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Hello. My name is Becky and I am the voice behind this blog, From Mrs to Mama. I started this little space of mine 2 years ago when I was a fresh newlywed, recent graduate from Purdue University, and a young girl who was trying to find balance and structure in her life. Why I started this blog? Initially to connect and share newlywed experiences. Little did I know the places that this space would take me....

Within months of writing my very first post, my husband Andrew and I found out that we were expecting a blessing, a daughter, and right away our focus became this pregnancy and learning the ropes of parenthood. So much so that I disappeared from the blog world during my entire pregnancy, popping in from time to time as we began preparing our new home for this little blessing.

After my daughter was born in November 2010, I had the urge to write again. Share with other mamas, wives, and women all across the globe my experiences. The good. The bad. The joy. The tears. The happiness. The blessings. The surprises. The mishaps. The achievements. And the expectations. What it's like to to survive your first year of motherhood. What it's like to balance being a SAHM and a working nights as a nurse in a critical care unit. What it's like to have your first "AH-HA" moment. And what it's like to have your "Oh no" moment. And the laughs. Oh the laughs. I believe that everyone needs a few laughs from time to time, and I don't hold back when it comes to sharing some of these moments hat surround our household. Every day.

And so I wrote. And continue to write. My story. Our story. Our journey. The struggles and the highs. This is us. Living life. Loving life. And never looking back, from being a Mrs... to Mama, and all things in between.

And it's not always rainbows and butterflies.                But that's okay, that's the beauty of life.

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