Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Parragon Book Buddy

Last month, I shared a really fun random facts book that we received as part of our participation in the Parragon Book Buddy club. After diving nose deep into that book, we were excited when a new book arrived at our doorstep that left my child screaming {with joy} and jumping up and down saying "Look mama, look, it's Jake the pirate, and Mickey, and Doc!"

Why yes, baby, I see that.

Then she spent the rest of the afternoon going page by page and "reading." When there was an activity to be done, she'd come up to me and we'd go through it together. Sometimes it was matching, sometimes it was a puzzle,  and every time it was something that made her stop and think. Rattle her little brain. I love when books do that. Not only have stories behind them, but also give them a chance to learn something new or practice what they already know.

When I say that child couldn't put the book down, she literally wouldn't part ways. When it was time for us to go out and play, she took the book with her and sat in the shade reading. It really was one of those moments where you stop and take in the scene. Wasn't I just holding this newborn in the hospital, and now she is sitting on the porch looking through a book.

They did a great job naming this book—Big Book of Fun. It really is that and more. 

And for the older kids {I'm saving ours until Graham is a maybe 3-4}, there is a great paper planes book that has different design planes that the kids can make and fly. Really neat, and definitely one of those things that get me excited to watch my little man grow.

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