Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy 5 baby girl.

***Forgot to post November 8th


I am sitting here with less than 48 hours until your birthday, thinking what do I write. more importantly, where do I write it. It only made sense to write it here. Where I will go to when you're heading off to school. The place I will seek when you tell me about your first crush. And the letters that I will read over and over the night before your wedding.

I know that this is a space that I have kept since the beginning of my pregnancy with you. Though much slowed down, it is still a journal of all our milestones that we have achieved. Together. My milestone of becoming a mother, and your milestones from smiling, to walking, to reading for the very first time.

We have had so many moments, and I just wish that I was better at this. Documenting our every day lives, videotaping our every day, and holding on to every little bit of who you are now. I know it won't accomplish anything. It won't slow down the time, or make you stop growing. In fact, I want you to keep growing. With you growing, it means that you are thriving, that you are living, that you are growing up. I can't wish for something for selfish reasons. I want to know the 5 year old Elliana, just as much as I want to know her at 10, 15, 20, and 30. Even if that means that I have to also let go of the 4 year old Elli.

So here we are. The big five. FIVE FINGERS. You hold up your entire hand now when people ask you how old you are. How do I have a 5 year old I ask myself?

The same way I wonder how it's possible I have three of you little ones. How lucky I am.

So let's talk about age 5.

At 5, you love gymnastics. You have been going since you were 26 months old {with a little break in between}, and you absolutely love it. You constantly talk about wanting to continue, and we are happy that you have found something you truly enjoy. We aren't looking for a trophy at the end of the day, or for you to be the best. We simply want you to have fun, to engage with others, and to try your ultimate best. That's all we care about. It's funny though because when your mom was little {hey, that's me}, she loved to do back hand springs, flips on the balance beam, and more. And I never took a single lesson either.

At 5, you love your brother and sister. A lot. From day one, you have always been an amazing sister. I mean you love your brother really hard. A lot. And even though we had a stretch of about 5 months there this past year where you two fought more than we would like you to, you guys are past that. You can play together for hours on end, pretend play, and are so sweet together. He calls you sissy, and I feel like that will be a forever thing. And then we have your sister, who is going to grow up absolutely adoring you and looking up to you. You kiss her twenty times a day, and if she is upset you get your "mommy voice" out and talk her down. You sing songs to her. You hold her hand. You're so gentle, kind, and tell her to "be brave Polina" every day!

At 5, you are a very big reader. You have been reading now for almost 2 years, and we are constantly amazed on your love for reading. We go weekly to the library to exchange books, and never leave without 30+ books. You read in the car, at the table, on the couch, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine. On average, you probably read 10-20 books a day just on your own, not counting what we read to you. You love the Step into Reading books the most.

At 5, your favorite shows to watch are Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You and your brother will then act out this show for hours at a type, and you are always Jake. He on the other hand is normally Cubby. And mama will take turns being the mean Captain Hook.

At 5, you are very vocal as to what you like to wear and how you like to do your hair. Which means you are normally to be found in leggings, a shirt {no frills, no bows, no tutu stuff}, a hair clip {no hair ties except on gymnastics days}, and nikes. You are definitely not a princess type girl, and I don't mind that one bit. In fact, I was the exact same way growing up.

You love cereal, waffles, pancakes, syrniki, spaghetti and meatballs, carrots, salami, chicken tenders, peppers, apples, pomegranate, yogurt, anything sweet {anything and everything}, and snacks.

You don't like: broccoli, meat {that isn't already in food}, and onions.

When you grow up, you tell me that you want to be a nurse like mommy!

You have a bunch of "Stuff" in your closet that no one is allowed to touch or move. This stuff consists of buckets, boxes, stuffed animals, pillows, pictures, and more. You say that it is magical. I always tease you that it's disorganized more than anything else. You are exemplifying signs of hoarding :)

You love to talk to people on the phone. You will talk to your grandparents for 30 minutes at a time, and never let them hang up unless absolutely necessary.

You learned how to email your loved ones. We even made you your own email. It's your nickname.

You haven't lost a tooth yet.

You are very protective over your brother. If he is doing something dangerous, you instantly begin to cry and beg for him to come down or to stop. It makes my mommy heart so happy to see you keep such a good eye on your brother and sister.

You love to snuggle. You love to be "held like a baby" after bath time by your papa, and to get tucked in to bed by him. You are slowly becoming more and more of a daddy's girl.

You love to give. You love to wrap up presents for your friends and cousins. These presents are typically toys you no longer play with, ha.

You are SO into "big eyed creatures" right now. In other words, the TY bears with big eyes. That is all you want for Christmas from Santa.

We are so excited to watch you grow and to become the wonderful young lady that you will be one day. Until then, we will savor every bit off "little" girl that you are. Your sweet voice, your loud singing vocals, your love for pretend play, and your smart imaginative personality. You will do GREAT things in life, and we are so proud to be the parents to support you every step of the way.

Happy FIVE!

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