Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm looooving

This free printable chore chart that we hang in the pantry and E fills with stickers throughout the week.  Fun fun, and free.

Jamming to a toddler Christmas CD in the car with E. Nothing like some good old jingle bells in the summertime. Yes, I said Christmas for the second time in a week.

Hearing Graham add more and more words to his vocabulary and his little personality shining through with everything he says, the way he acts, and even in his crazy rambunctious aggressive ways. Boy oh boy.

Saltwater shoes saltwater toddler red. I cannot believe that we are just now discovering them. Where have they been all my life {Elli's life every summer, spring, and fall}.

This cuddle bug. He will just crawl over to you and want to cuddle. All the time. With anyone, but especially mama.

Cooler temperatures that give us the opportunity to go to the park without burning our little bums. I have to say though, G is at the point where he wants to go to the "big" area and we all know that the "big" area always has those ridiculous holes on each side and therefore my mama heart gets all sorts of anxious and then I'm all like---it's time to go.

Zazzle and their adorable lunch boxes. The design plates on the front our interchangeable which means that I'll be getting a few more. To the kids though? It's just a new shiny toy.

The fact that gap had free shipping with no minimum purchase the other day and I snagged some jeans for G that were originally $34 for $6. Need I mention again... free shipping? People get a high off weed, I get a high off deals. Truth.

Websites that show me how-to-draw step by step. Confession time here in the midst of a "I'm loving" post: I google {all the time} how to draw things—such as a rose, the statue of liberty, an eagle, etc. The end result is of course nothing A+ art worthy, but good enough my friends, good enough.

The library and all of its perks. Honestly, I need to be bringing those ladies and gentlemen cookies every week. The fact that we get to benefit from things like story times and endless amounts of amazing books to read to the kids is great, but then we discovered the Overdrive App and we were introduced to an entire new world—the world of free E-books.

Cooking with my little ones. I know, mess. But really, it's kind of fun. Minus the mess, of course.

Hug. Big, fat hugs
Going to a festival tonight, a parade tomorrow, and celebrating with my family with fireworks.

What more could this mama need.

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  1. Those sandals!!! Adorable! And I love the library too. And awesome deals, especially with free shipping. And festivals and parades and fireworks are amazing too, I agree - you couldn't ask for more!


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