Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Randoms & Link up Announcement

Is that a big enough announcement?
Did I grab your attention? Are you squirming with excitement to know more.....
Good. Listen up. Tuesday June 12th we, as in my dear friend Raven and I, will be having a vlog link up. And if you couldn't tell by the picture... it's called SHOW AND TELL.
So. More details to be posted next Tuesday! Be sure to come back and write down your assignments! :)
So the bachelorette. Who totally saw the sparks between Arie and Emily?
Right? And I was really kind of sort of excited for them... until I heard some gossip.
And well, when you really find out what people are like... makes you kind of think differently about them. However, I will have an open mind about this guy......
I'll be watching him.

Also? That Alessandro character? Tell me that conversation didn't want to make you jump into the tv?
Turns out... he got "compromise" and the word "comprimiso {sp}" mixed up... which means commitment in Brazil. Oops. BYE BYE.
My baby girl snoozing in the car {very rare occasion} has got to be the cutest thing ever.
And that arm? I melt.
The funny thing is, this child was up the whole drive home {from my parents house}
and did not pass out until I literally pulled into the neighborhood.
Why she fights sleeping in the car? I have no idea.
We have spent a lot of our days at the park this week. Basically because the park, pool, and beach area are all at our neighborhood clubhouse. How convenient for us.
Hopefully I will also start working on a nice little tan that way... because this mama needs one.
I received this nice little package last week from my dear friend Jody.
All I can say was that this girl never fails to surprise me.
She is like the girl version of the perfect romantic man.... ha.
Seriously though, she knows me too well. A basket of fruit? YES PLEASE.
On Saturday, our neighborhood pool opened {as does the rest of the pools in the country}.
So we were bad and skipped out on swim lessons to go spend the day at the pool.
More like a couple hours.
But it was great. Elliana loved it, as expected. By the end she was having fun splashing me.
I much prefer going to my parent's pool, however seeing as how they are 35 minutes away... this will do for all the other hott summer days we plan to have.
We have comcast! No more AT&T uverse {thank you baby J}. Can I just again verbalize just how awful UVERSE is. Please. If anyone is thinking about getting the service... I highly suggest not. The connection is horrendous {goes out for hours at a time multiple times a day}, and customer service is equally as bad. Plus they try to charge you an absurd amount of money.
While I am ranting. I am so tired of BMW service trying to cheat me out of money as well. I catch their little "hidden expenses" each and every time. Companies just can't be honest anymore. If ever.
end rant.

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Monday: Estrea Review/Giveaway
Tuesday:  Details on Show & Tell Vlog link-up
Wednesday: All about Andrew
Thursday: Thursday Randoms

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How A Wagon Changed My Life

Have you ever received a gift and thought to yourself? Now when in the world am I going to use this?
Have you ever received a gift and told yourself, yup, this is going into the attic.

Well, both those things happened to me {if I'm going to be completely honest} when I received this wagon for sweet baby girl as a shower gift.

You see, at the time? My mind is thinking fresh little newborn. I'm thinking poop, pee, sleep, and eat.

Riding wagons?

Nope. That never crossed my mind. Did it yours when you were 35 weeks pregnant waddling around with a watermelon in your belly?

Okay then, fast forward to 18 months later, I'm deep cleaning the house {one of my random spur of the moment deals} and as I'm organizing and reorganizing, I have a little picture bubble pop up above my head. Because that again is how my mind operates.


Of a little on the edge wagon that is sitting in the attic.


So I dig through the pile of boxes that the husband had nicely piled right in front of the door and scrummage my way through them to drag out the large box containing the said red wagon.

Elliana followed me all the way downstairs and into the garage. Intrigued, I assume.

What is my mama up to NOW?

So I thought I was going to have to actually assemble it? Maybe need some tools? Put A-B-and-C together. Something.

Nada. I literally took off the cover and opened it up, and what do you know we have ourselves a wagon.

But not just any typical run of the mill wagon. Oh no guys. This thing was fancy schmancy. Has a top cover. Large {I'd say could fit 5 kids in there sitting up, two laying down}. Although, may I add here... I don't quite recommend the laying down part. Elliana always lays down in her wagon, and I look like a troll walking around pushing an empty wagon all while singing the ABC's out loud.... why yes, I do this.

Back to the wagon.
The material appears to be of great quality. And the storage space! Lets talk about the storage space.

There's this little hook basket thing {making words up here} in the back where you can store all sorts of goodies, water bottles, bags, food, A DOG.

And then there are compartments inside and on the outside. Where you can store cell phones. Water bottles. A dog.

And Elliana? Well this child can't get enough of this thing. As soon as we step into the garage that child runs over to the wagon trying to swing her leg in and up and over and the acrobats begin. 

And after we are done walking 5 miles around the neighborhood for the 3rd time that day... she still manages to do summersaults in my arms and scream bloody murder when I try to take her out of it. I'd say that she likes it. Wouldn't you?

So. What have we learned from this experience? Never underestimate the power of a gift.

If it has a picture of a big red wagon.
In fact, I would go as far as to say go ahead and kiss that persons feet and thank the stars above.

No. Not extreme at all.
This thing is that awesome.

And I wish I could tell you kids that I was sent one of these for free. Or that I'm getting paid to write this. No. This is just me taking time out of my day to tell you about a little red wagon.

Buy yourselves one. Put it on your baby shower wish list {really, please do}, and then go out one day and sing ABC's all while pushing your little rugrat{s} around the neighborhood.

I'm telling you... dreams do come true.
p.s. I just found it on amazon, On the edge, if you are interested in buying one for yourself {although I highly suggest putting children in it... not adults... or your tailgating food and booze. That works too} 

on the edge wagon

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If we were going to be best friends... you would need to know...

I was obsessed with the color baby blue growing up. And angels. And the two had to go together. And thus... I still have stars up on my ceiling at my parent's house that was once my bedroom.

I could eat nutella every day of my life. For every meal. On bread. On crackers. On fruit. Or straight from the spoon.

My hair color changed as frequently as my boyfriends. Kidddding.  About the boyfriend part. My hair color did however change every couple of months.

I drool, and I drool bad. On every pillow I own. And I'm pretty sure when I used to spend the night at my friend's houses they would have to wash their pillows after me. True life.

I am a total homebody and would prefer you come to me and we share a couple of glasses of wine together. Or BLL.

I am terrible at answering calls. Text messages. Emails. Or any other form of communication. Terrible. Even when my own mother and husband. I'm sure I will freak if E ever does that to me.

I've worked since I was 15. Meijer. Quiznos. Bravo. And now the hospital.

I cuss like a sailor, at work. Something about the environment and the people around sends my mouth into potty overload. In other words, @##@%%&^. That.

I love books, pictures, and Christmas. These are my favorite hobbies. Yes, Christmas is a hobby. Among other things of course ;)

You must know... I have been obsessed with Christmas since I was a little girl. Not the part where I get presents {although, that is nice also], but the part where I give the presents. As I young girl, when I couldn't afford to buy my family members presents, I would go searching around the house and "make things." And now? Everyone in my family gets 5-10+ presents each. The kiddos? Get over 15.

I am cheap when it comes to certain things. I would cringe to not buy toothpaste on sale back in the day. However, I would splurge on a new designer bag every couple of months {back in the day, pre-baby and pre-marriage days}. Odd, i know.

Multi-tasking is not my thing. I can do it with things. But not with people. I can't carry on more than on conversation. And I certainly can't carry on a conversation when I'm in the zone.

In fact, in college, Andrew used to come up to me, give me a kiss and tell me he is going to the store. 10 minutes later I would shout for him, and then turn to my friend sitting next to me and say "where's Andrew?" Yes. That happened a lot.

I am a reality TV JUNKIE. Teen Mom. Betheny. Every Real Housewives show. Real World. Hate to admit it, even Jerselicious {now that show is ridiculous}.

I don't like to be the center of attention in any shape or form {except when I'm out drinking with my girlfriends}. Therefore baby showers? Bridal showers? Eh. Not my thing.

I am a spontaneous individual and when I have my heart set on something? I get it. Okay, not even my heart, just my eyes. I make it happen, someway... somehow.

I can't fake laugh for the life of me. So if you make me laugh? You get a cookie.

I take customer service very seriously. So. When I have a bad experience? I make it well known.

And when I have great customer service? I am that 50-100% tipper.

Growing up, I wanted to be an assortment of professions...  a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer. But deep in my heart, I always knew what I wanted to do most was be a mom.
And that is about all of the dirty laundry I can gather on myself. 
Until next time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I remember when.... A glimpse of my past, and a hope for my children.

When I wore a dress that looked like a "wedding" dress to my senior Prom.
does buying it at David's Bridal mean that it was in fact a wedding dress? ;)
When I went with my two best friends to France for two weeks.... just because.

And no one told me it would be in the 50's in July there. So? I resorted to black pants... all the time.

Graduation day. A picture that encompasses the people I spent all of my days in high school with.

When my husband dressed up as Bristol Palin for halloween. And me as a .... pirate hooker?
And then, I, the pirate hooker, tried to deliver my husband, Bristol Palin's baby.
In true republican fashion.
I remember being a blonde.
for approximately 3 days

I remember my 21st birthday.. when my best friends went out to the bars with me with their fake ID's.
And we spent it in Louisville.

I remember when my husband grew a stupid ridiculous beard
And that time I tried, or did, bite my husband's butt cheeks in Qudoba.

Oh and the time that I found my home. My real home.

The time I went out to dinner and drank a whole bottle of wine. By myself. 30 minutes later, we took this picture.
and 10 minutes later... I was puking...

The time we took our bedroom door off in our apartment to play a game... a game of ping ball.
The time I went to NYC with my two best friends and had a tab of over a couple thousand dollars? Who knows. We didn't pay.
And when I went on Spring Break with a bunch of girls I barely knew {except one}.

I remember how in love I was with the self timer function.
And our trip to Vegas... which I will never forget.
And every May... going to the Derby
And how our dog, was "our baby"
And finally. The day. The day we got engaged... the day our new lives would soon begin.
I remember all these great times I had in college. Times with my best friends. Times with my husband {then boyfriend}. I remember living life carefree. No worry in the world {except making sure I make it to class at least once a week}. Life was fun. Life was full of pictures. Life was full of lots of smiles, and laughs, and memories that I would never want to take back. Ever.

I want my children to see these pictures. To see how important it is to make sure you live your young life the right way. I want that for them. To experience their youth. To have their time.

When I watch shows like 16 and pregnant. I think of all these pictures {plus some}. I think of all the college times and all the memories. And it saddens me. To think. That there are young women out there that will never get to experience their youth. Ever.

So to my children. Work hard in school. Be determined. Driven. Find your passion.

But also?

Be young. Live life. And never regret.

Having a family, having children is the most rewarding thing in life. I wouldn't go back to college for one second if I got a chance. But? I had that chance. And I lived it while I had it. And now? I'm at the greatest point in my life.

You'll be there.

But for now?

Be young. Be you. Be happy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Water Baby

While in Chicago, we took Elliana swimming for the very first real time. She had been to the pool multiple times last summer, including my parents and our neighborhood pool. We even had a little kiddie pool that she had been in on many hot summer days. And all those times? She loved the water.

But I wasn't sure how she would do now. Almost a year later. Colder water. More aware of her surroundings. Larger, more unfamiliar space.
I'm proud to say she did awesome.
And she's been doing fabulous in swim lessons.
Cries every time we have to get out.
Oh, my little water baby.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A quick Thursday Update, with pictures y'all.

This will be a quick post as I am at my parent's house unwinding and trying to squeeze something in seeing as how we are still cable-less and internet-less at mi casa.

Just a reminder; we cancelled ATT uverse a couple of days ago. We, as in me, because of it's gawd-awful  connection and service.  It's been a long time coming, and finally, I let them have it.

So? As of tomorrow? We will be comcast owners.

And you know what.... no cable or internet for a few days? Didn't even notice. However, I do need to catch up on the Bachelorette once the box is working. I need to get the 411 on these guys and the drama.

Moving right along.

It has been a gorgeous week around these parts. The weather has been amazing, and Elliana and I, and papa when he is home from work, have spent most of our time outdoors.

We got new pots to hang for our front porch.
We put Carson in Elliana's car. He loved it for all its worth.
We sat around on the drive way while eating watermelon and watching the cars beep beep right on by.
Go on walks around the neighborhood, hand in hand.
Splash in the pool.

Soaking in the rays.
Going on wagon rides with our favorite cousin {my nephew}.
Sitting in buckets.
Riding our bikes.
Running through sprinklers.
Then passing out in the car from all the heat exhaustion.

When we are indoors, we do fun things too..... probably not as fun as being outside. But you know, we compromise.


Elli helps me cook. In other words... eats the food while mama cooks.
We watch baby videos. Of baby E... of course.
Take enormously {must be a word} bubble baths.
Text the husband, and get sweet responses back.
Eat crack.... in the form of hazelnut spread on a cracker.

Take pictures before mama goes to work.
Take trips to grandma's house so mama and papa can go on a hot steamy date... aka the movies.
Go shopping and buy cute dresses, like this one.
And this one.
And being plain.... happy.

So that is the gist of our week. Lots of sunshine and smiles.
What else is new.


Was that enough pictures for you all?

Anyone else noticed I hadn't posted a picture since... last Thursday?

What is this world coming to.

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