Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. I'm A Mom, What's Your SuperPower?"  What a genius coffee mug and definitely speaks volumes of what moms all over do. It's a 12oz size, and comes in a gift box.

2. Momi Diaper bag: Whether she's an expecting mom, new mom, or an experienced mom of five, a new {and well thought out} diaper bag would make any mom out there more than happy on Mother's Day. This bag is made from South Africa. Totaling 6 pockets, this bag allows you the opportunity to get organized and ready for whatever may to come on a day out with kids. I love the patterns, and it's hard to choose from the 6 different ones they have available. I have the one in grey, and it's now my go-to bag!

3.  Willow Tree Close to Me: A mom and her daughter embracing, 8 inches tall, hand crafted. 

4. Gift card/Thought basket: Make a basket with different things that she may need/use. Attach little notes on a stick for her to read about the different things that you love about her. Attach gift cards like Starbucks, getting a medicure/pedicure, massage, or a day out shopping. You can even throw in a little coupon book for her to have random "daughter/son/mom dates"

5. Initial necklace: A beautiful, simple, yet classic necklace that I think would suit and compliment every kind of mom out there. You can also have the option of adding charms for every child and their first initial. There is also the option of doing a bracelet. I think these make great gifts.

6. Bath and Body Works Gift set: Feeling clean and smelling good is a must {and something us moms probably don't feel all the time}. I love these gift sets, they look good, and obviously they smell good.

7. Perfume Set: Again, with the smelling good stuff---we need it.

8. Send Flowers: And if you are last minute and waited until the day before, then you can never go wrong with sending flowers. It will cost you a little extra for the expedited order, but they will make it happen.  Even if you don't wait until the last minute, sending flowers or chocolates with a little note attached telling mom of how special she is will brighten her day.


  1. Honestly, you've got one of the best mother's day gift ideas in all blogs i've ever visited. I've got my own list too, but I'm happy i found this so I have more options for this occasion. Thank you so much and it's worth reading. :)

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