Sunday, September 7, 2014

Music. Animals. Football. Selflie. And TOMS sale talk.

Life lately......

I love instagram for it helps me remember what exactly we have been up to. I don't update my public instagram as much as I do my private one {well both are private, but one only has 9 followers---family only and the other has, well, a little more with people I may not necessarily know in "real" life}, but I like to skim through both of them once in a while and put words to the pictures. I feel as though instagram has become the knew journal, the knew way of blogging, and most certainly the most popular way of communicating amongst people from around the country {and world}.

As much as I love instagram,  I am also "over" instagram. I don't really like to get on it much because once you start scrolling you get suckered in. I know that my time can be better spent cleaning, reading a book {what is that anyway}, or even... playing spades {my new favorite thing to do with all my free time}. Clearly I am exaggerating the free time part. I just choose to ignore things like laundry at times, and planning out our school studies, and even mapping out some new fun recipes to try, and simply choose to sit on the couch and relax and play cards.

I want to say that I am sorry about this, but the truth is that I am not in the slightest.

A mama has got to find a way to have fun at times, and I get to be competitive in the Spades world.

That being said, this post was meant to be an update of sorts on our lives. Gosh, I wish I had some exciting news to share—that we plan on traveling the world, that we have these big community projects that we are working on, or even that we are pregnant {or adopting}. None of which are true for us {for now}, but somehow our lives still seem full of happiness, exciting adventures, and certainly deep with plenty of learning experiences.

So. Life.

We had a family day at the zoo yesterday and it was by far the best day {weather wise} for us to spend walking around, seeing all the beautiful animals {for about the 20th time already}, and of course grabbing our favorite graeter's ice cream afterwards.

I have to tell you though, every time I go to the zoo, I start to like it less and less. I know the kids enjoy it and we have had a membership now for 3 years, but it just saddens me to see the animals caged up in these restricted areas.

There was an orangutan that was out yesterday sitting right next to the glass just feet away from us, and instantly everyone whipped out their phones, stood right up to the glass, and starting clicking away. Why did I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach as though this is not natural in anyway? Too deep and worried too much? Maybe, but I still couldn't help how I felt.

We have always said that we would never go or supportthe circus because of the mistreatment of the animals, and I'd like to think that the animals are treated well at the zoos, but it still makes you wonder about what kind of life we have taken away from them —even those that have been "saved" and would have otherwise died.

Music class at the library is a new program and a big fat success for us. We do toddler time {Storytime and craft} at the library, and most recently we attended the first music class. Toddler time is not as fun for the little guy because it means he has to sit still {and quiet} for at least 15 minutes, whereas music class is a lot of noise, moving around, and overall fun. Not to mention, these two are obsessed with dancing and music.

So, while I am on the topic of music class, I always try to tell people to check out their local library and programs that they have to offer before signing up at other programs that cost money. We have gone to the gymboree program {which is about $75/month/per kid} and it wasn't even nearly as good as this one... which was free. I love getting the kids involved at this age, but I hate to fork out tons of money to do so.

Graham took his very first "selfie." By accident obviously, but definitely worth documenting. I literally whip this out at work 20 times and giggle each and every time. Smile the biggest smile. And realize that pictures like these trump any nice professional photo any day. Truly.

Football is back in season. Which means that I no longer have a husband on Sundays, Mondays, and aren't there games on Thursdays sometimes? I seriously am the worst football player lovers wife ever. I have no desire to learn {I did at one point}, and have absolutely no interest in the game {unless it involves good food, and a few bud light limes}. I am always amazed by his knowledge of each team, the coaches on each time, and the names of every player, their position, and "stats." I mean, I struggle with people that are new in the past 6 months and their names.

And when we used to go to our in-law's house in Louisville, ESPN was the only channel that was ever on at the house.

It was like watching a.... spanish channel. "What the what...."

TOMS is coming! Big TOMS sale is coming tomorrow {at 9am} I believe on Zulily. If you haven't signed up {it's free}, be sure to so that you can get an email when the sale goes live. It's for women, men, and kids, and prices are usually around 40% off.

The sizes seem to go fast, and so I plan on setting a reminder on my phone. I usually buy for Christmas for the kids for the spring and summer to come!

You can sign up here. {and referral link to help with my own shopping addiction of TOMS :) }


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