Monday, April 30, 2012

Friendships. Those that come. And those that go.

In the past couple of years I have had many moments where I had to really think about the friendships in my life. Many moments that left me wondering why? Why it worked? Why it didn't? Some that made me question the strength of our friendship. Others that left me struggling to find it. To find the common ground. The balance. The rope to hold us together.

Most of those instances passed, and my life went on, and friendships were lost.
Those that just sort of drifted. Others that were cut off on May 2009.
Graduation day.

It's that easy you know.
Losing friends.
They disappear just like that.
At the same time... so do you.

You graduate college. You move out of state. You start your new career. You get married. Have a child. Maybe have another one...

And before you know it, two years has passed... and the phone calls have ceased. Well, they ceased a long time ago... but more so now than ever before.

They usually start as once every couple of days. Then once in a couple weeks. A couple times a month. Monthly... every other month.. And then... one day you realize... it's been almost a year.

And you can't help but ask yourself... well... what did you do wrong?

And sometimes? The answer is nothing. No one did anything wrong. No one is to blame. But the first thing we want to do. Our initial reaction... is to blame. Maybe one person may think the other person should have put in more effort. Maybe the other person did. Maybe one person was busier than the other. Maybe that person changed.

Whatever the reason... the friendship is lost.

Then I find myself saying...I still have my best friends.

But then I ask myself, but do you?
The phone calls also dwindle. They live out of state. You live different lives. One is married with a child, a home, and a routine that doesn't shift much from the norm. The others? Live life carefree. Outgoing. Every weekend is different from the last. Nothing tying them down. Life is full of friends. And pictures.

Pictures you once were in.

Ten plus years of friendship and you sit here pondering how you ever got here. How you went from inseparable to feeling awkward on the phone.

How does that even happen? What do you do to fix it?
So many questions.
Many with no answer.

It's easy to blame yourself. Or each other. It's easy to point the finger. Trust me, we have all done it.
It's easy to just give up, or walk away.

And sometimes, life doesn't give you any other options, but to.
But to walk away.

I've come to realize that they're few and far between.
Sometimes...people change. Sometimes that person is you.

Common interests are lost.
And Memories are cherished through pictures of the past.

And life.

Well, life....happens.
Friendships that are supposed to last a lifetime do. Those that aren't? Don't.

And those that do?
Cherish them. Love them. Work hard at it.
And you better hold on to them for dear life.

Those other "moments" and friends, will come and go in our lives. And sometimes?

We just have to let them.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Loving....

Elliana's sweet baby cheeks.
The way she bites her bottom lip.
Her face of amazement when she sees something that intrigues her.
And how that face becomes just a little bit exaggerated with every month that passes.
The way she needs to know everything.
And the way her head rests when she realizes... it's her papa out there.
Oh. "Hi, Papa!"

Those sparkling eyes. The soft blonde silky hair with a little bit of curl at the end. The squishy fair skin. I love it all. Every ounce of her. 

And I just can't help but want to kiss the computer when I stare at these pictures.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Thursday Randoms
Time out. We have been enforcing it since Elliana turned 16 months old, and she's been doing really with it since. A couple of days ago we actually had an incident where she was climbing the couch and I had walked over to her to discipline her. I started saying "Elliana, that is a No no. Off the couch." She then proceeded to get off. And before I could even say the words "time out" she walked over to her time out corner and just stood there smiling. Now. How was I not supposed to just scoop her up right there and then and give her ten million kisses? Okay, I did.

I purchased Elliana more educational videos. We know how much she is in love with the Baby Einstein. So I thought I would test out some leap frog ones. The reviews were great so I thought, hey, why not. Oh no. Elliana just started say "no no no" and whining and hitting the DVD player saying "shooowww" for her Baby Einstein show. I'm not sure what about it she didn't like. I think because it was all cartoon characters? Not sure. Regardless, it was a fail.

Elliana has really been into 1. Climbing on top of her little table or on the chairs. and 2. Finding crayons and drawing on anything but paper. AKA our furniture and hardwood floors. Therefore, I have to hide them... and somehow, she finds more.

Elliana and I went to whole foods this week and finally there was a cart open with the little car attached. So therefore this was the first time E got to drive in the little car while we shopped. Lets just say she giggled the whole entire time.

I made some pretty good new recipes these week. Specifically the turkey meatballs. I can't wait to share it... and I promise, I will.

Our family needs to go on a budget. We have been budget free for as long as I can remember... but now I would like for us to become more "strict" with our spending. AKA me, more strict with my spending.

I bought the one piece for swim lessons. Yes. I caved. I know my first bikini experience swim lessons was fine... although I was the only one. But I did it.

Yesterday, Elliana came over to me while I was laying on the couch. Climbed onto the couch. And then proceeded to rest her head on me while giving me the biggest hug ever. I died.

Remember how I said on Monday that I would share my wall art DIY project that I had been working on once husband put up the masterpiece? Well, I guess he decided to take it upon himself to put it up one night... the night that I was at work. Without asking. And he was so proud of himself the next morning when I came home... except... it was exactly what I didn't want it to look like. So it needs fixed, asap.

Hung out with my big boy nephew Dawson on Sunday. He's a funny little character. He begs for E to come over, but as soon as she does, he acts all wild and belligerent. He tries to push her down and I swear if we weren't around, he would try to knock her down all the time.

I also got to snuggle up with my newest nephew, Joel, Dawson's brother. He is just a week old and absolutely precious. He slept on my chest for almost 2 hours... and I definitely hit baby fever mode. BAD.

I went to Kohls, and walked out with new PJ's for Elliana, and 3 picture frames. I ended up paying only 2 dollars plus some change, and saved 58 dollars. SCORE.

Working on Elliana's 4th baby album. All for her first year. It's ridiculous, and so time consuming. But I love these books... I cherish them.
I walked in the other night and found Elliana sleeping in an awkward position. And then I noticed that she had pulled in all the dirty clothes from the laundry basket next to her bed. That child of mine.

On Friday, we attended my mother in law's retirement party at her job. She is officially a retired woman. It was also her birthday. So we were with the people we love celebrating such a beautiful day, and it was really special. The last two pictures above are from that day. With Andrew's sister and her husband, and Elliana passed out from all the festivities.

Love my family.
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Chicago trip recap... it's coming, I promise. Not next week, but the week after. It will be on the blog. The posts are ready and scheduled!

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Scheduled Posts
Friday: I'm loving
Saturday: Easter Day Pictures
Monday: What a 
Friendship Means
Tuesday: A Fashion Post and GIVEAWAY; Kiki La Rue'
Wednesday: Sometimes baths make you feel like a kid again.
Thursday: Thursday Randoms

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The tripod, bertha. The good and the bad.

I sometimes wonder if I am the only nutty mama out there that insists on having pictures done at every event. And if at all possible, family pictures.

The problem is, sometimes, there are occasions where there is no one else to take the picture.

In those situations, often times, I will take some pictures of the husband and the baby girl. And then the husband will take some of me and her. And there you have it... a split family.
And then I whip out bertha. The tripod. The-I-take-your-pictures-for-free-stand.
Problem is, I can't see what kind of faces my husband is making. I can't see them, which means I can't stop them.
He thinks this is just the funniest thing in the world. Ruining a perfectly good family picture.
Then when he does smile? The baby doesn't look.
Or when she does? She looks mad.
 And then you have the ones that really go wrong. The pictures you don't want people seeing. The ones that really capture the difficulty in family photos with a child.

Yet, they make me giggle. Belly laugh.

The torture my daughter is thinking. Straight torture. In the form of a lens. And a stand.
I just can't help but wonder what my neighbors think of us.

That strange strange family.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April DIY Craft of the Month; Spring Wreath

I know my last project in March was also a wreath. And I have actually made a second wreath for our back door {which I love and promise to share one of these days}, however when I was shopping at hobby lobby, I got a vision in my head and once I get something in my head I have to go for it.

The truth though is that I had another project to share with you guys. And I still will. Its finished. Its just not on the wall and no pictures have been taken of it. So once my husband decides to do the necessary measurements and put my piece of little artwork up... I will be sure to share it with everyone.

Okay, but lets not talk about what I could have shared with you guys today... lets talk about what I am going to share with you.

My spring wreath.
For cheap, again. Only costs $8.00 to make {that is if you already have the glue gun... I don't add that into the cost}.

So here are the details.

I purchased a round 18 inch floral and craft wooden ring for $3.99 from Michaels. Then I purchased 4 floral pieces from the dollar store for... one dollar a piece {no wonder they call it the dollar store}. You can buy these at any of the dollar stores, such as dollar general, deals, or the dollar tree. And of course you have a variety of colors to choose from.

I went with pink and white.

The great thing about this floral ring was that it had holes all around that were evenly spaced apart. So I chose to put the white flowers in those holes and then put the pink ones in between. Two pinks, then 1, two, then 1, and so forth.

All together it took about 30 minutes... and I am utterly IN LOVE with it!

***Not sure why,but the link up isn't working. I will continue to work at it to try to fix it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Day It Came.


It came.

I was laying in bed getting ready to take a nap while the baby girl snoozed and the husband mowed, since I was scheduled to maybe work tonight {signed up for overtime}, when the husband came in and handed it to me.

The book. The blog book. It was finally here.

I ripped it open so quickly I thought I might rip it open. And there it was. All 276 pages of it. Our journey. Our Story. Words upon words. Pictures. Memories of our past. From January 2010-June 2011.
It was here.

It felt so... untouched. So clean. New. The pages so perfect. Begging for me to skim through them. Just asking for me to read it.

And I did, and I loved it, and I think I may or may have not fallen on my pillows with the book in hand staring at he ceiling like I just met the love of my life.
In the form of a book.

So I layed there for a while and skimmed the pages. Wondering why it took me so long to finally do this.

It was much more exciting than I anticipated it being. I knew I would be happy to have it, but I just hadn't realize how happy.

The site that I used was blog2print. I actually started using BLURB when I was designing my blog book, but after spending countless hours on it and realizing that I was only a fraction of the way through, I realized that I would never get this thing printed at the rate that I was going.
So I browsed through blog2print. I had issues with the loading {probably because my blog book was so big}, and I had to try multiple dates in order to finally settle down with January2010-January2011. It had the capability of being more than the 276 pages...  however, it said that I had reached my max pictures {1,500} for one book.

Which is okay. Because I plan on making book number 2. And three. And so forth.

The only other issue that I ran into was that when I was deciding on which dates to put in the book, I ended up with having 4 books. I finally settled on my final product, did the editing touches {front page, back page} and then clicked to purchase.

Unfortuanately, I clicked the wrong one to purchase and didn't even realize it.

The only difference though would be that my front cover and back cover would have looked differently. Otherwise, it is the exact same.
And? I'm happy with it. More than happy with it.

I knew that my blog meant a lot to me. I knew that I have always been passionate about it for multiple reasons. One of those reasons being to document our story and have a memory book of our lives. But I never realized how important it would mean to me now. More than ever. Now that I have it in my hands.

The thought of sharing this with my children when they grow up, and then my grandchildren.... well that makes me all sorts of happy inside. Gets me teary just thinking about it.

And I can't believe that at one point I was afraid to document our lives. Share the little details that maybe others could care less about.
But at the end of the day? This book is for me. 
My family.
And our future.

Book details:  I used The pictures are black and white, but the book is in color. My book is the standard portrait (8.5x11) hardcover. I went through my previous blog posts and deleted those that did not pertain to my family and things I did not particularly want in my book {you can also do this on the website without deleting your posts... I however did it a different way. Both work}. The maximum per book for pictures is 1500. I post a lot of pictures. If you want it perfect, I suggest sitting down and editing each page... however, I did not want it perfect... I wanted it just the way it was naturally, and to me its perfect that way. You can write a dedication/about this book on the website... it's pretty neat. I plan on making ten million more. AKA 10+.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

$215 giveaway celebrating MOTHERS DAY!

As I was redeeming some of my vouchers last night on Plum District, I decided that it was time to host another large giveaway for my blog readers! So.... here is an easy giveaway for one person to win all.

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 And that is literally as easy as it gets!
Happy Early Mother's day to all Mamas out there.... 
they, we, are very special people in this world.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

20x20 canvas for $31.00 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Husband went out with his friends tonight... which means... he left me with the computer and a credit card.... which means.... there were some deals to be found.

I know I already shared a deal tonight... but this one was just crazy amazing and I had to share!

I have gotten a couple canvases from Canvas Lifestyle and have been SO impressed! So much so that I had to get another one with this deal!

$31.00 for 20x20 canvas plus FREE SHIPPING!
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Get it? GO GET IT!

Great deals...and I did it again. I shopped.

Someone keep me away from Totsy. And you people stop spending money. Because all I do is shop shop shop and get these boxes full of stuff.

Thankfully, my Christmas shopping has a pretty good start. Like a really really good start.

But today there were so many deals on Totsy that I couldn't help but share.

And in case you are new to it... you just sign up to view the deals {its free} and you get free shipping on your first purchase, no code or minimum purchase required!

These are just a little bit of the deals that I found... there are just too many to share!
P.S. Elliana has that backpack right there... many of you have asked where I got it. And they are on sale right now!

And side note... don't tell your husbands I sent you there. You will be hooked! Go check it out.

We survived. Both Elli and I. And we swam like dolphins.

Today was the first day of swim lessons. And yet another thing to mark off our 25 things to do before E turns two list. However, there were other milestones at hand here. Milestones on the mama side. Ones that I accomplished. So lets begin with this morning.

We woke up late. Later than usual. College Becky would say this was early. Mom Becky says its late.

I started to hear Elliana at 830, but she was just babbling away and talking to herself, or the stuffed animals, or perhaps the wall? Regardless, we didn't go get her until 9. And the only reason we even did was because we knew that we had lessons at 10:30. Usually though, she lets you know when she's ready.

So we did our usual morning routine. Got Elliana ready.  Let the dog out. Ate breakfast. Elliana that is...since mama and papa never get a chance to eat when we are trying to run out the door. And then it was time for mama to get ready.

Okay, dilemma here.

I went into my bathing suit drawer. The one that had all bikinis and one one piece in there. Mind you, the one piece that I did own was from Victorias Secret with a slit down the middle of the tummy and the top only covered the essentials. A.K.A. the sides of my breasts (that I don't have) were out there for all to see. Naturally, this suit was out of the picture.

So now, I had to choose which bikini would work best.  And as a disclaimer... I had every intention of going out last week to pick up a one piece. Just so I could fit it.... but I completely forgot. And well, life is a little hectic. Needless to say, I didn't pick one up. I don't think I have ever even owned a one piece. Besides when I was 5... and when I was 15 due to swim lessons in high school.

But why waste time talking about what I don't own... and lets talk about what I do.

Option A. The ones that tied. You know, the stringy ones. The ones that the boys would try to sneakily walk by and try to pull at the string so that it would fall off and embarrass you in front of everyone? I hope I'm not the only one here. Yup. Those. I have a lot of those.

So I thought about it and realized well... E would want to pull at the strings too... and that? Well that would not be a very good first impression.

Option B.  Color. Do you go with like a black or white one, or do you go with my bright green or yellow, or hurt your eyes orange?

Okay. For one, I'm not tan enough for the colors. And two, I don't want to stand out even more.

Finally, after testing out a few, I chose the white strapless one, with no strings. Why strapless? Because Elliana likes to pull at things when I am holding on to her... and she would totally pull my straps to the side and WA-LA there goes mommy boobies for the whole pool to see.

It was the most anti-sexy Victoria's Secret suit I own. And believe me....that's not saying much.

So we finally headed out and made it to the lesson. The teacher was all chipper and said "You look like you are ready to SWIMMM!."  Ohhhh boy, yes I am. Yes I am. ....... Crazy.

I had to finally get undressed. At the beach? I would have stripped down, no problem. At this place? Children's swim lessons... you know... didn't get me as excited to take my clothes off. More reasons than one.

No problem, that didn't last very long. Because before I knew it, we were in the water... splish splashing around.. singing the itsy bitsy spider ......  and row row row your boat.

At first? Elliana was holding on to me for dear life? By the end? Girlfriend wanted to swim on her own.

And when we got her out? Ohhh nooo... she screamed at the top of her lungs. She wanted back in, and she wanted it right now.

So by the end, not only did I survive my swim lesson in a bikini, but Elliana, more importantly, survived her first swim lesson with flying colors.

I think we have a water baby on our hands.
Yes, Elliana swims with a bow on her head.
And a proud mama.
In a bikini.

Friday, April 20, 2012

17 months, My Beautiful Elliana.

Happy 17 months baby girl! On Easter day! What an exciting day it has been for you too. An exciting month at that. It's the talking month, as I would like to call it. Or at least the attempting to talk month. Lots and lots of words. Lots of jibber jabber. I can just tell you are antsy to make conversation with us. And I too am antsy to finally communicate with you back and forth. I look forward to the mother daughter talks we will have in the future. Starting from the "why is this that and that that" to "why mommy and daddy love each other and you." Those talks. Any talks. I look forward to it all. Papa does too. He loves you to pieces. And as you get older that love only grows more and more. If that is even possible. We never thought it was. You fill our hearts with an abundance of happiness. It bursts every morning at the sight of your smile and every night when we kiss you to bed.

We love you more and more, forever and ever, to infinity and beyond.
Mama and Papa.

-I walked in the room the other day and you were reading your book, one of your "peekaboo books" and you were opening one of the pages and saying "cwak cwak cwak" and I saw you were pointing to the "clock." It wasn't even one of the words we have been working on, so I was so impressed I screamed for your papa to come and look. Oh, the things we get excited about my dear.

-We celebrated your first "real" Easter with an egg hunt, egg dying, and lots of family fun in all. We will write about that in another post. Lets just say you had so much fun. It was one of your happiest days by far.

- You have 15 teeth {you had 15 teeth last month, I think I forgot to mention that}. There are only a couple missing spots... otherwise... you have a full set in that little mouth of yours {for now}.

- You weigh 24 pounds and are in the 75th percentile. And you are 32.5 inches long and in the 75th percentile. And her head is 48cm in the 90th percentile.

-You are in a size 5 shoe. Size 4 diaper. And size 12-18 month clothes.
- Your hair is as blonde as blonde gets. And when we are outside it's almost white. It's funny to me though because lately {more than ever}, we have gotten the comments of... "Oh my, where does she get that blonde hair from?!" And another "Why, she doesn't look like she belongs to you with that hair." And then of course they are in shock when I tell them that my hair was actually more blonde than yours growing up.

-It's so beautiful though. I love how long it is getting and that little curl that forms at the end. I know you love to twirl your hair all the time... but I absolutely adore running my fingers through your hair. I can't wait for all the hair-dos we will experiment with as it gets longer and you get older.

- You love your cousin Dawson. It is so funny to watch you two play together. You love to walk over to him and "pat" him. And when he is in the room? No one else matters. And you turn into this big girl. And my heart turns into all sorts of mush.

- When you want to watch baby Einstein you go get the remote, bring it over to me, or papa, or whoever else, and while pushing it into our lap, or leg, or any other body part, you say "shhhooow, shhoowww" and so persistent you are.

- When we are at grandma's house and I say "okay, Elli, time to go home," you stop what you are doing, run to the door, and start whining. Then we go outside and you go straight to the car, I open the door for you, and you climb right in into your car seat. It just absolutely cracks us up.
- You LOVE the outdoors. All I have to say is "outside" and then you say "shhoooees" and you are whining to get it. You would stay out there all day if I let you. And of course, the swing still remains your favorite thing to do. That and walks.

-Some other new words you have said "hauss {house},  cwak {clock}, baaaann {banana}

-You love to ride around on your little car. Its the cutest thing ever how fast you go on in it. You will push off with your legs and zoom away. And then zoom around the house in circles.
- Favorite foods: bananas {have to have one every morning, you beegggg for it}, kashi cereal, organic oatmeal, kashi cereal bars, plum organic tots, soup {specifically, chicken noodle soup}, strawberries, cottage cheese with raspberry preserve, pb&j {raspberry jelly}. anything sweet, crackers, organic/all natural yogurt,

-Not a fan of chicken or any meat for that matter. I really have to trick you to eat it... still to this day. Not sure what about you you don't like, but if I had to guess, I would say it was probably the texture.

-Out of all the meals, we struggle with dinner the most. You eat so good for breakfast and lunch and your 2-3 snacks, but something about dinner time you just struggle with it. I think partly it has to do with the fact that it is so close to bedtime and you are too tired to eat. Also, that's when we always have meat, and like I said... you aren't a fan of meat. And your attention span at this point is barely nothing. So some nights? You just have a couple bites. And the rest? Carson gets.
-You have 8 ounces of milk in the morning and 4 ounces with dinner. The rest of the day is consumed with water. And when you drink it out of your yellow cool straw looking sippy cup? You pound that water down. So much so that your diapers are the heaviest I have ever felt them.

- All you do is babble all day. You have said anywhere from 20+ words, however there are only a few that you say on a daily basis: papa, baaaan {banana}, shuuss {shoes}, shoooo {show}, duuce {juice=water}, go go go {to carson, or any dog},
 -We love to wait outside for papa to get home and then you run to him when he opens the car door. Of course, you have to climb in and check out the car like a big girl.

-And when mama goes to work, papa holds you in his arms while you wave me off goodbye.

-We started time out this past month. And girl, you have it down. As soon as I say those words... "Elliana, TIME OUT"... you walk straight to your time out corner. We only do 1 minute {if that} at a time, but I definitely think it is good for you.
-You love to giggle when other people giggle. And then when mama winds up the music when you lay down for a nap or go to bed... you burst out laughing. Not sure what is funny, but you think it's quite the humorous thing.

-You have gone to the zoo a couple of times and the children's museum once this past month. You also hung out for the first time with another little girl {who was 2.5 years old} and you were in awe.

-We also had library time for the first time. That was pretty interesting.
-Mama bought you a swing while we were in target one day. Set it up. And you have been obsessed ever since. You have always loved the swing at the park {still do}, and will stay on it forever... but now that it is at your house, just right outside... you demand to go out there every day. And we do. Warm weather or not... mama will sometimes bring lots of blankets and snuggle you in there and swing you. You are mesmerized by it.
 -Mama and Papa also got you a little "Car" for Easter... it's pink, it has a key, a steering wheel with a horn that you push, and the door locks. Its perfect for a diva

- Your sass is unbelievable. Out of this world. You twirl your hair like a girl. You stomp your feet, you throw your hands up in the air. You demand attention. And you get this look on your face. It should be illegal to have an attitude at such a young age.
-When we say "night night" you want to go straight upstairs. And if you are really tired, you will go straight to your crib. No books, nada. You are whining to get in.

-We were at grandma's house, stopped by after the zoo. When it was time to go, I said "lets go home." You marched straight to the door. When we got outside, I went to the car to open the door and you marched straight to the door. Got yourself in and into the car seat. Just like that.

-Sit in the cupboard. Thats been interesting.

-Aunt Lauren came over twice and hung out with us.

-You love to ride around that little pink "caaar" of yours all day long. The one that is indoors. It is the funniest thing ever. You get on that thing and you push push push with your legs and WEEEEEE off you go alllll around the house. And then you just giggle like crazy when we chase you on it.

-And then the second most thing you go to is the big purple "baaaalllll" that we purchased for you at Target. Best purchase ever. You love to just fling that thing across the room. And you love it when we throw it at you or on your head or up to the ceiling.

-Your cousin came over one weekend and spent the night with grandma. We had never seen you belly laugh as much as you did in the 24 hours that he was there. It would be safe for us to say that that was the best 24 hours of your life. If you could talk, of course.
Did I get everything? I'm sure I didn't....
But just know.... we love you SOoooooo much.

Today is also your Grandma's Birthday.
And also double special as she retires today.
Happy Birthday to your Grandma Kim!

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