And so forth. I died. Literally. "Um excuse me ma'am, I need to step out..." And never return. I mean the things she was saying just totally blew me away. She was normal one minute, and the next, totally wacky.
Halley Asked...
"How often do you and hubs get it on!?
-Ha. Love you girl. Well... it depends on the week and what we have going on/how good he has been :) . But normally couple times a week. That's a good week. That's just me being honest.

"Are you a list person?! Like to do lists?"
-Yes and no. I make TONS of lists. LOVE lists. But then I never follow up on them. For whatever reason, I hate going back to those lists. I just make mental notes, and for the most part, 90% of the time, I can remember what is on those lists.

How does your house stay in order with you working as much as you do?! Like things to get done, errands to do...etc

Well. For one, I have great amazing help {the Husband} and he is a clean freak. So that is awesome. Also, I just really think it is important to live in a clean, organized home. But I don't believe it needs to be that way 100% of the time. We don't have to wash the dishes right after dinner, but most the time we do. We don't have to pick up all the toys at night, and most of the time, we let it slide. And so forth. I think it's important to relax and take time to enjoy life rather than always clean, but I also think it's important that when you do have the time, use it wisely.

Amy Asked...
"When you found out you were pregnant did you buy a larger car? What kind of car do you currently drive and why?"
-No we did not. Not to sound "snobby" but since you asked... I purchased my 530xi {bmw} a year prior to having Elliana and it is a very large sedan. Very spacious. And super safe for a family. So a couple months after she was born we actually sold Andrew's old school 1998 Honda Accord {great car, I had the same one in high school} and purchased him the same exact car as me. To us, safety is number one. But eventually I would like a big SUV when I have to truck all my kiddos to their soccer games. Since I'm planning on having 3-4 kiddos, I need me a big one, like an Escalade! Hint hint husband.
Lori Asked...
"My question is about the diet you said you are starting! I would love to know what kind of diet works for you"
-About that. I need to get started. I will let you know when that becomes successful... hopefully sooner rather than later.
Marjorie Asked...
"Since you do make up everyday, what's your daily makeup routine?
- Great question. Let me start by saying I am NOT, repeat, NOT a makeup goddess. Nor do I try to be. I can't do anyting fancy, and I just stick with my "usual." I do however hope to one day expand and broaden my knowledge in the makeup department.

1. wash fash.
2. too faced brush foundation.
3. clinique powder over face.
4. estee lauder blush
5. eyes; mascara always, liner most the time, eye shadow depends where i'm going.
6. nude lipstick, covered by a lip gloss

There you have it. Pretty simple, and boring, but ME!

Tracy Asked....
"Where do you usually shop for Elliana, and how many outfits do you usually get her for each season or do you even have a limit? "
-Macy's. Zulily. Totsy. TJ maxx. 
-I don't have a limit, just whatever deals are out there. But usually I have a full closet for the following year. And save anywhere from 60-90%. Totally worth it, and would recommend this method to anyone who is capable of doing so!
-And another secret? Great money saving tip? Use these outfits that you buy a year in advance as x-mas gifts!! Smart.

And in case you missed all the other questions.. click on the FAQ tab to scroll through all of them! Go on, do it.


  1. um. how did I not know you are from Russia? I love you like 1000x's more now. so do you have an accent? I need to hear your voice. just call me. ha.

  2. Oh my goodness, this post made me love you so much more. SO when Mr. and I finally have a mini will you come be my nurse since I hate doctors and hospitals and then shop online with me and find good doctors. Yes you will come stay for a week or two? Oh good.

  3. This was the best questionnaire I have ever read!!! awesome! and I think your blog looks fab! also didn't know you were Russian! that is pretty awesome!
    Teach your daughter definitely! my mom and Grandma speak Norwegian and failed to teach any of us kids, so I have taken upon myself to learn norwegian!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Awesome.. I love that someone asked how many times you and your husband get it on.

    I had no idea you were Russian, that's pretty sweet!

  5. You suck... I want a BMW! :) I'm just jealous because I don't like my car right now... lol

    That's so great you get to stay home with her and still work too! Best of both worlds!

  6. Thanks for answering!
    Loved all of your responses.


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