Monday, December 23, 2013

27 things I love about you

I love....

1. You in baseball caps.  And in glasses.

2. The fact that you rarely share your beard {maybe a couple times a year}. The fact that when I look back on our wedding day, you had a beard.

3. The way you look at our children.

4. When you send me sweet, mushy, loving texts.

5. When you want me all to yourself for a date night.  Ruth Chris, Dress and heels, and a whole lot of champagne. And a hotel.

6. You're a family man. Through and through. And I'm not just talking about your little family here in this little house. But you would choose to hang out with your parents, sister, or even my parents over friends any day. I love that.

7. That you're a sports guy. Even though I'm not a sports girl.

8. When you say 1-2-3....and I run into your arms and you pick me up really high in the air. Yup, favorite.

9. That you drink a a black coffee from Starbucks. It's a whole lot cheaper of an addiction than those flavored drinks.

10. You never question when I buy something. Even when it means a dog out of nowhere.

11.  You give the kids baths, change diapers, and take them to their activities when mom can't. Thank you.

12. That you still want to spoon every night. Spoon. I wonder if this will be so when we are 70?

13. Lately, you don't get as mad when I end up passing out on the couch. Which means that you actually let me sleep on the coziest place on Earth.

14. You love movies. I love movies. We are a match-made in heaven.

15. You love food. I love food. We make ridiculous appetizers and we splurge when we need to splurge and break all the rules.

16. Bdubs. A cold draft beer. Enough said.

17. That you take care of the outside of the house and I don't have to. I don't know a thing about gardening--nor do I want to.

18. I have to stand on my tippy toes to kiss you.

19. You have some pretty amazing lips, by the way.

20. And those eyes? I guess I'll put them on the list as well. They aren't bad after all.

21. You gave me a pretty great last name. So easy. Two words put together. Except when I talk to anyone that needs to know my last name, they cannot seem to fathom how to put one letter after the other. Amazing.

22. You cook. Sometimes. And it tastes better than my cooking! Regrettably so.

23. When you grill. Not just because it's the best thing I ever tasted... but because you look so good doing so.

24. That you love to just drive, like me. That sometimes we get everyone in the car and just go.

25. Family naps. Sometimes, often times, they are necessary.

26. How funny you think... and everyone else in your family thinks you are... and how funny you aren't but I let you think that you are. Makes sense?

27. That I don't have to list how caring, how loving, how thoughtful, and a beautiful person that you are in any of these things because I'll never stop telling you. That although I should probably say it more, and I definitely don't say it enough---it's so very true. You're the best thing to have ever happened to me, and the greatest blessing in my life. Without you, we would not have these children. You are my better half, and together we can do anything.

Happy 27th Birthday my love.


  1. I love your lists about your hubby, they inspired me to do some too throughout the year to keep the memories alive forever :) happy Birthday to him!

    He shares my Mami's birthday :)

  2. super awesome! this will be a great list to reflect on 10 years from now and know nothing has changed! sweet letter to him!


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