Friday, May 16, 2014

What's new?

1. My First Prayers Book

So we aren't a big praying family. We'd like to be. We need to be. But we just haven't yet gotten into the groove of doing so as a family on a regular basis. Just from time to time. So during our school sessions in the morning with E, I have made it a habit to start the day with a couple prayers from this book. This book is full of various categories of prayers, lots of rhyming ones, and wonderful illustrations to go along.  

2. I got new glasses. 

And I love them. Even though I look super dorky in them.

3. I'm watching caterpillars turn into butterflies.

So we have been learning about the cycle of a butterfly and metamorphosis and recently discovered a real live butterfly kit that comes do your doorstep and allows you to partake in this live experience with your children. I am so excited that I can barely contain it. I will definitely share pictures and update along the way. 

4. Started writing in a notebook all the funny things the kids say/do. 

Basic. Spiral. Notebook.  About a month ago, I decided to just start a random private blog for my viewing eyes only where I would write a couple sentences once a day and then print it later on down the road. Needless to say, that didn't quite work out. For multiple reasons.

First, I don't do well with expectations out of myself. Putting rules on things just is like me setting myself up for failure. And failure I got.

Two, I just don't have the ability to pop the computer open when I wanted to in order to jot some things down that were on my mind---like something funny Elli said. If I did that, the kids would be all over it wanting me to show them a youtube video of something fun or hilarious---like where poop comes from {kidding}.

So? A notebook it was. And I have to say, nothing beats the ability to actually write things down. I am so excited about it, even if it's on a hello kitty spiral notebook that just so happened to be the only one I owned at this present time.

5. Kroger Organic frozen blueberries are the best.

If you shop at Kroger and have not tried these---do! My youngest is obsessed and they are so much cheaper to buy by the bag. I refuse to spend $5.00 on a one serving size carton of blueberries. Refuse. These run about $3 and last us all week! 

6. Made stuffed shells for the first time.

AP at I love you more than carrots posted a picture of her dinner that she made and it had me going..."Hmmm, I wonder why I've never tried making those?" Part of the reason is that we don't do a whole lot of pasta, and two, I've probably only eaten them once in my life. But, it looked good and easy and so I did it.

I'll post the recipe next week simply because I made ten million changes {per usual}.

End result? Phenomenal and easy!

7. Another reason I want to home school: because of this video.

In short, a teacher is caught on video {reported by another teacher} grabbing a child in the hallway multiple times by the neck, shirt, and face and pinning him to the wall. It does not appear that he is fighting her or that there is a struggle, however, the anger in this woman is quite evident. The result? A 10 days suspension. Now, I could probably write an entire blog post on how wrong this is, but I imagine that in the end the teacher will not in fact be allowed back, and that possibly charges will be filed on her. And should. In fact the public humiliation alone should be interesting as her name and a picture of her face is printed all over the articles.

But my concern, and back to the topic of why I want to home school, isn't because of this woman assaulting a child {as wrong as it is, I imagine these sort of things are very rare instances}, but how the school administration handled the situation. The parents had shown concern over the teacher and in fact asked their child to be moved earlier in the year and the administration refused. Then she is caught on camera doing this and she gets a 10 day suspension {I imagine to work out the legal issues before firing her---I hope}. Very concerning the power of the school system and how once your child goes into it, you as a parent sits back helpless until something like this happens.

Very sad and disturbing all around.

8. Easiest $75 made. Plus free $10 gift card.

I know everyone knows at least 3 people. Mom. Dad. Sibling. Friend.

That being said, I know everyone could use $75. And here is how you get that---FOR FREE. You shop through ebates whenever you shop online {old navy, gap, target, etc}, and then Ebates tracks your purchases and gives you a percentage of that money back to you. They send you a check with no gimmicks, no monthly fees, no nothing. I know, I sound like a sales person. The reason for that is I cannot believe I didn't start using Ebates years ago. Plus, during this promotional period, by referring 3 of your friends, you get $75 bonus on top of your cash back. It's seriously silly if you don't sign up.


I think that's all I have. Happy Weekend!


  1. I was homeschooled!!! The world needs more cool homeschoolers :) And I love those glasses on you!

  2. My husband wants me to homeschool our children. I understand his reasoning, but it may not be the right choice for my son. We have a lot to think about when it comes to that decision. I just have a problem with sending my children to school when there is so much violence these days.
    I keep a little notebook for the funny and cute sayings, too!


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