Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to come up with blog post ideas

Think of stories from your past

Think about those memories that have stuck with you. During childhood. The high school years. The college experience. Adulthood. Even though it may seem simple and mundane at first thought, think of the reason that those memories have stuck with you. And even if they are truly boring at the time? Ask yourself two questions. One, is it something that you feel like others could relate and perhaps you may impact someone else by sharing? And two, is it something that you would want to remember down the road? If you answered yes to either one of those questions, then write.
Those conversations in the shower? Write them down.

I'm telling you what. I wish my cell phone was waterproof, because the conversations that I have in the shower are just out of this world. And no, I don't talk to myself. But my brain is always thinking. Just about he day. Or a moment. Or a thought running through my head. Sometimes, I am able to get out of the shower and run to the computer just to write that one sentence for me to remember later. But most of the time? I get too distracted with the babies, that I just forget about it until a later time. Sometimes, it never makes it pen to paper.

But, regardless, those shower, and might I add car as well, thoughts are always the most stimulating of all.

The things you can't stop thinking about and replaying in your head

Write them down. If you can't stop typing as soon as you start? Then don't stop. The blog posts I love the most {and that make it on the blog} are those that I just keep going and going and going. The ones that make me stop and think? The ones that I have to come back to on a later date because I just can't find the words? Those most of the time don't even get published. My thought on this is that if it's something that you are passionate about? It will then come naturally. So share.

Look at what is going on in the world

I'm not exactly telling you to discuss politics. Although, you are welcome to do so. However, things that are going on around us, in the media, or to those that we are close to, will often times provoke an idea or two. Even it is a topic that is discussed by multiple people, just remember, you are your own voice with your own thoughts and viewpoints. It's okay to have differing ones as well. It's okay to agree with the rest of the world. Regardless your take, if it's something that you feel passionate about, don't be afraid to write it.

Have you asked a question? Most likely you aren't the only one

Some of the best blog posts, start out with me asking a question. What are the best baby items out there? What are 5 tips to surviving motherhood? What have I learned from being married? Who has impacted my life the most? What are some of my most regrettable moments? How can I be a better mom? Is there such a thing as a perfect mom? The list is endless. When you begin to ask yourself those questions, you start to think about things. As you think about things, ideas come to mind. Before you know it, you have a complete blog post just from one question alone.

Do an "Ask me anything" post.

Which brings me to the last topic of discussion. A "ask me anything post." I have gotten the best blog topics from questions that have been asked of me from the readers. In fact, many blog posts later. A lot of the questions made me think..."Why did I never think of this?" Or "What a great idea!"

In fact, I am still working on answering my last Q&A post.

There's a post I could go work on right now. That and the other 165 drafts I have sitting around.

Write what comes easy to you

If it's design. If it's food. If it's about things from the heart, or what your kids are doing. Just write. If I struggle with a post, then I most likely won't get back to it. When it comes naturally, flows, and something I can type up in about 5-10 minutes? Then I find it worth while to share.

It's our thoughts after all.... write them down.

Monday, April 29, 2013

One A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

As a nurse, I am constantly around different illnesses, diseases, and conditions, and their effects on the patients and their lives. Diabetes, being one of the fastest growing diseases out there, is among those illnesses that I unfortunately see way too often. On any given night shift, I can almost guarantee you that at least one of my two patients has diabetes. Most often than not, both do. Not only are we seeing a rise of this disease in the elderly population, but also in our young children, which raises a huge concern in our country.

I think that the thing that people struggle most with is the need to change their lifestyle. Seeing as how, food, is a major part of our every day lives, eliminating some of the things that we love most has proven to be a struggle in many people's lives. Not just those with diabetes.

For me, personally, I am always looking for healthier alternatives for my family. This includes candy with less sugar. Preferably, sugar free. For diabetic patients, this is even more important for their population as this has an effect on their health on a larger, more acute way.

The key though, is to find sugar free candy that is not just sugar free, but also tastes good.

And that sugar free candy that I speak of? That also happens to be so delicious and addicting? Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy. It's one of those favorites of mine that once I start, I just can't stop. That's why I have to send them away with my husband to work so that I won't be as tempted to eat the whole bag. In one sitting. Although, I do have a secret stash hidden. You know, because he would take them all if I let them.

I also had the opportunity to test out various flavors, and I have to admit that out of the different options available, the caramel apple was by far my favorite. Then again it was so hard to choose! And of course the best part is the only 8 calories and 3 grams of carbs per piece.

I told Andrew that next time we go to the store, we will just have to stock up on each flavor.

So for all my diabetic patients out there, for all the families out there seeking sugar free alternatives in their diet, this candy is made just for you. And you, and you, and me.

And be sure to try to test out all four flavors. You know how that saying goes... an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well a Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy a day keeps nurse Becky away. 

 I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

How Safe Are We

Is this {blank} good for me.
Is that {blank} bad for my baby.
What is in {this product}.
What is in {that product}.
What does {this ingredient} cause.
What is {this ingredient}. Period.

It is like google and I were having a conversation. Friends. Although, I'd like to think that my real friends are not so gloomy. And google? Google is pretty gloomy these days.

I was asking google all sorts of questions. I was running looking at the labels at stuff in my house. Running back to the computer. Back and forth. Back and forth. I eventually asked google a very serious question....

Google: Am I even safe anymore?

I find myself in this dilemma. Googling. Researching. Reading. And reading. And more reading... And looking at the back of products now. Checking out the ingredients. Searching those ingredients. Reading all these all natural blogs. Trying to figure out why there is so much out there that I'm not aware of. And just when you want to go organic or do something better, another site is telling you that even those companies are no good. In fact, I would find websites that would have a breakdown of each "baby organic or all natural" product out there, what is in them, and how they too are "no good."

Which left me asking myself.... how safe are we?

So then, I'm like... let me take matters into my own hands. Take baby wipes for instance. You know what I said... "I'm going to make my own!". I got this. I google. I look at the products I need to buy. I make my list. And then. Stop right there. Someone in the comments brings up... well what about those dyes in the paper towels?

And I go. Hm. What about those? Which then even leads me to ask myself, Wait. What? Should I not be using paper towels now?

Google: Should I not be using paper towels? Chemicals? And wait. What about toilet paper? Am I going to have to resort to cloth towels... and wipe.

Then that search begins. And I am further bombarded with countless more articles and blogs to read about... you guessed it... paper towels. What do you know, two hours goes by and I have accomplished absolutely nothing. All I have done is question everything around me. What started out as a google search for how safe are baby wipes, turned into me wanting to pitch paper towels, go plant a garden in the backyard with our own fruits and vegetables{which we are going to do by the way}, and make a formula of "baby wipe" spray.

That is when a light bulb went off in my head. Everything will kill you or cause cancer. 

I know. Bold statement.

But in all seriousness, that is exactly what you will find when you dive into this research deal. There is absolutely nothing positive to say about any product out there. Listen to me here though. I'm serious. I'm becoming neurotic with this stuff and it has gotten to the point where it is driving me nuts. Why is it that nothing out there is safe anymore? Why is it that every product we use on ourselves and our children, and every thing we put into our mouths is not safe.

I'm learning over here. Day by day. I wish I had the time to research every little thing in our home, the ingredients on the back of the label, and the controversy behind each and every product made. I truly do wish I had the time. But at the same time, do I really?

Do I really want to live my life questioning everything around me. Spending so much time looking into every word and ingredient that I do not comprehend? Which is many by the way. Do we want to live our lives in fear and uncertainty? Whatever happened to just living and letting go of this...I can prevent cancer and death mentality. I can beat it.

Because at the end of the day... at the end of my countless hours of research upon research, reading upon reading, and running back and forth from one product to the next...I'm still left wondering.... am I ever going to be safe from "it all." All the warnings. All the recalls. All the research and studies. All the recommendations and not.

I know that as much as I wish I could just let it go and relax and put my trust in companies and products, it is just hard for me to do so when I have these precious children in my life. Because after all, companies are out there to make money? Yes? Yes. Do they care about my children? I would hope so. But in reality? Probably not.

My children. They have changed me you know. They have done amazing things to me, but they have also made me this person that wants nothing more than to do my best, be my best, know the most, and fight for their safety. Even when I know that I won't be able to keep them safe from "it all." 

There is still so much to learn. So many lifestyle changes to make. One day at a time. But at the same time? I do not ever want it to consume us. Because like I mentioned before? Nothing seems to be safe..."on paper." Everything has a warning behind it. Anything you search is linked to something bad. Even the "good" for you stuff can somehow be traced to something "not so good." I want us to still live and enjoy those little things once in a while. Like my "special" at taco bell, the cheesecake from Bravo, and a large diet coke from the McDonald's drive thru. It {our lifestyle} consumes me already, that sometimes, I just don't want to think about whether it is organic, paleo, gluten free, or so forth. Sometimes... I just want to eat because you know what, it tastes good. Treat myself. And not care.

But for now? I'll keep reading and making the changes that are right for our family.

We are taking steps and doing what we feel is right for our family.
But I do have to say that these days, I stop and think. More than I used to.
I ask myself a very important question...

How safe are we really?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I have Learned about Marriage

Men need to feel like men. 

They have this need to feel macho, important, and needed {in all aspects}. So what does this mean? It means let them try to figure out how to put something together and do not chime in trying to take over it when they cannot quite get it. Don't  say, "I can just call my dad to come over and do it,"... Guilty. Have said that one too many times... and Don't tell them that they aren't good at those kind of things. Trust me, all men want to feel like they can fix anything, put the house back together, and even build it from scratch. Well, not really, but you get my point. Men, just want to feel like men. It doesn't help that our generation dads seem to be able to fix and do anything.

Compliment them.

So when they do something good? When they take the time to put together the baby's dresser? Compliment them. When they prepared dinner on Sunday night? Make sure to rave how tasty it was. And when they take care of the kids... even though you do it on a daily basis... they still want to hear how proud you are of them. Andrew has told me time and time again, how what he does with the kids is not typical of a guy. Although I have disagreed with him often... I do have to step back at times and agree. Acknolwedge. Compliment.

You are their wife.

Sometimes, we are so guilty of making men feeling like we are their moms. "I need you to do this. I need you to do that. If you don't do this, we won't do that. Why aren't you eating that. You should eat more of this. Can you please pick up after yourself. Have you done the things on my list" And so forth.  I think we get so caught up in our expectations, that we forget to just stop and think before we blurt things out of our mouths. We also need to remember that we were wives before we became moms. What this means? Meet their needs. Because lets face it... men have needs just like women do. Even though their needs may differ from ours, we still have to be aware that they are there. . I know running after kids all day, keeping the house in order, and getting food set on the table can be quite the challenge. But remember how you were "before" kids, and how much he may desire "that woman" again. Not just the mom, but the wife that he married.  What I have learned is that date nights are just as important to Andrew as family days are to me, non-kid conversations are stimulating and refreshing, and making sure that we give each other that spark to keep the romance alive.

Men are built to be dads.

They are dads. They are husbands. They are men. My husband has to remind me of this very often because like I mentioned above, my expecations sometimes are pretty high of him. I think men just do not have the capability of dealing with certain situations as women are. They need their space. They need their time. And they need help. When they are sick? They are SICK. When they need a guy's night? They NEED a guy's night. When they say they are stressed. Believe them, don't compare yourself to them. This is another one I am SO guilty of. And although I know us women like to say.. "I'd like a day off too" or "But I do this every day," ... it's just not the same. I hate to admit that, but it's not. So I'm learning to just relax sometimes when Andrew complains... and just... you know, let him be DAD. Not expect him to be a "mom." So yes, he may forget to feed the kids lunch while I'm napping after work on the weekend, and he may let them watch an extra TV show, and he may forget to tell them to clean up after each toy. You know what? It's okay. That's just what dads do. They're dads.

They like the sweet stuff too

And although they do need their physical needs met... don't forget that they like the sweet stuff too. Even if they don't say it. For my husband, it is as simple as me sending him a little text. Cheesy, mushy texts like "you are my everything," Better yet, telling him how good he looked when leaving for work in the morning. Sending him jokes throughout the day. Flirting. It's fun to feel like that "couple" again.. instead of just "mom and dad."

Say you are sorry

I am stubborn. Not just in my marriage, but as a person in general. In all aspects. So this one is a hard one for me and I struggle with it a lot. Even when I know I am in the wrong, I really need to step it up and admit my faults, say my "I'm sorry's" and actually try to change in order to prevent history from repeating itself. A sorry is so important.

Don't go to bed mad

I know, I know, so cliche and something you hear all the time. But really it is true. Holding on to things, being mad about something, and trying to take it out on your spouse by playing the mad card is not going to accomplish a single thing. Trust me, I know. Just hash it out. Get over it. And well.. kiss and make up.


Men cannot be perfect, even though for whatever reason... we expect them to be at times. We want them to act fast, do things right, and know exactly what we were thinking or what we wanted out of them. That's another flaw of women. We are so stinking subborn, set in our ways, and like mentioned before, have ridiculously high expectations. So when those expecations aren't met? We tend to disrespect. Whether we mean to or not. I know I do and it is something I need to work on. When you respect one another, meet one another's needs, and learn how to positively cope, then you tend to get better results from whatever situation arises.


The yelling, the screaming, the bickering, and arguing never gets anything accomplished. This is one of  the biggest no-no's in our household and something we both just stop mid-bicker and realize... this is exactly what we don't want. I never get the point I want across if I do it with anger in my tone. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect. And if I am holding something in? Then nothing good will come out of that either. Just communicate. Period. And do so in a way that works for you. Whether that be sitting down after the kids go to bed on the couch with all technolog put away, face to face, and just talking, or maybe writing it out helps you get your thoughts across best. Whatever works, do it.

At the end of the day, almost 4 years into marriage, and a lot of arguments later, I have learned one very important lesson: showing your husband LOVE applies in all areas of your marriage. Through respect, acknolwedgement, and communication.
I'm still learning. Still growing. Still changing.

I think that's just a part of being married. Learning as you go, growing together, and building a stronger foundation and a great example for your children to view marriage as a positive and loving relationship.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's been a while since I have done a "deals" post, but there are some great deals out there that I just had to share while the kiddos nap and before I run off to get a couple extra zz's in for myself.

1. 12 pack of assortment of colored tanks for $30

Of course these don't look fancy or anything, but these would make great just "around the house" lounge tanks for me. Since husband complains I wear too many XL t-shirts of his around... ahem.

2. $20 16x20 canvas +free shipping

Now. The deal is you can either buy one for $30 or two for $40, equalling only $20 per canvas. That is seriously, hands down the best deal I have ever seen on a canvas deal {16x20} and FREE SHIPPING! Time for me to get some updated canvases of Graham.

3. 50% off Rainboots and raincoats sale

Elliana loves her rain boots and these are a great steal. I picked up a couple for my nephew's for Christmas.

4. Women's summer apparel starting at $16.99

5. Up to 60% off pillows, rugs, curtains, and more


Graham 4 Months

Clothes: 3-6 months
Shoes: What shoes
Diapers: 2
Weight: 14lbs 14 ounces
Length: 24 5/8th
Head: 41cm

You suck on your bottom lip, and it is the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world. I mean, I gigle right now just thinking about you doing it. Because while you do so, I look into your eyes and they are just smiling at me. Those eyes of yours.

You also love to suck on your fingers. Not your thumb, not yet. But your fingers/hand/fist. I swear you are teething already... which you very well could be as your sister started early as well.

Love to blow raspberries.. all the time.

You still enjoy the activity mat, and we can get 20 minute intervals of play time on that. Then it's "please hold me" time. Which is okay, we don't mind.

You have been TALKING so much this past month. Jibber jabber. Especially when we change your diaper {which by the way you looove}. You smile so big when you are on the changing station completely naked.

Which reminds me, you now LOVE your bath. And sissy and you have been taking baths together. Often times she gets an extra wash cloth and helps mama or papa bathe you. She is so gentle and calm with you.

When you see Carson, you instantly light up and get the biggest smile on your face. I think you two will be good friends, just like your sister and him are now.

You hold your head up well.

We put you in the bumbo this month. The pink bumbo, might I add. I do not think you cared what color it was. You were sort of indifferent by it. Just like your sister was.

You are so close to rolling over. You roll so fast onto your side and just haven't grasped the concept of throwing that shoulder over. You will, I'm sure. And then there will be no stopping you.

You love to play with your hands. You put them together like you are praying and then stare at them and laugh. 

You giggled for the first time this past month! And it was so beautiful and so exciting and we clapped and hooted and hollered. You have only done it a few times, but usually when you smile you just open your mouth really big and then make lots of noises while doing so. It's cute. But then again, what is out there that we don't think is cute that you do?

I bet I know one thing:


You start out in the pack-n-play at night and then around 3-4am, you end up in bed with us. I have no complaints to waking up to a snuggly warm baby to kiss on. No complaints at all. Now, when mama is working at night, then you give papa a couple wake up calls. But he reports that you are going back to sleep much quicker than before. But please try to sleep a little better, for his sake, and yours.

During the day, you are awake for about 2-3 hours at a time now {huge change this month from the previous where you slept literally all day and night}, and sleep anywhere from 1-3 hour stretches. I know, I know, what's with the huge range? It all just depends where you are sleeping. On mama, in swing, in car seat, or crib. Crib is always the least amount {lucky if we get an hour}. On mama is usually a couple hours. Swing is 1-2 hours. And car seat? Boy, if we are out and about, we can get a solid 3 hours out of you. Even if this means we are getting you in and out of the car for multiple different stops. You are out.

Not complaining. I like me a good day sleeper.


Breastfeeding is going wonderful. Mama is feeding you about every 2-3 hours during the day and 1-2 times at night. For papa it's more like 2-3 times at night. Mama has a quite the stash of frozen milk stored up as well. I guess I have to prepare for when I have to leave you next month for 2 days. TWO days. Lets not talk about it just yet....


You love following people and objects {especially Carson and your sissy}. You love faces and grabbing ours and squeezing it. You bat at the toys on the play mat and will grab on to the lower ones and bring them to your mouth. You love stuffed animals and sophie the giraffe. Belly kisses are another favorite. And just being around mama pretty much makes your day.

Handsome. Oh, I mean... well, yes, handsome. But who do you look like? We still get mama a lot. And your sister {who is a copy of your mother}.. I don't know, I don't really see it... when I look at you, I instantly think of your papa.

Overall, I think the one word that your papa and I say often about you is just how darn "quiet" and "content" you are. Really. You will just sit in our laps and not make a peep. Your sister could be screaming at the top of your lungs, and it doesn't phase you. In fact, often times, you just sleep right through it.

Needless to say, you have been just the perfect little addition to our family, and we are so excited for all the milestones ahead of us.

In the meantime, thank you for being my squishy mushy soft cuddle bug.
Mama, Papa, and big sis Elliana.

***And can we please talk about how amazing a little baby's belly is? Like the picture above? Makes me just want to blow kisses all over the tummy!!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day in the Life

One of the questions that was asked in my "Ask Me Anything" Post was a typical work night/day for me. I figured that I would not be able to answer this one with any other questions as this would require me to break down my whole day. And that, well that, takes some time.

Buckle up.

I will lay out for you all my typical day if I work that night and into the next day. Just so you can get a feel of how we {husband and I} transition and make this whole crazy schedule of ours work.

I work 3 nights a week. Each week is different so I typically work 1 night, off two, and then work two. So for instance, I may schedule myself Sunday night, off Monday and Tuesday, then work Wednesday Thursday. We are also required to work every third weeked. So then I would schedule myself something like Monday, off through the week, then Friday, Saturday.

Okay, so. Lets break it down by hour.

Let us say that it is Tuesday and I work that night but did not work the night before.

0630: Usually is wakeup time. This is the same time that husband happens to get up, and by now Elliana is begging to go downstairs. I know, I know, gruesome. Little guy will either wake up with us, or, like most days, he likes to sleep in until about 0830-9. This gives me time to head downstairs with Elliana and give her some of my attention, as she is usually pretty grouchy when she wakes up anyways.

0630-0830: I get Elliana dressed, teeth brushed, face washed. Make her bed. Throw in a load {or two} of laundry. Finish some of the dishes. Hear the little man waking up, grab him, wash his face, change his diaper, get him dressed. Feed him.

0830-9: Almost always I am able to get into the shower by this time. Elliana is up on the bed with Graham either coloring or working on her little learning apps. I have the door open and enjoy my HOTT shower.

0900-10: We go to toddler time on Tuesdays {sometimes Mondays}, and Fridays. If that is the case, then I am getting our bags ready, Graham into the carseat, and Elliana's shoes and such on so we can get in the car and head out. We like to get to the library a little earlier than when our activities start so that we can return our books and walk around to get new ones. If it isn't one of those days, then we try to do a craft and read our library books during the morning.

10-11: Toddler time at the library or this is our "School" session at home where we work on flashcards and just general learning as we play.

11-12: Early lunch. Graham eats as well. We used to eat lunch late, but with Elliana getting up so much earlier than usual, by now she is pretty hungry. Graham is usually playing on the playmat, so I use this time to prepare something real quick for the two of us. Eventually that will be the three of us, as little man will be eating before you know it!

12-1:30: Some time during this time we are usually picking up the playroom, reading a couple of books, and taking a "group" nap. I time this out so that Graham is awake most of the morning, and then E is worn out, and so EVERYONE is tired enough to go to bed. Now, if this is the first night that I work, I try to nap, however, in some circumstances, I may not. If it is a two night in a row deal, then I 100% of the time nap. If I am just doing one night shift, then it just depends.

2:30-3: Wake up time. Feed the little man. Snack for E {and mama}. Head outside to play for an hour or so. Ride bikes. Go on walks. Play in the "garden." G is just hanging out in the carrier, and by the end of our playtime passes out.

4-5: Get dinner prep started, put makeup and my work clothes on. Get my bags ready. Get the kids clothes, pajamas, socks, snuza, halo sack and diapers {for G} and wash clothes ready and layed out on Elliana's dresser.

5-6:30: Finish dinner, set the table, pack Andrew's lunch and snacks. Kiss the husband. Hurry up and eat {sometimes have to pack it to eat at work}, give my rounds of hugs and kisses to all, and walk out the door by 6:25.

7pm-7:30am: Work. Adult interaction. Work. Adult interaction.

8am: Husband and I meet at one of our designated locations. Kiss. I go in the back of the car and kiss the sleeping baby and cheesin' toddler. We swap cars and the kids and I head home.

And then our schedule is on repeat.

On nights that I am off, I am in bed usually by 930-10... OUT. Catching up lets say.

Weekends we use to do our "deep cleaning"... although, I have to be honest here and say that we do not "deep clean" enough. You know, scrubbing the toilets, baths, windows, outside stuff. I try to get all the clothes put away that we had washed. Saturdays consist of dance class for Elliana.

Blogging? I squeeze in during the week when the kids are napping and I don't work. Also on the nights that I do not work, I devote about an hour to blogging or getting stuff done. I make my "To-do" lists throughtout the week so that these designated blogging times go smoothly and time is not wasted. Weekends are pretty busy, but sometimes on the weekend nights I am able to squeeze in a post or two. I also use the weekends to upload and edit pictures and get some stuff done with that. Sponsor shout outs and company promotions are usually done in a 5 minute period in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

Not every day is obviously the same. As the weather warms up, I plan on starting our morning stroller walks back up again. Elliana is doing more and more now, so we are getting her involved in more activites. And life... life just gets busy.

I imagine once Graham gets older... it will only get busier.

That, and, a baby #3.

Don't get any ideas.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Q&A: All About Nursing {the job, not the other}

What do you do

I have my bachelors in nursing and practice as a Registered Nurse in a 48 bed critical care unit {not including trauma or cardiac ICU, total is somewhere over 100}. My role entails just about everything under the sun and the moon. I have seen a lot. For the person that asked if I see gruesome stuff? Sure. To me though? It is no longer gruesome. It is just the norm.

I take care of patients on the ventilator {life support}. Young {as young as 18}, old {as old as 100}. Some nights are predictable and just me going with the flow. Many nights are a huge question mark. In other words, no idea {but can most of the time guess} whats to come.

 I have taken care of 3 donor patients. What does this mean? These are patients that are kept on life support, although they are prounced brain dead, and their families have chosen to go through the donor process. It isn't an easy one folks, and I do not wish this sort of decision upon anyone. But I have to say, it is amazing to see the results and the amazing work of organ donation. All 3 of my cases were teenagers. All 3 were due to drug overdoses. All 3 were very unfortunate and sad to be a part of. One of those cases I was able to follow to OR and actually see the organ procurement process. That was quite the experience.

Adrenaline rush is one of the best ways to describe the ICU. When time is of the essence, it is guys OF THE ESSENCE.

What is your work schedule like

I work full time, 3 nights a week, Monday-Sunday. We work every third weekend {Friday, Saturday}. I never do 3 in a row {because I stay home with the kiddos}, so normally I work one, off two, then work two.

What is the hardest part of the job

The family members. You know, I see death all the time. We bag bodies more than I care to tell you. But the family members? The wives that fall to the ground when they hear their husband of 30 years just passed? The daughter who was supposed to be walked down the aisle in 2 days by her daddy that she just had to say goodbye to? The mother who lays in bed with her teenage son as she says her last goodbyes? Oh that gets me every time. I don't cry when my patients pass {except one}, but I tear up EVERY TIME a family member does.

The young cases. Those always affect me on a bigger scale.

The ones that were supposed to get better. The ones you were rooting for. The ones that you never expected to take a turn for the worst. Those are hard.

It's all hard. All of it. The emotions are just plain hard. And I immediately put myself there. What if that was my family member. And everyone has a story. So yeah, it is hard.

Do you think about your patients when you go home

You know, besides the one I will always remember {I will write about this in another post}, I don't {I try not to|. I don't know if its because I have been doing this for years, have seen the saddest of the sad, the ugliest of the ugly, and the disbelief that I have been faced with.... but I just leave it all at work. I think if we think about it too much and let things affect us on a personal level, then it would cause problems in our lives. I can't live that way.

Do you think you will do bedside forever?

Eh, no. I used to say that I would do only 5 years {hello 5 year anniversary next year}, however, I can definitely say that it is in my longterm future. Simply because it works for our family. Our schedule. Our life. I cannot imagine having to work 9-5 day shift. So for now, yes, I think for the next 10-15 years, I'm there.

Will you go back to school?

You know, I used to say yes for sure. I've always been a driven individual and seeking the higher and the more educated. Now it is hard for me to say. Like I mentioned above, this is just what works for our schedule now. Going back to get my NP or doctrine sure sounds nice, title and all, but would it be ideal for our every day? Probably not. So at this point, it isn't in my near future. I'm not sure for later though. Maybe.

Best advice to those in school?

Don't give up. Don't listen to all the negativity and grinches out there. Nursing is kind of like motherhood. You will hear all the horror stories, and all the complaints, but believe me... there are just as many {and more} rewards from it.

I promise.

Where do I see myself when I am 50?

Teaching at a large university. Maybe even Purdue. like to talk. So. It would be fitting for me.

Monday, April 22, 2013

I have a tattoo.

I struggle with the beginnings of posts like this. I have so many things running through my head, so many thoughts that I want to verbalize, and my fingers aren't moving fast enough on the keyboard to keep up with my brain. A post like this I can write in 5 minutes. A novel. So many different things to say. Yet I'm struggling with how to tie it all together. Make sense of it. Tell you, in the best way possible, to follow your dreams.

I have a tattoo.  Not at all how I envisioned starting this post off.

I turned 18 on a Sunday. The next day, on that Monday, I went to the tattoo shop and I walked in with a simple little picture in my hand with my two best friends by my side. A chinese symbol.

I didn't exactly fit in to the scene. It wasn't the greatest part of town. I knew nothing about tattoos. The man looked up at me when I handed him my request. "What's it mean," he asks, glaring. "Dream." I say.... "It means dream." .... 

I researched and researched the night before. I wanted to be sure before I put a permanent piece on my body that I would not regret it, that I would stand by it, and that 80 years from now I could tell you that it had meaning. I'm not sure what I will say 80 years from then. But I do know, that eight years later, there is a lot to be said about the small tattoo with a hidden message. A special meaning. A big dream.

I laid down on the table. My best friends next to my side. One holding my hand. The other next to my side. And once that needle hit my skin, I knew there was no going back. I closed my eyes, clenched my fists, and reminded myself of why I was getting it. I tried to laugh it off. Make little jokes with those in the room with me. But there was just a little more to it than I was willing to reveal.

I walked out of that tattoo shop feeling.... different. I knew I had this permanent mark on my body now. It's hidden. No one would see it. No one would know what it means. Except me. It's there, but how had it changed me?

It's hard to put into words, but it had this small, yet powerful way of speaking to me. I understand now why people get multiple tattoos. Why each one has a special meaning behind it. And why, they too, probably look at themselves in the mirror and when catching a glimpse of their tattoo they take themselves back. Back to what brought them here. The now.

For me, it was when I was seven years old.

I remember that day clear as day. One of the only memories of my childhood {that's a whole post for a later day}. I was at the airport with my parents, and my brother, with just a few suitcases in hand, a stuffed animal of some sort, and a few of our family members by our side. Hugging. Kissing. And tears. I remember the tears.

I didn't know then what it meant to go on a "long vacation." But I do know now.

I remember the train ride that we took in between flights. Where I fell off the top bunk and then cried in my mom's arms.

I remember arriving to this foreign country. The people around me. They didn't speak my language. The cars around me. They looked different. The apartment I lived in. The bed I slept in. It wasn't mine.

I remember my dad giving me "words" to study every night that summer before I started school in this foreign country. Fifty words a night. Over and over again.

I remember having an "accident" at school on one of my first days there because I didn't know how to ask to go to the bathroom. My teacher told me how.

I remember having yet another one just a week later because I was just too afraid to speak up. If I close my eyes, I can still see the little spot on the rug when I got up. And I know this may sound silly, and you may wonder why I can remember that particular moment {I ask this to myself all the time}, but I just do. It's something that has stayed with me through the years.

I remember my parents having to work two jobs. Having to go to "English" school some nights during the week.

I remember being pulled out of school on some days so that I could go home to watch my baby sister while my mom went to go work her next consecutive shift at the restaurant.

I remember ripping open my Christmas present one year. It was a graham cracker box. At first, I got an empty feeling in my stomach, not getting the joke. My dad urged me to... "go ahead, open it!" And then I did, and to my surprise there were the "bell bottom" jeans that I had begged and begged for a couple weeks prior. Yes, this makes me giggle thinking back... but it was my only present, and I just remember how happy this made me.

But better yet...

I remember when my parents bought our first home. My brother and I ran around room to room screaming with excitement about the closet sizes. And we sat in our individual rooms just taking it in. Our individual rooms. Who cares that we didn't have real furniture for years. We had a real home, out of a small 2 bedroom apartment and in a home. With a backyard. A pool. A home. It felt so good to say that.

And so I learned early on about what it truly meant to say... dreams do come true. That you can in fact come to this country with little money in your pocket, not speak a word of English, and give your children a home, a life, and a future they could only dream of.

When I look down at my tattoo, I remember. This is why I am who I am today. This is why I begged my parents to let me get a job at age 14. Why I have not stopped working since that day. Why, when my parents couldn't afford to pay for my braces, instead of spending the $6.00 an hour that I made as a cashier at Meijer, I walked into my orthodontist's office with an envelope in hand every week with my paycheck. Why I worked through college, driving an hour home on weekends for my double shifts at the restaurant. This is why at the age of 23, I sat across a group of men and women as I signed my name on the dotted line that confirmed I was now a proud home owner. Why when most people said that I would have to send E to daycare, I changed course in my career and switched to nights. Because this was my dream. To stay at home with my children, raise them, teach them, and not miss a single beat.

I believe that I have been through many challenges in my life, especially at such a young age. I have seen my world change right before my eyes, my parents struggle for these changes, and dreams come true.

So to my children and those that mean the most to me....I never want to hear the words I can't or I won't.


You can, and you will. It's as simple as this....
Just follow your dreams.

Friday, April 19, 2013

There's An App For That

There's an app for that. Words that could not be any truer than in the society and day in age that we live today. Because in reality, we are a technology driven world. We strive to learn more, access more, connect more, and be more efficient. Apps help us do that. Believe it or not. They allows us the ability to be quicker in a sense, organized, and successful.

Today, I will tell you about a specific app that is geared to parents and sitters in hopes of helping eliminate some time and effort involved in finding a sitter, paying a sitter, and communicating with a sitter.

I had the opportunity to test out the app myself and was very impressed by the different options available. I liked that I had the ability to create a designated "sitter need" and send them out to all the sitters in my saved list. From there, you are also able to book a sitter and even directly pay them. Which by the way eliminates the need for having cash on hand {something I rarely have these days}.

And for the sitters? There are great benefits from the app for you as well. For one, most importantly, you get paid right away. Two, you can see all the different jobs available and based on your schedule, be able to book quickly. And lastly, everything is nice and organized for you so that you don't overbook and are able to make it to your jobs on time without forgetting where you booked and with who.

The Sitterati app is fairly new so they are always looking for great feedback from parents and sitters out there. Be sure to test it out and leave them your thoughts and what you think about the options available.

At the end of the day, I'm getting older, and technology is getting wiser. Which means, I need to always stay up to speed with all the greatest out there. Because, lets face it, those sitters are often times teenagers, and you know, they probably would not want that "old" mom calling them while they are out with their friends. Send them a sitter message instead, they would say.

And well, the great thing about it? There's an app for that.

 I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Remarks to the One That Knows Me So Well

In continuation of the last two posts.. here is the final chapter to this novel that I have been carrying around on the blog. Of course, I couldn't leave off without making my own comments {as many of you did on yours as well} and explanations. Pink {or red, however your eyes see it} is my husband, and black is clearly me. And.... you probably could have figured that on out on your own.

1.) Becky loves to sing in the car. But when she tries to hit the high notes, I have to ask her to stop. Her singing is horrendous and harmful to the health of our children. Yes, I do. I love to sing period. But what I love even more is to annoy Andrew with my singing. He gets so mad when I sing obnoxious, and so the more mad he gets, the more obnoxious I get. Especially if it is a song that he likes. Especially.

2.) You probably can't tell from the gourmet meals that she creates today, but Becky's cooking was once on par with her singing. Things have obviously changed. Believe it or not, Andrew used to not let me step foot in the kitchen. The only thing I used to know how to make was spaghetti. In other words, throw pasta in hot water and heat up pasta sauce. Yes, he is right.That is about as gourmet as it used to be around here. Prior to children.

3.) Before there was Bud Light Lime, there were cheap bottles of flavored vodka. Now. Please make note here. I have never actually liked vodka. Instead, it was the drink of choice in college due to its predictable results.... 

4.) Becky once vomited in the back of a taxi cab in college. I started talking really loud to the cabbie thinking that would mask the smell. He also made the cab driver stop at the wrong apartment building... in which I loudly said "Wait this isn't..." Andrew cut me off and made me run out of there after throwing the driver a 2o dollar bill. 

5.) On nights she works, she lays out pj's and clothes for in the morning for the kids. Makes my life much easier. Thank you babe. And the snuza, the halo sack, socks, underwear, blanket, washcloths. Oh and lunch for the husband. Only because I am so grateful and know how hard it is to do night time routine while I am gone. That, and, he's pretty darn cute. Freebie points for being cute.

6.) She unknowingly yells in her sleep if you try and wake her. It's best just to leave her be. It's frightening. Every time. I've heard it wasn't pretty. Frightening sounds pretty accurate. Just about everyone in my family can attest to this. Curse words and all. Sometimes? Even flinging of the arms. What? A mama likes her sleep {when she can get it}, so disruptions? No no.

7.) She's never been hungover. I'm hungover the entire day. N-E-V-E-R. Please, don't assume this means I never "partied hard enough." Because, I assure you, I had mastered that. But me? I wake up the morning after a "hard night" and I'm on a mission to clean clean clean, organize, project, and so forth. They are some of my most productive days. Unfortunately... it has been a... hot minute. Oh and Andrew? The complete opposite {as he stated}. He is ON THE COUCH ALL DAY type of guy. And I mean, allll day... with the moaning and groaning and all. And the.. "baaaabe.... can you get me a 10 piece nugget from McDonalds." Gross. But I do.

8.) When setting the table for dinner, 9 times out of 10, she will give everyone utensils but me. I don't know what it isI laugh. A daily argument between Andrew and myself. "Becky.... common... again?" I don't know what it is either.

9} She once went to a pet store to buy Carson a companion. I talked her out of the dog and she bought a 52 in tv instead. Makes senseSophomore year of college. And yes, the pet store and best buy were next door to one another. It was an even trade.

10} She loves any excuse to get a McDonald's double cheeseburger. Not true. Only when pregnant, guys.

11) Becky has over 4,000 pictures on her cell phone, all of the kids. She's had that phone for about a year. That's about 11 pictures a day. Not bad. Yes, and you know what... I'm tired of my phone alerting me that "you are out of storage" and not allowing me to take anymore pictures. This means I have to sit and delete old ones. I just need to actually sit down and download them to the computer.... will do that after I finish this post.

12) I love sports. When we first started dating, Becky said she was a huge sports fan too. She lied. But she does tolerate my fantasy football habitHey. Whatever it takes to get a guy, right.......

13) Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream are her favorite chips. I've seen her eat an entire bag in one sitting on more than one occasion. Who is to blame me? Have you tasted the magic in them? Exactly.

14) Her favorite evening attire consists of a pair of my gym shorts an XL t-shirt. It's very sexy. He failed to mention my 2nd favorite attire at bedtime..... the birthday suit. *sorry neighbors... I need to cover up my windows more.

15} This probably isn't a random or unknown fact but Becky loves her children more than anything in the world. She sacrifices sleep and her body so that she can keep working full time and keep the kids out of daycare. She wants nothing more than to be with them all day everyday, and she is. The kiddos and I are extremely lucky to have someone that is so hardworking and loving. We could never repay her for what she has done and what she continues to do. We love you babe. I love this man.

Cheers to this link-up and giving me 2 extra things to talk about...
Not that I need ideas for me to talk...Since I do that quite often.

And cheers to my husband who willingly blogged. I'm sure he will be back again for more.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I learned about My Husband

There isn't much that I don't know about my husband. In fact, like the post that he wrote for me yesterday, "about me," I could easily write one similar to that about him. Plenty of things that people may not know about him.

But, what I didn't know is just how witty he could be when he wrote. Don't get me wrong, I get his wit on a daily basis at home. For the past 7+ years. Often times though, I have to tell him how not funny he is. Although he has plenty of cheerleaders to tell him otherwise {Hi MIL & SIL!}. Of course it is all in good fun, and I try my hardest not to crack a laugh when he really tries to get one out of me. Sometimes, I just can't help it.

So when I asked him to write this "about me" for my blog, I truly thought that he was going to just spew out random facts like: her favorite color is blue, she's short, and I love her teeth.

No, but really.

The last thing I expected was to literally L-O-L when I opened up my computer screen to see what he had written. And I'm talking belly-laugh-hard cracking up. On multiple occasions. It may have not even been very funny to the outsider, but because these were so dead on and something I, myself, would have never thought to write about, it just put the biggest smile on my face.

A few things to mention about this "husband assignment."

I know, I know, people are thinking... how is there an entire post devoted to this. Believe me, I feel your pain, but since I like to write down as many things as possible, this, in my opinion, was definitely noteworthy.

So. Things I didn't want to forget to mention.

1. There is a reason why I sent my husband an email 2 weeks before the scheduled link-up. For one, I knew he would wait until the last minute. As he did. Multiple times I would bring up to him... "have you worked on your assignment?" In which his response would be... "Um... yes... working on it." In other words, he hadn't even thought about it. And two, my husband needs plenty of warning ahead of things because he needs to mentally prepare himself. Point made with the wit. His first blog appearance, it must have been very important to him.

2. When I said please write 10-20 things "about me"... I should have said 15-20. Because to my husband? When he sees a "range"... then his eyes only see the first number. So when he first sent me 10... I said to him, "but honey, I thought you were going to write more." Of course, he gave me the side eye and proceeded to point out in the email... "but you said 10-20." Why, yes, point made, I did. But he was on a role with this "wit" and left me wanting more. And more, he gave.

3. I received the "assignment" the day before the link-up. On Monday. In fact, I had only received the first 8. The last 7? At 10:30 at night. I was half-asleep when my alarm went off. I spent about 30 minutes then rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out how to log him out of his email and log myself in. In between dosing in and out of sleep. Finally, I figured it out... and somehow only pasted numbers 8-15. Patted myself on the back and headed upstairs where Andrew was fast asleep. Punched him in the shoulder, woke him up, and said.. "Don't ever be this late again...... and thank you." He laughed.

4. Lastly, my remarks on his "about me." Well. I was going to include those in this post, but seeing as how I don't know when to stop talking... then it will just have to wait for tomorrow.

That, and, hey, free post for me! ... fluff as some may call it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What My Loved One Thinks About Me

photo c/o the siners photography

I am so excited for this link-up today. Actually, I am even more excited to share with you guys what my husband sent to me for his assignment in describing my "about me."

Before I share, if you would like to link-up, all you have to do is have your loved one {spouse, sibling, parent, best friend, etc} write a little 10-20 post of "facts about you." Grab a button, and then link up and hop around to meet other ladies joining in. I'll keep this link-up open for 2 weeks.

And to preface this link up... I never thought that I would have so much fun reading what my husband said. In fact, I will most definitely have to do this again and maybe ask someone new!

Also, I had sent Andrew his assignment almost 2 weeks ago... saying his due date was over a week ago. Guess when I got it? The night before. Men, I tell you... that is exactly why I had to prepare him so much ahead of time.

I figured you ladies probably had to do the same if it was your spouse that did this for you. If it was your best girlfriend, I'm sure you had it by day two.

Okay, any who... without further ado--- in the exact words of Andrew, my husband, here is his "about my wife."
1.) Becky loves to sing in the car. But when she tries to hit the high notes, I have to ask her to stop. Her singing is horrendous and harmful to the health of our children.

2.) You probably can't tell from the gourmet meals that she creates today, but Becky's cooking was once on par with her singing. Things have obviously changed.

3.) Before there was Bud Light Lime, there were cheap bottles of flavored vodka.

4.) Becky once vomited in the back of a taxi cab in college. I started talking really loud to the cabbie thinking that would mask the smell.

5.) On nights she works, she lays out pj's and clothes for in the morning for the kids. Makes my life much easier. Thank you babe.

6.) She unknowingly yells in her sleep if you try and wake her. It's best just to leave her be. It's frightening.
7.) She's never been hungover. I'm hungover the entire day.

8.) When setting the table for dinner, 9 times out of 10, she will give everyone utensils but me. I don't know what it is.

9} She once went to a pet store to buy Carson a companion. I talked her out of the dog and she bought a 52 in tv instead. Makes sense.

10} She loves any excuse to get a McDonald's double cheeseburger.

11) Becky has over 4,000 pictures on her cell phone, all of the kids. She's had that phone for about a year. That's about 11 pictures a day. Not bad.

12) I love sports. When we first started dating, Becky said she was a huge sports fan too. She lied. But she does tolerate my fantasy football habit.

13) Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream are her favorite chips. I've seen her eat an entire bag in one sitting on more than one occasion.

14) Her favorite evening attire consists of a pair of my gym shorts an XL t-shirt. It's very sexy.

15} This probably isn't a random or unknown fact but Becky loves her children more than anything in the world. She sacrifices sleep and her body so that she can keep working full time and keep the kids out of daycare. She wants nothing more than to be with them all day everyday, and she is. The kiddos and I are extremely lucky to have someone that is so hardworking and loving. We could never repay her for what she has done and what she continues to do. We love you babe.


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50 days of giveaway!

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Need Help? Don't have a Facebook account to enter with? Email Daily Mom staff!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I write Deep

I feel.... here I go starting with that line again...
I feel as though I have been writing deep around these parts. This blog of mine.
I feel as though I have to space out my "deep" posts that I have scheduled. Which happens to be a lot.

Why? Because I think to myself that people may be turned off by the deepness, the seriousness, the rainbows and butterflies...
And then I catch myself saying, "why do you care." Why do you care if people are turned off? If this doesn't exactly tickle their fancy. Why do you care if people would prefer to read sarcasm, humor, or rant of some sorts?


You know, that is a great question, and it is something I think about often. Thank you for asking. Every time I push back a post that I wrote from the heart, week after week, I find myself asking why not just hit the publish button. You know, because I did write it. It's there. It will be seen at some point in time. Why not now?


Because I don't want people to think I'm too deep. Because I'm not... Yet, I am.

You see, this is my little journal in a sense. Think about it. Think of when you kept a journal in middle school. Or high school. Or heck, maybe you still go old school style and keep one now. GOOD FOR YOU.

But think about. Do you remember writing in your journal your favorite oufits of  the day? Do you remember writing what you ate, what shows you watched this week {and what you thought of them}. your favorite products you purchased, and what exactly you thought about this celebrity breaking up with this one?

No? The great thing about blogging, is that there is no format to follow. There are no rules. If you want to post outfits, go for it. If you want to post recipes, go for it. If design is your thing and decorating is your style, well gosh darn it, you better be writing all about it.

So if writing deep is your thing, if writing to yourself, your children, and your husband is your thing, then I guess you have every right, right? So why not go for it.

Because this? This little space? It is my journal. It is that journal underneath the bed that has somehow landed in the hands of the public. Your hands. Your eyes.

And somehow I didn't run anyway from embarrassment or fear of being judged. Somehow I'm still here.

Yes, I am deep here. I am deep here often. But the reason is because that is how I define this space during this time in my life. As my journal.

If you met me, you would probably be shocked as to how opposite I am in real life. How sarcastic I am. How carefree I am. How funny {maybe not} I can be.

Because at the end of the day, I come to this place... not for a popularity contest, not to be viewed as funny or "cool"...but to simply write out my thoughts. To think through them. To somehow grow because of them.

It's a sort of therapy to me.

To lay all my thoughts out and close a chapter. Express something that has been heavy on my heart. And to remember. To be able to hold onto these thoughts, feelings, and memories forever.

So yeah, I get deep around here. But you know... that's okay.
My "deep" is your fashion, your recipe, and your DIY.

It's my journal, my outlet, my heart spilled out on the screen. And I know I will cherish these memories down the road.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is, this is me and who I am.  

I write deep.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Magnolia Pair... Due With A Baby Girl!


This lovely mama to be {any day now} is getting ready to deliver her first baby girl, and I couldn't be more excited. I have followed her pregnancy journey since she announced, and I have no doubt that she will make one amazing mother. And that baby will be more than loved! 

Also, Britt has offered to do a little giveaway for From Mrs to Mama readers! It's simple, no crazy entries, just follow along her journey and have an opportunity to win a pretty bracelet and Large ad space on Brittany's blog! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The #1 Rated Carrier in 2012

Last month, we talked about baby wearing and my recent obsession with my boba wrap. Since then, we have worn Graham everyday and it continues to be a part of our daily routine and lives. Graham loves to be in our arms, and using a carrier or wrap allows us to have that freedom while keeping him close.

I was given the opportunity to also review the Boba carrier, and guys, I AM IN LOVE. I never had a carrier with Elliana, just a wrap, so this was my first experience in the carrier world. Graham is still a little too small to be able to use on a daily basis, however, we have tested it out a few times and I am amazed by the simplicity of it all.

I truly thought that it would be difficult to put on, lots of straps and hooks, and with a two year old running around, would require much of my time to assemble. I was wrong. It was, it is, the complete opposite. Two snaps and I am set.

From infancy to toddlerhood, this carrier grows as your child grows. Another thing that I really like about this carrier is the head piece attachment that comes with the carrier. At first, Andrew and I kind of looked at each other not sure what it was, until we figured out that it was to protect our little one's head from the sun. Genius.

And to top it off? There are footstraps as well to put on. I mean... I think Graham might live in it until he is a teenager! If only....

As with the Boba wrap, the Boba carrier has an organic option available as well. With all the different colors and patterns to choose from, this carrier meets the needs for all moms out there.

Did I mention that the Boba carrier was rated #1 carrier in 2012? No? Oh yes, it was. What does that tell you? It means that this is a carrier that has passed the test by many babywearing moms and one that you can put my name on the list.

This mama approves. 100%.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This & That

Did This:

We are starting an organic vegetable and herb garden in the back of our house! So, on Sunday we went and got the supplies for our raised garden and Andrew got one set up. I have my seeds and they are sowed in and ready for germination. And I have been doing a whole lot of reading reading and more reading. Gosh, there sure is a whole ton of information out there to learn.

Read that:

 How to make my own compost bin.--> and  How to start an organic garden--->

Wrote this:

A lot of topics were bounced off my brain this week. I felt like I needed to do a "catch up" with my scheduled posts because I had used so many and had not truly "written" anything in over a week. So, I knocked out about 6 posts in one night. And by "about." I actually mean I did. It felt good. I get a little panicky when my "schedule posts" run under 25. Silly, I know.

So what did I write about?

Graham's 4 months. Nursing related questions answered. Day in the Life. Remembering Childhood. And a few other little things.

Instagrammed that:

Loving this:

My Keen shoes. Seriously, I know this may be silly but I SMILE when I look down at my feet at work. Have you heard of Keen? I had never. Then they were on sale at Zulily one day and I immediately purchased them {because they looked cute}. And they were even cuter in person. Not to mention how comfortable they are. So yeah, I'm loving them.

My sweet little man has been just an absolute angel. He makes me smile real big.

And my daughter... I look at her and I can almost cry every time. She completes my world....

The center of that world being my husband.

Okay, enough mush for a Friday!

Happy Friday!

Snapped That:


Don't forget about "What my loved one says about me" link up on Tuesday! Get your posts ready!

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