Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Graham

One year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8765 hours. 525,949 minutes. Those are a lot of numbers that all mean one thing... the best time of our life. You, my baby boy, have made this past year a monumental one, one that we will never forget, and one that changed everything for us. For the better. I remember when your sister was born and saying to your papa that our lives have just begun. And then you were born and I found myself saying something very similar---a new life has just begun. The old one, as we knew it, was over. We now faced a different, more beautiful, full of love kind of life. And one year ago today, I could have never imagined the kind of love that I would feel for you, and more so for this whole family that I get to call mine.

They placed you in my arms and I felt an instant connection. I kissed on your sweet cheeks. I brushed the back of my hand against your soft skin. I nuzzled up to you and whispered every little thing I could imagine---be strong, be confident, be gentle, be giving, be warm, be powerful, believe, achieve, dream, and most of all, love--love your family, love yourself, and love those that need your love the most. It's like I wanted you to know so many things from the moment you were born just so you knew instantly how big our love was for you, and how much bigger the world was now that you were here. That there would be no greater love out there than the love that a mother and father has for their child. You, our child, there is no greater love out here than the love we have for you. And that no matter where life takes you, no matter what gets thrown our way, we would ultimately be there fighting for you and with you. Remember that.

I whispered some more. I kissed you all over. I held you a little tighter. Your name is Graham. God knew you would be in our lives, and He knew what we would name you, and He knew that you needed us as much as we needed you.

Looking back, it all seems like a blur--the entire hospital stay. It went by fast---incredibly fast. You met your sister, who, looking back, was just a baby herself. She loved you. She loved you from the minute that she laid eyes on you, and she was so gentle in her touch, and so loving in the way she held you, and so incredibly happy that you were here. As were we. I know that she knew very little about how her world was about to change, but in my heart, I knew that you two felt a connection instantly. At least I'd like to think so. It was a pretty amazing thing to watch. To watch this child that you loved so much welcome with open arms the second child that you loved so much. To see not one, but two beautiful healthy blessings that we have been granted to walk through life with. It's a pretty powerful feeling.

And just like that, we got to take you home. We got to experience all the firsts all over again. From the first time waking up every 1-2 hours, to the first time getting a solid 4 hour stretch of sleep. We experienced your first bath, your first blowout, and your first time outgrowing the newborn diapers. Your first smile, your first time rolling over, and your first giggle---all moments we never want to forget.

In the first two months, there were so many changes that they all sort of blurred together. But they came so naturally, and with very little stress or fear. There wasn't this fear that we had had with your sister. The fear of losing you. The fear of doing something wrong. The fear of harming you. The fear of change, the fear of growth, the fear of losing the baby in you. There was confidence. Because of this confidence and faith we were able to enjoy you on a completely different level. We felt as though you had been a part of our family from day one. And perhaps you had been, just not physically. You are the perfect piece to our family puzzle. Cliche mom, I know.

With a blink of an eye, the months just flew on by. You surprised us all by crawling at just 5 months old, saying your first word mama at 7 months old, and walking at 10 months old. Now, you walk EVERYWHERE, you talk non stop {mama, papa, car, tractor, mirror, ball, go, hi, bye bye}, and you are surprising us with something new almost every day. You have quite the personality, and you are one strong-willed child at already such a young age. You love your mama, LOVE, a whole lot, and you would choose to be in her arms ever moment if the day if given the opportunity to do so. But you love your papa. And you love your sissy. And you sure do admire and give the biggest smile when you see your grandparents. You are so intriguing and the way you study people is just so interesting to watch and be a part of. 

I sit here and I want to write down every intricate detail of your life and everything that you have done and all the ways that you have touched our hearts, and I just cannot. I cannot because I feel like I'll never stop, or that the right words won't express fully the love that we have for you. At the same time, I know I don't have to. I know that although you are the "Second" child and although people say that it is different than the first, I do have to say that it is only better, more fun, and a whole lot more full of love. Our lives that is. Because of you. That's the beauty of it all. Your life has given our lives a whole new meaning.

I love you son. I love you my baby boy. I love you my precious, blessing from the Lord. I love you more than I can ever ever tell you, and I cannot wait to spend every day showing you just how much.

To the moon, and back, to infinity and beyond. We love you.

Mama, Papa, Sissy, and your puppy dog Carson.


  1. He is such a handsome and smart little boy. Gid bless him, Happy Birthday Graham 😊

  2. Happiest 1st Birthday, Graham!! :)

  3. One year already?! Still in love with his name. So classic.


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