Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Randoms

1. We have tons of diapers. Ridiculous amounts. And the price tag? Amazing. So the other night we tried to reorganize the closet by sizes. In the meantime... Elliana thought it would be fun to throw herself in the pile of diapers. She had a wild time.
evidence. Hurricane Elliana. Category 5.
2. I'm kind of embarrassed by the amount of packages that keep arriving on my doorstep. I think the mailman is convinced that I just sit in my house on my computer and click click away. Tis is not true. {I do it at work}. Kidding {partially}. But honestly, 90% of the stuff that is showing up? FREE. Why? Because I have like an infinity amount of bucks at all those "deal" site, groupon, plum district, eversave. LOVE them.
a free toy we got for elliana. {for christmas... but i'm too embarrassed to wrap up anymore presents!}

3. It snowed for the first time here a couple of days. I smiled for... two seconds. That's it. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow.. so pretty... but do we have to drive in it? Must it hit the roads? Can't it just fall on grass. No? Then it can go back to where it came from.

4. I made cookies the other day with Elli so that I could fill my "cookie jar." Hm. 40 cookies only filled a quarter of the thing. Lovely.

5. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Oh for the love of a Christmas tree. I LOVE it. We decorated as a family on Sunday and it was so much fun {more pictures to come}. Elliana loves the lights, but is totally over it after a minute. She moves right along to her toys. Me? I love love love every second of it.

We are actually going to go get a real tree too {to start a family tradition} but it will be one that will be on our front porch. I think.

6. When did my little one year old turn 16? Who does she think she is? Chatting it up with her B-F-F's. I'm sure that's what she is thinking.

 7. And O-TO-THE-M-G. It's December first!!! Can you believe this? Time? What is that! Holy smokes, I am in shock!! And so so soooo excited. I just can't contain myself.

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year? Hands down.


  1. I love the pic of Elli behind the computer. My Ellie is just like that, and it's crazy, and scary at the same time! The other day she told me she was typing an email to grandma! Really??
    ♥ Kyna

  2. Holy moly that's a lot of diapers. I'll take some off your hands if you want ;). We have the same tree jar! i usually fill it with holiday colored candy.

  3. Soooo sweet! You are the best shopper I know!! I can always count on you for the best deals!!! What a special Christmas it will be with such an adorable little princess!!! :)

  4. You and your free so need to be my deal finder :)

  5. how hasn't she torn up all those pretty presents and tree??? We can't decide if we want to do a real tree this year, or go fakey- cuz I KNOW aubrielle will go to town with those ornaments...and lights...and tree needles..:)

  6. Hadley has a little kid lap top and she'll sit on the couch and we both type away on our computers. Such a big girl!

  7. I love every single one of the bullets on this list! haha. My fav is Elliana in all the diapers, and on the computer. When I have a baby, I want to be stocked up on diapers like that!

  8. Diaper Heaven!! I remember at my baby shower I got like 100 packs of diapers. I don't think I had to buy any for the first 5 months.

    Your tree is soo pretty!

  9. Yay for Christmas time!!! :)
    That last photo of E on the laptop is priceless :)

  10. You are so funny! I LOVE Christmas time too! I think it should last for six months and not just 25 days. My husband tells me I'm such a fanatic, that I should live in Whoville! I just appreciate the fact that he compared me to a "who!" What a compliment! haha! xoxo Brooke

  11. snow! wow... crazy! Life pretty much stops here when it snows or rains ice or anything! I'm pretty excited about Christmas this year too... my son is 4 and is just now really catching on and understanding the whole thing! Can't wait to get our tree up! I'm a lil' behind! agh! What a cutie with that laptop! Certainly she's talking to her blog pals!

  12. She is too adorable. And I'm loving your tree! So festive and homey. It makes me want to go home!

  13. I'm so with you on the snow. Luckily, we don't get a ton in Seattle.


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