Thursday, December 17, 2015

Celebrate Christmas with Cocktails, Cigars, and Experiences.

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One of the biggest challenges of this {and every} holiday season, is finding the right gifts for those that we love.

When I think of gifts, I think of love language. It's a way for us to show someone how much we care. It's a way to give back a token of our appreciation to another person. It's a way for us to communicate and to give thanks. To help those in need. To shower those we love. And to indulge in giving back. And it doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot, or even cost anything at all. Gift giving is all about the meaning behind the gift. And gift giving doesn't necessarily have to be things. From cocktail and cigar parties, to tickets to a sports game, and a coupon book including a golf trip with the guys. It's the meaning behind the gifts.

For us, Andrew and I have always been big on gifts. We used to buy each other extravagant gifts around this time of year in celebration of the holidays, his birthday, and our anniversary. But after having children, owning a home, and needing money to go into more important places, we definitely took a step back when it came to presents. Instead, we chose presents that were more meaningful, that didn't necessarily have to be an actual item, and that often times consisted of us spending quality time together. Because let's face it, parents don't get enough of that when they are busy at home taking care of the little ones. And to be honest, I love those gifts even more.

I know that men tend to be the more difficult category for shopping, and it's a struggle in our family to find the right gifts for the men in our lives, but I am here to tell you that it is possible. Even for those that you think may already have it all. And the best part about it is that they aren't the typical gifts you may be used to seeing.

Here are a few of my favorite things to gift:

1. Gift Basket: These are always fun to open up, and I love to do these specifically for my dad and my husband. Things that can be included in this gift basket: Cubero Cigars, chocolate, shaving gel, cologne, bottle opener, a lighter, gift cards, and anything else that is small but useful.

2. Cocktail and Cigar Party:
A fun way to celebrate with friends is by throwing a party. Getting dressed up in the fanciest of clothes, having the most delicious of appetizers, Christmas music jamming in the back yard, and of course lots of cocktails and Cuberos to go around. I love that you can pair these flavored cigars with your favorite drinks. Instead of spending money on buying your husband an actual gift, give him instead the experience and laughter that he will enjoy the most with the best company.
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3. Tickets: I love the idea of gifting someone an experience. Whether that be to a comedy show, an opera, or movies and popcorn {one of my favorites}.

4. Sports: Another experience that you can share with the person. You can either gift them a night out with the guys, or you can join them and act like you completely love it! {I'm not a huge football fan, but for my husband, I can definitely turn into one!}.  

5. A vacation: Love this idea of completely ditching the effort of buying something to open, and instead using that money that you would have spent on each other to take a little vacation.

6. A night out: If you can't plan a vacation to getaway, then a night out away is something I know that my honey always appreciates. We usually do a dinner at our favorite restaurant, a comedy show afterwards, and then spend the night in a hotel. It sort of makes us feel young again!

7. Coupon book: I gifted my husband one of these one year, and he adored it! He loved to use the cute funny ones {don't take the trash out today}, as well as the fun ones {take the day to go golfing!}

No matter the gift, no matter the dollar amount spent, it's being together and enjoying ourselves that means the most to us. I could color my husband a picture, send him on a scavenger hunt to a surprise, or just steal him away and plan a night out, and I know that he would be just as please as if I booked an extravagant romantic vacation for just the two of us. The thought and meaning behind the gifts doesn't change based on how big or small they are.

It took me a long time to understand this concept. But I get it now. I really get it. 

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