Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to school essentals

By now, all the kids nationwide have officially started school. Parents are finally getting into the swing of things, and they have their routines figured out.  From practices, to homework, to pick ups and drop offs.  I know, it sounds overwhelming just talking about it, reading about it, or even thinking about it. I often think about how people do it with kids in different schools; elementary, middle school, and high school. Being able to sort through each

Notes I love sending my girl with a little note to school in her lunch box. I make them simple and easy for her to read, but I make sure that she knows that we are always thinking of her and missing her. I found these on etsy, and they have tons of cute designs.

Stainless steel bottle: With the kids not eating their lunches until hours after drop off, I thought about what would help best keep water cool. Instantly, this was the first thing I read about, and the first thing I ordered right away without second thought. I can put ice in the water and it stays cool for 8+ hours. Amazing.

Backpack : I love the animal back packs that have matching lunch boxes. They have tons of different animals to pick from, and it really gets the kids excited for school.

Daily Organizer: This is a lifesaver, especially for those with multiple kids. I have seen people use this for even outfits for each day of the week. We use ours for daily activities/crafts that we want to work on.

Sticker names: Way easier than actually writing out the names. Just stick it on.

Muffin Tins: Great for separating the food in the lunches, colorful, and fun for the kids.

Lunch Bots: Our favorite lunch storage of all.

Animal cutters: To make those PB&J {we still call them those even though we use almond butter} a little more exciting.

Saltwater sandals: My biggest one used to always wear sneakers to school because those were the only shoes that I trusted on the playground. That is until we found these. The best there ever was.

Color set: A great gift for the back to school kids.

Library card: Because all we do is read, read, read, and I would be one broke woman if I bought every book we have ever read.

Motorola Wireless Deck: A wireless speaker, with unprecedented range and versatility. I use this for conference calls, in the car and during many a "getting ready for work" morning showers. I think this is a great pick for the student who loves to have music playing while studying, relaxing and getting ready for what life brings. And of course for the mom and dad who love to jam it out the minute they step in the door from work. In my case, jamming is our thing at all hours of the day.

I love this deck for multiple reasons, but the main ones being that: you can connect up to 5 phones, that I can answer phone calls through the deck, and most importantly, the sound quality. It can also reach up to 300 feet away!

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  1. Love saltwater sandals! They hold up so well! I thought you were homeschooling! When did E start school? That's so exciting!


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