Saturday, November 29, 2014

Savings for our kids' futures.

When I was pregnant with our first, Elliana, my husband and I had a talk about our future, our finances, and how we would begin preparing for our children's education. With both of us having student loans hanging over our heads {and following us everywhere we go}, we knew that this was a road that we didn't want our children to go down. We didn't know how we would get there, or if we would completely get there, but we wanted to find a way to assure that when it came time for our children to go to college that they would not have to take out multiple loans with growing interest rates to do so.

And so we opened up our first college savings account. We set up a monthly withdrawal from our bank account, and slowly, we started to watch the account grow. For her first birthday {and every birthday following}, we encouraged less gifts and instead asked our family for the biggest gift of all— helping contribute to their future finances. After the first year, we increased our monthly withdrawal amount, and made it a goal to add a little more throughout the year. The amount is small, and we don't even notice it when it comes out of our accounts, but it is amazing how quickly a small amount can grow into something bigger. So quickly that by her 4th birthday, she had more than enough for one year's of a college tuition.

When Graham was born in 2012, his account was also set up just days after his birth. And the contributing began shortly after.

After watching these accounts grow, and knowing what it will mean for our children's future, I have tried to encourage all our loved family and friends to do the same. I know that sometimes people are already in a tight squeeze, and they want to focus on the now rather than the future, but I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be a lot. By budgeting out ones spending on coffee or drive-thru runs, they can simply use that money to contribute every month a greater cause, and something that will bring them much more gratitude than a latte ever would in the moment.

But here we are in full swing of the holiday season, and we ask ourselves how? How do we start saving right now when all we are caught doing is spending, spending, spending.

It's easy. It's easy to get caught in the spending aspect of the holiday season and completely forget about the financial peace that we all seek in our lives. Often times when we think of Black Friday, we think of deals on things, but I'm here to share with you deals on savings.

Capital One 360 has released deals that are hard to ignore. Their products are designed to save you money and are fee-free and earn you interest. They are also decking the halls this holiday season by sharing with you deals on new account bonuses, referral bonuses, and closing cost credits.  Need an account to begin saving for your children's future? Look no further. Visit Capital One 360's Black Friday Sale and take advantage of all their deals.And because I am a big believer that sharing is caring, don't forget to let your friends and family in on the deals and benefit by getting a $40 referral bonus! That's called a win-win for all.

What you save now, will give you much bigger reward in the future. I know, because I get to login every day and see my kids' accounts grow.

You can do the same.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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