Monday, August 11, 2014

The best part of waking up is.....

Because it's late, and because I've worked 3 nights in a row, and because my brain only operates in list format during times like this, I'm going to just jot down things that I don't want to forget about vacation. Things that may no matter or seem significant to someone reading, but things that are definitely of importance to me.

Memories are a pretty cool thing. They allow us to hold on to something that is already gone—an event, moment, or person in time. It's great that we have the technology that we do today. It makes me wish I had some of these childhood memories of my own to look back on. I know, sap moment.

But more importantly, my list. And pictures.... yes, there are finally pictures.

*Our beach set up gear grew yet again this year. A wagon, two large tents and one small tent, 5 beach chairs, a cooler, towels, beach toys, and beach bags full of sun glasses, lotions, and more. Seriously, we have this going to the beach every day all day down.

*I have two official obsessed with the beach babies. Beach bums. Especially Elliana who literally spent all day at the beach and would just lounge in the ocean, run around in the sand, and never want to go home. Graham also loved jumping in the waves and boogie boarding and just being a complete bum.

*No matter how many family members including your own husband are watching the children while you try to snooze on the beach, it's just absolutely impossible not to wake up every 2 minutes and make sure you can see the kids.

*The four of us slept in a king size bed and it totally made me jealous. We now sleep in a Queen size bed and I tell you what... big difference.

*Card game of choice all weekend: Euchre.

* The kids stayed up so late a few nights that I wondered their sanity. You know when they get to the point that they become tired belligerent. Yes, that. They were simply trying to hang with their "friends" and just can't do it as well as they can.

*Andrew and my dad were at the beach when there were two sharks spotted in the ocean. Everyone had to get out for quite some time until they passed. Pretty darn crazy as they there knee deep.

*In between beach runs, pools, and showering, my children while waiting did a whole lot of THOMAS THE TRAIN watching. I mean seriously, it was insane and driving me crazy inside. However, it was vacation and we barely brought any toys with us, so Thomas it was. What happens on vacation stays on vacation.

*We didn't go out to eat once. We cooked all three meals at home every day of the week and it felt good.

*My mom and I found a TJMAXX while we were there. Need I say more?

*Snacks were our biggest lifesaver. And let me tell you.... these folks sure know how to eat!

*And for the 3rd year in a row, the planned "go to the beach at night and take big family pictures" never happened. When you spend all day at the beach and then come home to shower and eat dinner... you want nothing else but to put the kids to bed, pour a drink, and crack jokes with my family.

*I stilled passed out at like 8:30 a couple of times that week. Can't help it, I'm an old lady.

And lastly....

"The best part of waking up... is Andrew in my arms." Name that tune

Okay vacation, if I look at anymore pictures or videos, I'm going to cry. So I will stop there. The last of my vacation posts will be the vacation video that I do every year... and that one might not make it until maybe September.



  1. We got so spoiled by sleeping in a king bed for a week last summer with DD that we bought one as soon as we got home. Haha. It's amazing!! I'm impressed 4 of you fit in a queen! I'm lobbying to add a twin bed next to our king before Baby 2.0 comes in a few months :)

  2. You know what would be more comfy that sleeping in a queen all together? Everyone having their own bed. Oh wait, nevermind. We've had this discussion before.

    1. You know, I don't recall having that conversation because you see, we aren't exactly friends and I wouldn't exactly take advice from a complete stranger who seems to only come to this space to leave negative comments. I guess you, on the other hand, have forgotten the conversation we had a few days ago about finding that happiness in your life. I guess you still haven't found it. I hope you do though, because your jealousy is shining through.

  3. I'm pretty sure we were at Hilton head the same time as y'all because my SIL saw the sharks too.


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