Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Discovering New Animal Facts on the Daily

I am part of the Parragon Book Buddy. I received books to review, however, no compensation was received for writing this review. All opinions stated are that of my own.

Did you know that you have a bigger chance of dying from a bee sting than you do from a shark? It is reported that less than 10 people day a year from a shark attack, and approximately 1,000 die a year from a bee sting. 

Did you know that hippo milk is bright pink?
Did you know that dogs have 18 muscles in their ears?
I didn't, but I do now.
I originally thought that this book would be super interesting for the kids as they grow and we continue to learn more and more about the animals in our environment, but I have to be honest here and tell you that it's the book that I grab with me when I go to the restroom, to sit on the couch and lounge, and even the one I throw into my work backpack. I will send my husband random texts throughout the day says.... "Did you know..."
I think he is getting tired of my facts.
But I love facts. I love stimulating the brain. I love to learn.

This book is full of great pictures and genius layout that allows you to actually remember what you read.

Here is the details on the book for purchase: Discovery Kids 1000 Strange but True Animal Facts (ISBN 978-1-4723-4646-9, $5.99, paperback)
Also, we received a pretty neat dinosaur book that I cannot wait to take out once Graham is a little older. Full of stickers and fun dinosaur scenes.

Stickersaurus  (ISBN 978-1-4723-4654-4, $5.99, paperback) opens out into 7 giant story scenes showing the streets, cityscape and skies of New Dino City. With over 50 reusable stickers and super-stretchy dinosaur character, children can read the story panels and create their own action-packed scenes. 
Check them out!

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  1. I love all the neat things you blog about that I can get for my little ones. This year I have so many options for Christmas gifts! Thanks :)


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