Thursday, December 19, 2013

Conversations within our home

Andrew was sitting at the kitchen table with baby in hand and Elliana sitting in the booster next to him. I was getting the dishes out in preparation for dinner when I said to him..."Can you believe we will be great great grandparents one day." Andrew's response was pretty normal..."Um... yes... can we be parents first?" I giggled. I knew he thought I was neurotic for even thinking that far ahead. The next thing I said to him was... "No, but, I was just thinking about how there is always something that people remember their ancestors for. Like Bob was in the war. Becky was a blogger." Insert lots of laughs. I said to Andrew "The word "blogging" is probably going to be so foreign and strange to the future generations. I just wonder, you know." We laughed about it for a while and then went on with our dinner.

I made fish the other night. As I was leaving for work, Andrew mentions how it wasn't very good. I had a few bites. When I was driving, my tummy hurt a bit and I instantly thought about the fish. I picked up the phone to call Andrew.
"Did you eat the fish."
"Yup." Chewing.
"Yup, almost done." More obnoxious chewing.
"Oh. Well I was going to tell you there is a chicken burrito in the freezer."
"Yeah.. I'm eating it now."

Elliana and Graham had just woken up from their nap and we were getting ready to walk down the stairs. Graham was crawling around in the hallway when I started just taking a couple steps down. Elliana freeeaked out and started crying "No mama, you have to pick up Graham to take him downstairs! He could fall and hurt himself." And tears, I mean tears, were rolling down her face. I guess you could say she kind of sort of loves the little guy.

I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom across E's room when I heard her one day saying to Graham "It's not easy being funny, little guy." I chuckled all day thinking about it.

We were sitting on the couch one day talking about the different states. This is how our conversation went:
Me: "What state do you live in"
E: "E answers with the correct state"
Me: "What state do grandma and bo-pa live in"
E: "E answers with the correct state"
Me: "What city do Aunt Ali and Uncle B live in"
E: "E answers with the correct city"
Me: "What city do grandma and det live in"
E: "E answers with the correct city."
Me: "What country do we live in"
E: "United States Merica!"
Me: "Who is our president"
E: "Washington!"
Me: "No Washington was the first president, President Obama is our president now."
E: "Oh he is? Okay, then, whatever."

Can we say, teenager?


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