Monday, November 10, 2014

Thoughts on this past weekend

Sunday is drawing to an end, and I cannot help but reminisce about this weekend. In fact, I thought all day about yesterday and how bittersweet it all was. Our baby girl, turning four, and celebrating her life and all the beauty that she radiates from the inside out.

It was truly as great as I imagined it being in my head, and I actually really got to enjoy her party this year, unlike the last year where I felt like I was stressed the majority of the time {too worried about pleasing others}. This year was different though. And yet, I still didn't take any pictures {during the party}. I was definitely able to snag a few before, and a couple after shots, but only of the kids.

That is life, I guess.

We only invited close family and a few of her friends, and yet the house felt so full. I kept saying, nope, didn't invite that many, and it felt like 100 people in a room. Mainly because each child was equivalent to about 5. And it's not the size.... it's the speed of the tornado.

That's what it was, I decided. Last night— a tornado. It's like it came...stayed for a few hours...and then left. I looked around the house and said.... That was quite the storm.

A good storm. A great storm. The kind of storm that was full of laughter, lots of playing, great food, some yummy drinks, and a home full of happiness. All in celebration of our sweet girl.

Who had the best time. She was so happy about her cousins and friends being there, and it again just proved that all that matters is the company around you.

We limited presents to family members only, and asked that her friends simply make a donation {to wherever} in her name. It was great to not have that overwhelming amount of gifts, and happy to report that we only got a few new toys in the house. And the next day, we took over a couple bags and two boxes of toys {and other stuff} to donation. Elli fell asleep in the car on the way there, and it was yet another sign of a really good weekend. A couple of nights staying up late will do that to you.

But before I wrap up the weekend of celebration, I have to add something else very important that happened this weekend.

The wean.

I feel like I should insert "Dun dun dun...." in there. Suspense music out of a horror movie.

Except, this isn't exactly a horrible thing. I'm not sure where the decision came from, or if I even really made the decision prior, but it just sort of happened.

Friday was the last day that I BF Graham and it was kind of bittersweet. I think I was ready for the journey to end a couple months back, but he struggled a lot, so we just continued. We were down to just morning, night, and nap time feeds, but I knew that by his 2nd birthday {which was our end goal} that it would be coming. This weekend just sort of worked out though, because we were busy enough, his mind was elsewhere {he still asked}, and I had the time to devote to soothe him and talk him through it.

He did great. There were tears {no lie}, but he was able to work through them.

And just like that... it's over. In the past 4 years, I have BF 3 of those years. And now I get a little break, and I am more than okay with that.

A memorable weekend it was.

That's for sure.


  1. Those black and white pics of E, I mean she just radiates a beautiful and VERY happy girl! Gorgeous!

  2. Love her cute glittery gold outfit! Perfect for a birthday celebration!

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  4. Happy Birthday E!! As a mama who is about to start BF all I have to say is way to go!! 3 years!! Im hoping to at least get 1 year in. Good job mama and good job G!!


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