Monday, December 30, 2013

The start of the EVERYTHING posts.

This is going to be an everything catch up kind of week. I usually like to split things up, post even a month apart, really dig deep into each occasion that is worth digging deep into. This happened here, that happened there, we did this at this time, and then we did this then. But now? This week? We are going to clump it all together and just talk. Talk like you were here sitting on my couch and I was telling you all about it.

It's an accurate depiction of what last week felt like anyway.  A frenzy. Fast. Busy. With a whole lot going on. Yet, at the same time, we made sure to stop and enjoy. Andrew and I made a point to not get overwhelmed with the busy and to take moments, hours, to sit back and relax. Even nap {well, him and the kids, not this mama}. There were moments of disagreements and even getting short fused with the children {who happened to be overtired at more moments than we like}, but overall---crazy and amazing would be the best two words to describe the past week. Absolutely.

Another thing that was important to me last week was staying off social media. I blew up the IG feeds on Andrew's birthday {insert key word: childless} and then one picture on the night before Christmas as we were in the car heading to my parents. After that? It was gone. My phone that is. In fact, for about 12 hours there, it was completely dead and I could care less. The only reason that it was charged was because of my husband. Who thinks I am crazy for always leaving my phone dead.

 I know I have said this before {about social media} and it was not anything new for me to be away from it for 3 days... but it was truly so nice to not get caught up in what was going on elsewhere. I know I missed texts from people {what else is new} but that's okay. I was with the people that mattered the most. And that's what is.. well... most important.

And what is important is for me to get on with this post and talk about the first birthday of the week.


Lovely dress from Light In The Box
 Three years away from 30. My husband was sick last year and had made it a point to remind me all year round that he did not want anything to ruin his birthday this year. He remembers these things you know. So I made sure to have the night off work {although I did work the three nights in a row prior}, and make it extra special for him. On my way home from work in the morning, I stopped by our favorite breakfast place and ordered a large breakfast for the family, including a cup of black coffee for the birthday boy. I had the lady put a 27 in whipped cream on one of his pancakes, but surprise surprise, that thing melted by the time I came home. So I quickly scrambled to make a 27 out of candles, except, I'm just not that talented apparently. The effort is what is most important right. Thought that counts. So the family came downstairs, we sang papa happy birthday, and then we devoured everything.

Andrew opened his gifts {one which included a fancy dress---for me, not him}, and then his parents arrived shortly after that. I sent the birthday boy, Elli, and my father-in-law away to go see a movie, while mama and Graham took a napIt worked out perfect so that I was well rested by the time they came home for the evening.

It was very exciting to be able to put on a skimpy little black dress. I'm a mom of two I kept saying to myself. Becky, you are a mom of two. But I'm also a wife. A wife, and I'm 27. I needed to feel good like this, and I needed this night with my husband. It's sad for me to admit that it had actually been over a year since we even had a date night. A complete full on date night. Not just a dinner date {which we have done a few times}, but away from the children through the evening kind of date. Our kind of date. We were so much better about this when we had Elliana. We tried to get out every couple of months at least. With Graham? Our anniversary and birthdays are about as good as it gets. Now that he is older, I have a feeling that we will be doing it more often.

Anyways, so we got ready. I made dinner for the kids, went over with my MIL everything that she needed to know {everything that she knew already}. Flipped the baby over to show her what to do if he were choking, and giggled a little while doing so. Do I need to tell her to call 911 first and foremost before calling me? Should I leave the number for poison control? Do I tell her the cause is usually not cardiac if a child/baby were to be found unresponsive, but most likely respiratory? No, no I won't. I'm being paranoid and I just need to quit it, I say to myself.
We headed out the door and made it to the restaurant a few minutes early. Andrew kept wanting to valet park, but I explained that I didn't need to spend any more money than was necessary, so I insisted that he park across the street at the Hyatt parking lot. He did so. We ran out of there freezing, and I think I swore a couple of times, at which he reminded me nicely that he did in fact suggest valet. Ahem.

Dinner was perfect. We got a cozy booth and could not keep our hands off one another {besides when we were devouring every bit of the food on our plates}. We splurged and got a bottle of wine, appetizers, steaks, sides, and even a dessert that literally melted in our mouths. During dinner, I decided to give Andrew his second part of his present. He looked a little surprised, but opened up. Curious.

"Dear Andrew, if you decide to forgo your individual rooms, please accept this key for your fantasy suite" Signed, Chris Harrison.

He giggled.
Looked at me.
Smiled, and giggled.
Then said: "Wait, is there a fantasy suite?"

I laughed. Why yes!  Why else would I write such a cheesey thing. Then I proceeded to hand him a confirmation letter for our night stay at... The Hyatt {genius Becky}.

And at that, we finished off our bottle of wine, ate every bit of food that was on our plates, and kissed like we were on our very first date. Okay, maybe second or third.

It was amazing. All of it. Even if I did wake up at 4:30 in the morning, ready to go. It was amazing. Even if I did miss those babies terribly and we couldn't stop talking about how excited we were to see them when we got home. It was amazing. Even if we did spend more money than you would ever hear me spend {cheap gal over here}. It was amazing.

All if it just reminded me of how we need to do this more often. Be the married couple, not just mom and dad. 

How amazing it feels to be a wife first.

It was amazing. I smile just writing that.


  1. It sounds like you two had the most wonderful date! Happy belated birthday to Andrew!

  2. Now that sounds like a wonderful birthday gift for him, but an amazing night for you both! And hooray for dinner and wine - because everything is better with wine :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE this! I think it's SO important to nourish your relationship as husband and wife.

  4. I love reading about parents with young children that still make time for themselves. My husband and I have a beautiful six week old baby boy and I know how important it is that we continue to date. I am not ready to leave him yet but this post makes me think that I might be able to leave him with my mother while hubby and I have a dinner date at some point in the near future. You have such a beautiful family, Becky!

  5. LOVE THE DRESS! Stunning!

    -diary of a fit mommy


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