Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strawberry picking.. a catch up post.


This is definitely a catch-up post... as we went strawberry picking back in May.
Yikes. But yes, I have some catching up to do on my 25 {more like 28} things to do with E before she turns Two. And seeing as how she turns two in November... I better get on it!
2. Go to the strawberry farm in the spring
It was a nice day. Very windy. My mother in law came to visit so she was able to join us, which is always nice. 

Unfortunately the strawberries were nearing the end of the season so we literally picked the very last ones. 

They were undoubtedly very good. Small. Unexpectedly small. 

And we totally picked more than we should have. Like way more. Like 5 pounds worth.

And? We ended up throwing away probably 3 pounds of it...

But. It was about the experience. And a experience we got.
After we filled our basket with red delicious goodness we stopped by the little shop where we made sure to pick up the homemade berry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

It was probably the best part of the day :)

It was nice, however, I think Elliana will have much more fun next year. I think she was into it for 
about .5 seconds and then the endless amounts of fields totally caught her attention and all she wanted to do was roam around. Which? Who's to blame her. She is just a year and a half old.

Needless to say it is a tradition that our little family has started and we plan to continue. This is the same little farm that we go to in the fall to pick raspberries {and plan to do it again this fall}. So we are so looking forward to continuing these two traditions and watching how Elliana changes throughout the years.
Up next: Family vacation, beach, apple orchard, family portraits, picnic, and more!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Changing My Blog Design


As you have probably figured out by now, I have changed my blog design. For the ten millionth time. I promise it is the last. For now. Some of you may even be wondering why? Some, most, probably could care less. But for those that do, and for myself, I'll explain why.

1] I wanted something new. I had had the same blog design for 6 months. Although I had promised that it would stay there fore a year. And so when I started tweaking it a month ago, I just couldn't find the right fit for me. I just knew that I needed a change. Sometimes, we all need a change. And for me, it was really killing me to type www.frommrstomama.com and have my site come up. Kind of strange, right?

2] I wanted something clean. Most important here. To be honest with you, I was tired of colors and bold and this here and this there. I was tired of the distractions. I wanted my blog to be something more but not to steer away from the purpose that it was started on. Grays, whites, and simple blue. It's appealing to my eyes, as I would hope it would be appealing to others as well.

3] I wanted to help out my sponsors. Another new change to my blog in the past month was my introduction to sponsors. The thing about sponsors is it neither changes nor affects my blog. Yes, there will be a couple posts a month where I share some wonderful women out there with my readers. Can you blame me? And yes, there is a spot designated only for sponsors on my right sidebar. Why? Because I want them to have the best exposure possible. I want their blogs to grow. Their businesses and websites. And if I'm able to do that by simply changing my blog design? Then that's exactly what I set out to do. Interested in advertising? Here is more info on my stats.

4] I wanted to focus on my writing. My blogging, I should say. As I am far far from any real writer out there. But I call it writing, because, well, what else would it be? You see I want my center focus to be my blog posts. I want people to want to read more. Get to know me. Look through the past. I want people to stick around and want to come back for me.

So will this new blog design do all these things? I'm not sure. But I hope so. I hope that this will open up a new chapter for From Mrs to Mama, and yet maintain the very foundation that it was started on. To write about life. To be me. A journal for my family to look back. One for my children to cherish. Connect with other moms and women out there, and watch myself grow through my writing. As a mother. A wife. Daughter. Sister. And friend.

Right now? I'm loving everything about it. And I hope you do too. Will it last forever? Probably not. But I can guarantee it will be around for quite some time.

And? I have more surprises up my sleeve :)

But for now [since this was probably super boring of a post for you all}, go to this mama's blog  to see my guest post on traveling without the little one!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A deal on canvas too good to pass up

I've seen pretty great deals on canvases, but I definitely think this one is the best. You can buy a 16x20 canvas + FREE SHIPPING for only $29.00

Better yet, spend $49.00 and get two 16x20 canvases with free shipping!

You save 87% if you buy one, and 90% if you buy two!
A steal? I think so. Early Christmas gifts? Great! 
Getting family pictures done later this year? No problems
Voucher is good until June 2013. Even better.

Need I say more? Go here to check out this awesome deal.

I just had to share.


This was from earlier this week, and it honestly makes me laugh each and every time. Children are so funny you know. Their expressions are so authentic and innocent. I just adore these little moments.

And if it makes me laugh? That much more special.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

3 Recipes I have tried this week {And Loved}


I was on some sort of new recipe kick this week, because I didn't try out just 1 or 2 new recipes. But? I tried 3. And thankfully? We loved all three. Now, I've been trying to steer away from pinterest lately, because to be honest with you... most of the recipes that I have tried on there have been eh, not so good. So? Stick to recipes where they have hundreds {some of these below have thousands} of reviews for me to read on. So helpful.

These three recipes are all so easy to make. I had all ingredients on hand. And I substituted certain things with organic or skim milk or fat free cheese, and so forth to make it... less fatty, per say. 
Recipe & Reviews found here
Recipe & Reviews found here
Recipe & Reviews found here
Let me know if you guys try any and what your favorites were!

Some Shopping Finds

It's no surprise that Totsy is one of my favorite online shopping stores of all time.
Here are a couple of things that I've been eyeing.

Get 10% off at Totsy using code: FB300K

Sign up to Totsy today to view all of their daily deals.
Believe me, you won't regret it.
Or you may after you see your credit card statement ;)

More great reads out there


Say hello to more of my July Sponsors! Take a moment and read on how fabulous each and every one of these women truly are. Hop around and say hello :)
Blog// Facebook// Twitter// Pinterest// Instagram
Neely is a 20-something Blogger, Social Media professional and freelance writer. With a love of Starbucks, Wine, Peanut Butter, reality TV, fashion(specifically shopping at Lululemon, Jcrew, Anthropologie and Nordstrom), working out(mainly Pure Barre), organizing, crafts and of course makeup you will find a little of everything over at A Complete Waste of Makeup. You can usually find her reading a good book, organizing her closet or  cleaning out her DVR while blogging and sipping a latte. 
Blog// Twitter// Facebook// Pinterest// Instagram
Hey everyone!  I am Erin and I blog over at Simply Just Lovely.  I would describe myself as a fashion loving, craftaholic.  Oh and did I mention I am a bit of a shopaholic as well.  I am a high school fashion teacher and a mama to be.  I am expecting my first child this August, a baby boy, and I couldn't be more excited.  I started blogging over a year ago mainly to document my personal style.  As my world started changing so has my blog.  Come along for the journey as I share with you anything and everything that inspires me in life and to meet my new addition, baby Aidan. 
Hi y'all! I'm Tami.  I'm a Texas girl, born and raised. But a little something called the USMC has had me living away from my beloved home state for over 10 years now. First in North Carolina, then in Africa (YES- Africa!!) and currently in the Middle East. I've been married to my handsome hubby for over 10 years and we welcomed our first child, Emerson, last May. Little Moments Like This started as a way for me to keep our family and friends updated but it has grown into so much more than that. I blog about everything from military life, to overseas living, to the joys and challenges of being a new Momma.  If you want to know a little bit more about me, head here:  http://www.littlemomentslikethis.com/p/the-girl-behind-blog.html
Hi there! I'm Casey…an Air Force wife and transplanted Southern girl living a life of adventure abroad in beautiful Germany! I write about my life as an expat…the good, the bad, and the funny. I'm addicted to reality TV, social media, interior decorating, good food & wine, traveling, and my adorable fur-baby, Tucker. All of which are frequent topics on my blog. So, pull up a chair and stay awhile! I'd love to get to know you!

I started blogging during college in October 2011 & was beginning my wedding planning process. Wedding planning has been an adventure to say the least. I started the blog to document the process but it has turned into much more & a passion. First, I am a lover of Jesus & thankful for the gifts he provides each & everyday. I am a country living, sport lovin' barefoot blue jeans,  beer drinking kinda Lady & Come October 13th, 2012, I will be a navy wife. I am addicted to Starbucks & have a secret obsession with shopping. I blog about our lives with the military, wedding planning, living on a dirt road in San Diego, working way too much, having too many animals, fitness or lack of  & becoming a mom to a 4 year old little boy {find his story here} & much more.  So grab your favorite wine, beer or Starbucks & come say hello to me. I LOVE meeting new friends!
Hi All! My name is Brittany and I write over at First Comes Love. I would describe myself as easy-going - a quality I picked up from growing up on the beach! I think any problem can be solved with a cupcake and a glass of Pinot Grigio. I have a serious shopping addiction to J Crew. I work in Clinical Research and absolutely love it. Working in the Pharmaceutical industry really showcases how much your efforts go towards helping others overcome illness and improve their quality of life. I started blogging in 2010 as a means of documenting my weight loss. That's still coming along but I shifted my focus towards my family and my upcoming wedding in June 2013! I encourage you to stop by and read a bit...or a lot. I promise to always be myself, no matter what!

Hi Blog Friends! I'm a twenty-something newly married girl living in beautiful Indianapolis, IN. I went to college at the University of Indianapolis and graduated in 2007 with a major in Marketing. I've had a lot of blogging experience - not only do I read a lot of blogs, but I used to work for a blogging software company and had to blog quite a bit! And truth be told, I miss it a little bit and that's what has sparked my interest in starting my blog. I love to spend time with our yellow lab, traveling, working out, reading, planning, organizing, and crafting! I am always on the go, and rarely do I have any patience! :) My husband and I are somewhat newlyweds (married for almost 3 years - not sure how long you can have that newlywed title), we moved into our first home in 2010 and I feel like I'm still decorating and making it "ours", but I'm loving every minute of it. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

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16 week bump attack


Not going to lie. I'm pretty impressed that we are already this far. At the same time... I know January {hopefully December} seems like a long ways away. In the meantime, I will enjoy every week of it.

Symptoms: I get tired pretty easily, but that probably has more to do with my lack of exercise and having to chase a toddler all day long.

Weight gain: No change. Up still 5 lbs total.

Clothes: Regular. Then again, all I seem to wear is dresses all the time and we all know those have lots of room to grow. Except for the one I wore on my birthday night... that one I wash pushing it, and therefore, showing off lots of legs.

This week: Overall was a really good week. I had little to no sickness. I had very minimal food aversions {still at times its still, especially to meat}, and I just felt good overall.

I definitely got the nesting bug this week and husband and I did a whole lot of remodeling in our master and our master bath. I cannot wait to share the finished product! Well, I can't wait for the finished product myself.

How E is doing: Very mama clingy. What else is new? We love it. And by we, I mean E and I. Clearly not Andrew who gets... the shaft.

How Andrew is doing: Lots of rubbing of the belly. Which completely throws me off.

Coming up: We are going on a family vacation to the beach next week! And I cannot wait. And then? Two days after we get back, we get to find out the gender... bright and early at 740 am!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's a random kind of Thursday

* Thank you all for the sweetest birthday wishes on here, twitter, instagram, texts, and emails. I can't express enough how loved I truly felt yesterday. I had a wonderful day spent with those that I love the most. What more can a 26 {gasp} year old mama possibly ask for?

And if only you knew one of the gifts that the husband purchased for me... you would die. But if you truly knew me? It would come as no surprise at all. At all.

Moving onto the birthday... I actually have a recap birthday post in the making. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head yesterday in between all the fun activities we had going on, and was drawn to the computer. So that? Be on the lookout. And? Not exactly what you might expect ;)
1/// My favorite girl loves to color 2/// Morning walks with my family are the best... especially when it is no longer 100 degrees by 8am. 3/// Elliana still loves her "baby" doll, which by the way is not a baby doll at all. 4/// Our favorite book these days, is Caillou. I still can't wait for the big "caillou" package to come in the mail! 5/// My monogrammed plate that went below my flower centerpiece. My mom placed it there. And? I'm kind of loving it. 6/// All dolled up before toddler time at the library. This has now been our 4th time going, and the past 3 times have been absolutely amazing. E has really made me proud. 7/// 16 week baby bump. 8/// Making her craft. 9/// Mama and E snuggles are my absolute favorite 10/// Chicken Parmesan Recipe that the whole family devoured. Well except for E because she is still so strange with meat! I guess she's a vegetarian? You can find that recipe here. Highly suggest. 11/// 8.15.09. Our anniversary print I made.... which reminds me our anniversary is just a few weeks away! 12/// Our bedroom makeover in the making 13/// Me painting, N95 mask and all 14/// Elli loves to lounge in bed with us in the morning and play her monkey app for preschoolers. It's actually great and I highly recommend it. I plan on doing a post on our favorite apps15// My loves hanging out outside. 16// My work things 17// My favorite kind of kisses.

* Anyone else so fed up with this heat? It is is so ridiculous, I just want to boot it to the curb. I mean, I love summertime and all? But this? This is like torture at its finest. If I wanted to move to the dessert, I would do so. But? I don't. So please, give me something to work with. Weather.

* Bachelorette news! How fa-reaking adorable are these two? That after-the-rose ceremony? I was totally the giddy girl on the couch smiling from ear to ear. My husband thought I was obnoxious. Not sure if it was the random shouts of excitement... or the clapping from time to time. Either way... I hope they invite me to the wedding.

* We leave for vacation in 1 week and 2 days! I just want everyone to know that I am going to be one happy happy mama on the beach. And best news of all? My parents and my in-laws are coming! You think I'm going to be happy? Wait until this little girl realizes what's coming.... she might just pee her pants! Oh wait. That's a very highly likelihood anyway.
Friday: Bump Attack {16 weeks}
Saturday: More great blog reads for you
Sunday: A video by E
Monday: Change in Blog Design
Tuesday: Strawberry Picking {25 things to do with E}
Wednesday: Birthday Recap
Thursday: Thursday Randoms
Friday: Bump attack 17 weeks

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Celebration Kind of Day

Obviously Baby E is not celebrating 26 of anything today ;)
Blogging is on hold today... as a certain someone turns 26. 
I'll let you guess who. Happy Wednesday... Happy Birthday day.

And in case one were to not notice {not sure how}... I happened to change my blog look.
For the last and final time. I like it. Clean, and very me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What summer time is really all about


The puddle jumper... which my daughter laaaauuuuvvvvess. Which means? Mama loves.

Setting up the automatic to take a "family photo"
Having a grandma who is always close by to distract my wild child... or at least give me a minute to go potty.
Dad... who floats around on the kiddie float....
A sister who teaches my daughter to be even more sassy than she already is. Possible? It's a challenge...
Why, yes, yes, it is.
But she also teaches her to be sweet....
"Give me them kisses!"
And silly....
And fun....

I mean... REAL FUN.
Oh hey look... I do exist!
And then the squirming begins...
Must use distractions.... insert grandpa's work goggles.
Works every time.
Okay back to having fun.

And swim boogers.
And being sassy.
Because hey,
that's what summer is all about.

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