Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just throwing a bunch of randoms at your face. Just the way I like it.

We went to bed last night at 730. All four of us. In bed, asleep at 730. I'm not even sure what happened or why we were so tired {the husband and I, the kids...well that's just their bedtime}, but we were and we certainly found that bed to be the solution. The thing is, the night before? I went to bed at 8 as well. And that seems to be the trend lately...for me. My take on this is that I'm ready for warmer weather {after the holidays}, and ready for some daylight savings time adjustment. I think the fact that it gets dark around her at 5:30 just does not help my cause at all.

Here's the other thing--- we have two sick babies on our hands. Coughing, fever, snotty noses sick. And although they have always been mama needy, they are 10x the mama needy when they are sick. Which, truthfully? I love. I love to snuggle them up and kiss on them and hold them all day. But for complaining purposes {because what kind of mother would I be if I didn't complain}...I am really ready to get out of the house.

But we will be making up for it by being out of the house a whole lot next week. And? My baby will be 1. Soon. Like 9 days soon. As in, the day after Christmas. Here I am consumed by all things Christmas, and I'm quickly reminded that I need to also be preparing for my sons birthday. I have a feeling that I will get this way every year. Scattered. Frazzled. But at the same time, I want to slow down and enjoy. Be able to devote the time that I need to in order to celebrate one of the greatest days of our lives. I know I missed his 11 month post, and that's okay because I hope to make up for it with his 1 year. I say that's okay, I'm sure he will say otherwise.

We did however get out and get pictures with Santa this past weekend while we did Christmas at the museum. We started doing the "family" picture deal with Santa last year, and decided to make that a yearly tradition. I'm a little bummed we didn't start that when E was a baby, but there's just no way to turn back time. I love the way they turned out this year, and laugh at the fact that our babies are making the same exact face. And lets talk about Graham's yellow pants why don't we. I have a feeling he won't let us live that one down....

Am I the only one out there that really sucks at wrapping gifts? I don't even know that I suck at it {yes, I do}, or if it's just that I'm too lazy to try. I mean, there are so many to wrap that I just want to get it over with as soon as possible. Which means that I'm all cut, tape tape, slab a sticker and be done with it. Confession? Sometimes if I run out of paper and there is just a tiny piece of the box that shows? I leave it. Confession #2? Sometimes a lot of the box shows. Confession #3---Sometimes I don't even use a box and just wrap the gift {clothes} as is. I mean... really, it just gets unwrapped and thrown out. Confession #4- My baby has ripped a few presents and I have not yet gone back to fix them. Confession #5---I probably won't at all. Thankfully I am done wrapping presents {aside from the few that I'm still waiting to arrive}.

Day shift vs. Night shift nurses. Please watch if you are a nurse. Only you would understand this sort of humor.

But as always, the best kind of entertainment in any kind of article or video out in social media is always hands down the comments. Always. Why is that?

Here is my favorite comment: "Anyone that has been an RN knows that day shift is much much busier than night shift. This night shift nurse is a bully/shrew & her behavior is a direct result of weak leadership & management. At good organizations night shift nurses know day shift is harder & are team players. This night shift nurse has a bad attitude & needs to be disciplined."
Are there people out there this serious about everything they read and watch? What a shame to not be born with a sense of humor. 

Last night blogger posted three posts that were sitting in my draft. THREE. Last week it was one. It seems to happen to me often...and it's a tad bit frustrating as those are posts that aren't complete. But it also reminded me that I need to sit down and finish those thoughts of mine. Many of them were serious from the heart posts that I really don't want to just forget about.

So that's my goal tonight. To finish posts that have been overlooked. To get a few emails answered. To get myself back on track, back on schedule, and feeling more motivated about things I must do around the house. Which means that I also have to stay up past 7pm.

Maybe if I take a nap with the kids today. I think I just might.....

Ebates. I know that people are still shopping online. Don't forget to remember to shop through ebates! Most stores are doing double cash back during the month of December, so you won't want to miss out on all the savings. Plus refer your friends and family {refer just two and get $50 extra back}, and get a free $10 gift card when you make your first purchase. I'm looking at an $800 check in February. 800, from referrals and shopping online! 


  1. Can you use Ebates with Amazon? My three have had the same sickness here... Hope everyone is well soon! :) Love your Santa pic, too! :)

    1. Only for a few specific departments. Women's clothing and shoes, kitchen, and two other ones. No electronics though :)

  2. Love the Santa pic!

    -diary of a fit mommy

  3. Your Santa pic is wonderful!!

    Team can't wrap a present to save my life. It's Jim's job....and watching him spend so much time making them wrap absolutely perfect hurts my soul.

  4. J turned one on the 14th and I'm so not having his party until January. We celebrated his b-day of course with just the four of us, but I can not handle Christmas and party planning all at once. No way. So, he will have a month long celebration with a party in January until he is old enough to complain about it. And, how are our babies one already anyways?!?!

  5. I love ebates!! i just started using it but i love that i get money for shopping! on another note you have the cutest family ever! sick babies are no fun though! & dont worry i suck at wrapping gifts too!

  6. Haha I'm not a nurse yet but I thought that video was funny. I agree that some people need to lighten up!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I haven't been reading regularly because when reader went away I decided that was a good time to pull back a bit from other people's lives and focus more on my own. So now I check in when I'm having a slow night at work and just binge read. But, wow. Your kids have changed so much in a few months. Eliana has lost a lot of that baby face and Graham is blonde! Where does the time go?


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