Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear 28 year old me....

Dear Zulily,

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of loving the fact that you are in Christmas mode already. I mean, you have a stocking stuffer gift ideas, Christmas jammies for the entire family, and winter gear that is essential to purchase at the end of July. Me, a holiday lover myself, cannot even bring myself to make any purchases. Yet, I have been shopping all year for gifts.

Dear Hiccups,

You have been around for 20 minutes now and have over-stayed your welcome. Please hurry on your way away from me. Please.

Dear Eyes,

You are heavy. The body that you are attached to says that it's tired. You worked last night {and the night before} and then spent all day running errands to 4 different stores with 2 little ones. I give you permission to close them and completely botch this post.

Andrew is almost done mowing the lawn. Must.Stay.Awake.

Dear Bedtime,

It is so glorious when you happen at 7:30 for the kids. It's still bright out. I get to enjoy my bud light lime in peace and quiet, and most importantly, I have this time to reflect. Late bedtimes always seem to just leave me flustered, annoyed, and missing the message. So early, as often as possible, it is.

I like it that way.

Dear Tomatoes,

Will you turn red already? There are about 30 of you and you are taking your sweet time. I've had about 10 of your cucumber friends, and none of you. Knowing our luck you will turn color all while we are gone and then the neighbors will devour you.

Dear Game of Thrones,

I'm really tempted to start watching you before Andrew is done mowing. I am on the edge of my seat {not really, I'm plopped on the couch with one foot up resting on the side and as cozy as cozy gets} just waiting to find out what comes next. I cannot believe we are still on season one.

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey,

First, I totally wrote out thirty shades of grey initially.
Second, that's because I forgot you existed until it started popping up on my instagram.

No really, how are you?

Dear Self,

Happy 28th birthday to you tomorrow. Let's face it, you are getting old. But just think, the best years of your life have been just in these past 5 years.... can you imagine how sweet it will only be as the years go on? Always remember to feel blessed and look around you to those that mean the most. That is what life is all about, and if it wasn't for your birth, none of this would be here.

So twenty eight it is.


  1. Happy (almost!) birthday, Becky!!!! :) I hope you have a great weekend with your family!

  2. Love this! Just a couple of weeks ago I started having the hiccups in the middle of the night...I had to drag myself out of bed before the hubby woke and thought I was convulsing. Love your stories.

  3. Happy birthday! I turn 28 this year too :)


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