Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Something you may not know about me

I am always cold. At home, at work, and especially at other peoples' homes where I feel embarrassed to ask them to turn the heat up {unless it's at my parent's house, where I just walk over and change myself}. I could never work in the OR simply because of this reason alone. At my house? I keep the temperature set at 75. I like to call that bra and underwear temperature.
I never drive with a license when I go to work. The problem is that people break in cars overnight and this has happened to quite a few employees. Should I bring it inside? A purse, maybe, but again, could get stolen. Then I fear of losing it as well. I need to think of a better solution to this problem.
My first job was at 14 as a bagger at Meijer. I have since doubled in age {on Friday}. That's weird when I think about it that way.
Used to peel the banana the opposite way that 90% of the people do. That is until Andrew kindly informed me of the correct way.
Obsessed with saving money, yet equally as obsessed with spending it on a deal. Mind boggling.
My eyes dart to veins. Big ones make me wish I had an IV on hand to stick in a person. I know, strange, don't ask. It's the nurse in me.
I sleep in my contacts. I wear them for months at a time. And before someone leaves me a link of the lady that had bugs eat her eyes, let me just tell you I have already read it. One person out of how many? I'll take my odds.
I don't particularly like manicures and pedicures. Actually, I really just don't like spending the money on them. See 3 points above.
I'm a country music lover through and through. I rarely listen to anything else, and I am in need of a good country concert. Soon.
I used to write poems. A lot. The rhyming kind: the sky is blue and I love you and yes this is true. But a little better than that. I would submit them to some poetry website and then read what people would say. Darn it, I wish I knew what the website was—if it even exists still.
When I was in nursing school, I was certain I would work in pediatrics. By senior year, I knew for certain I would never step foot on a peds or neonatal floor as an employee. That decision has not changed since, and never will. I wouldn't be strong enough.
I want so bad to be the person that writes thank you notes, congratulations for every little event, and never forgets a single birthday card. I always say that and yet I fall short. I need to make a list, but something else you need to know about me:
I make lists and then never look at them again. To do lists, grocery lists, lesson lists, etc. I don't know what it is but something about seeing all these things I have left to do just gives me a tinge of anxiety.
 I don't save phone numbers to my phone. The important numbers I can just remember, and the not so important ones, I just try to guess based off of our last conversation via text. Now, when I go and delete all my conversations and then someone texts me something like..."Want to have a play date?" Then I know I'm in trouble.
I have approximately 20 gray hairs {that I can see}, all of which are on the sides of my head. Soon enough, I will have to do something about them. In the meantime, I have this crazy urge to pull them out— and I do.
And although, I can go on forever, I will leave it at that. Who really wants to read about me all day? I hope my children and future grandchildren.
They'll be like--- that mom of ours was pretty darn cool.


  1. Could you carry JUST your license and lock it in your glove box? (If you're like me, you'd forget it was there until you were in a store and needed it and surprise, don't have it...)

    My paramedic husband is obsessed with veins, too. Freaks me out, lol.

  2. Yikes. I am always cold too, it is the worst!

  3. I always make lists and never seem to look at them again. I guess I'm pretty good at remembering things once I write them down, so once the list is written I don't need it again. Then I always forget that one thing at the grocery store.

  4. A good country concert? Luke Bryan is in Indy August 29th and 30th!! And Dierks is in September (27th maybe?). I love a good country concert!


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