Friday, August 1, 2014

Learning through books.

With many children starting school in the next few weeks, and some who have already had their first day back, it's no surprise that nerves and excitement are at the ultimate highest in every mother's heart. From first day pictures with all of their children's favorites of the year, to chasing the school bus in your car and making sure that they arrive safely. No matter where we, as mothers, stand on the line, we all have something in common: our children growing up. 

Although preschool may not be something that every parent chooses for their child or children, it's something that we practice at home on the daily. Preschool involves play, imagination, and setting the foundation for an successful academic road ahead. Our children learn the basics simply through the environment around them. During the sit down meals, while out playing in the park, and even when discovering new things at the store. Everything around them is new and exciting, and so we figure out quickly how much of a sponge they truly are.

One of the best things that I have learned as a parent that helps my children with their learning is using books to apply what we talk about. Books are powerful as they give them an image to a concept. Multiple colorful, fun, and creative images that help tell a story. I personally have been much more successful in my learning when reading something and talking about it out loud. Knowing this, it's helped me do the same with my children as we open up a new book and skim through the pages talking about what we read, what we see, and what we think will come next. The results are truly amazing.

If you have a preschooler or young child at home that are in those beginning stages of learning, I highly recommend two books by I See Me that are a current daily read for my two little ones. Not only because of the beautiful illustrations, and the fun rhyming words, but also because their names are scattered throughout the book and it makes them feel like they are a part of the story.

Elliana's book, The Very Important Preschooler Elliana V.I.P. , is a book that reminds her what her role is as a preschooler in a classroom: to raise her hand when she wants to speak, to help the teacher, to share with her classmates, and how important she really is in this new stage of her life.

Graham's book, A-B-C What Graham Can Be, goes through the alphabet and lists all the different "professions" that Graham can be when he wakes up. It's funny, it's cute, and it's very engaging. Not to mention, educational. 

We know Graham loves a book when he climbs up the toy box, reaches for it off the book shelf, comes over to you, and shoves it in your chest saying "Read, read!" 

And Elliana just beams from ear to ear when she hears that she's in book, so that's an automatic win for her.

Either way, I love that my children love books. I love that we can sit on the couch and talk about what we read and really dive into what the stories mean. I hope that we continue down this path of education and that the passion stays with them as they grow.

And I have books to thank for that.

 I See Me has launched their Summer Reading Sweepstakes through August 31. A grand prize winner will receive a $250 Visa gift card plus five personalized storybooks from the I See Me line of booksTwenty-five other winners will win a personalized coloring book. The entry form is available at The entry is as easy as entering your name and email address – that’s it!

No compensation was received for this post. Books were received and reviewed, and all opinions stated are that of my own.


  1. You're not really selling it very well when you clearly show they spelled ellianas name wrong

    1. That was the marketing agent's error as she copied and pasted her name incorrectly. She offered to send me a new book in which I declined because there is no sense of wasting a perfectly good book. A great book actually.

      I would be happy to forward those emails to you since you seem very concerned about it?

      Let me know, since you are a no-reply blogger I cannot email you directly.

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Not concerned, just mentioned it. No need to prove it, or be condescending, but you also be blessed.

    1. I apologize if I came across as condescending, as I was simply answering your question {forgive me, accusation} from your previous comment. That's allowed right----to clarify a misinterpreted assessment from a reader?

      Making a rude comment and then coming back to that post just to make another comment is quite a lot of work for someone who says they aren't concerned about it. My only advice to you is to find happiness where you otherwise wouldn't. I assure is much more beautiful when one is kind.


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