Saturday, November 1, 2014

How Thomas and the Witch Stole Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014.

There are two ways we can approach this topic. We can talk about 1} How it was a complete fail or 2} How it was the greatest night ever. Bizarre how the two are complete opposites, but both could be used to describe last night. All based on perspective.

It goes without saying that weather can be an interesting thing. How one minute {week actually} it's 65, sunny, and you're running around in short sleeve shirts on, and the next {on Halloween of course} it's blowing rain/snow and you start going numb within 5 minutes of being outside. You find yourself asking, "Why out of all the days in the year, does it have to be completely awful out when it's the one time you actually have to be outside." Well, you don't have to, but you know... you have to.

Regardless, weather is just a funny little {insert bad word}.

So here we are a bumble bee, a penguin, a Thomas the Tank Engine, and a beautiful sweet witch {originally Percy the train.... that's a story for another day} ready to tackle on Halloween 2014.

The kids had 2 shirts on and a sweatshirt under their costumes and two pairs of paints, as well as a winter hat under their "cute" costume hats. Mom and dad also double layered, and I even whipped out the furry animal print ear muffs {I know}.  Scarves on, and our big boy pants were ready to roll.

We met with our friends, snapped a few pictures outside {more like one each because in no time my camera was getting poured on}, grabbed the wagons, an arm full of blankets, and rolled out.

The first house basically gave the kids handfuls of candy knowing we would be one of the very few to be out trick-or-treating, and the kids were pumped up. We made it to about 4 houses down the first street before the rain really started hitting hard. And  by rain I mean... some weird mixture of snow, rain, and blowing wind. Torture.

We turned the corner onto the street where we would eventually run into our house, and the penguin man gave up. "Guys, I can't do this." It was like a scene out of a depressing movie, where our hair is wet, we can't feel our hands, and we are laughing because.... you know, how could you not.

So we made an executive decision to make a pit stop at our house. Five houses in, and we already had to stop. I grabbed more blankets, gloves for myself and the kids, and a few beverages for the men— because if they aren't going to be warm, at least they will be happy. We continued on down a couple streets, and the kids were running to the doors.

All I kept hearing was "This is so fun!"
And "Look I found another house with lights on"
"Trick or treat! Happy Halloween"

"Mom this is the greatest Halloween ever!"

Smiles. I smiled, and I kept nudging Andrew and my friend..."Look how happy they are!"

And in turn it made us happy. Sure, the weather wasn't the greatest, and yes, we didn't get to go to many houses, but we were all together, the kids got to experience this one time a year tradition, and all that matters at the end of the day is perspective. We ended the night at our friends eating good food, enjoying great drinks, and in good company.

Sugar highs, full bellies, and big smiles means that option number 2 wins for Halloween 2014.

It was the greatest Halloween ever!

Until next year.


  1. awww. Yay. Sounds awesome. I love that y'all dressed up too. Everyone looks great.

  2. Funny how Witch is the default when your kid refuses to wear the planned outfit. Same thing happened to me this year. The plan was dorothy and the end result was evil sea witch. Lol.


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