Thursday, October 30, 2014

Real life

We had family pictures tonight, and although it is worth an entire post {and more}, I will just leave you hanging with this blooper that will definitely not be making the Christmas card, but will most definitely be making the cut for the photo album.


Because it's real life.

Me: "No one is listening to me...."
Andrew: "How do you want me to sit?!"
Graham: "Where is the sucker I've been promised for an hour?"
Elliana: "God, can you make it rain or something...I need out"



  1. lol! This is so funny...I'm sorry! This is how ours usually go too!

  2. I just love this picture... I think I should get a special Christmas card with this photo on it!

  3. I actually love this picture! Elliana looks hilarious!


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