Monday, November 17, 2014

Yesterday was one of those days....

You know.

The kind that you replay over and over again.
The kind that you want to talk about with your friends.
The kind that where you are telling your husband "come look" every 5 minutes.

The kind where you go to bed smiling, you wake up smiling, and then you find yourself sitting on your kitchen room table, staring out the window, enjoying your breakfast while the little one naps, and saying to yourself...

Yesterday was one of those days.

Really beautiful, amazing days.

We woke up yesterday and decided that today would be the day that we put out Christmas decorations. Elliana's birthday had passed, and the cold temperatures put us in the mood. The only rule that my husband was insistent on was that we had to wait to put up the big Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving.


So I hauled 12 large boxes out of the attic {how did we ever gather that much stuff}, turned on pandora Christmas station, and began with the upstairs. 

This year E really wanted to help. I'm talking she was digging through each box, finding stuff, and then going room by room placing decorations in different spots and hanging bells and wreaths on the doors. I want to stop here for a moment and just tell you how unbelievably warm and happy my heart was when I saw her excitement over each and every piece that celebrated Christmas. And Graham man? Well when he saw the very first item— a garland, his eyes lit up and he said "Christmas!" He joined in on the fun and helped us decorate the little Christmas trees in the kids' rooms {and by decorate, I mean, he took off every ornament E and I put on}. But he enjoyed yet, and I think he even enjoyed it more simply because he could see how happy it made E.

When we finished Elliana's room, she stood on top of her bed, and exclaimed proudly,

"We have a Christmas house now!"

You could see a twinkle in her eye. I mean, it was exactly what pure happiness is defined as in the dictionary. Right there, in front of my eyes. I snuggled her and the little man up and said, "Yes, baby, we do. All for Jesus!"

But we weren't finished. We headed downstairs to resume with the downstairs, and box after box we dug stuff out. Stuff that I didn't even remember having, and stuff that I quickly realized was missing. The garland that sits on our mantle was now M-I-S-S-I-N-G. I dug through the attic probably about 5-6 times, and still no trace of the piece. I have since come to the conclusion that somehow it must have gotten thrown away last year. Don't ask me how. Just, somehow.

Next, it was time for a Christmas movie. Snuggled up on the couch while the rest of the house twinkles and shines in gold, red, silver, and green. Lights everywhere. A Christmas tree and Santa in almost every room, wreaths on the doors, bells on the handles, decorations on every table, stands, and crevice that one could dream of. Christmas was in the air. Or in this instant, in our home.

And what do you know, it begins to snow.

The kids literally run to the window, Graham jumping around saying "It's raining, it's raining!" Which E quickly corrects him, "Snow buddy, snow!"

And mouths drop open. Literally open at the sight of the snow.

"Look mama, snow on trees!"
"Snow on papa's car!"
"Snow on the ground!"
"Sooooooo much snooooow."

It was dark by the time the movie ended, but that wasn't stopping us. We put on our bibs, warmest hats and gloves, snow boots on, and while the chili cooked on the stove, we headed outdoors in the dark to breathe in the first snowfall of the year.

And it was just as glorious as we expected. Leaving trails of our feet, making the first snowman of the year {pretty small and pitiful, but we made him}, and even experiencing a snow ball fight.

This is what movies are made of.

To be honest, the only way I could get the kids to even come indoors was by promising them hot cocoa.

And hot cocoa they got.

We ended the night with the best tasting chili in our bellies, matching Christmas jams, and a mama who was so tired that she passed out just as quickly as the little ones did. Right there with them.

It was one of those days. A day that movies are made out of. A day that was perfect in every way, to remind us of the little things in life. To savor these moments, those twinkling eyes and excitement, and to pause for a moment and enjoy.

Let the countdown begin.


  1. Gosh I love days like that. I can't wait to put our stuff up. My daughter baked gingerbread cookies for her first the time other day and that was quite awesome in itself ;)

  2. I've been itching to put my stuff up too! My small box of stuff anyway ;)

  3. Sounds perfect! How do you keep Graham away from all the decor? That's what I am worried about at our house.

  4. Sounds like a great day! Everything looks so pretty!


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