Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Graham 7 months

Mr. Personality,

That's what we will call you from now on. You are all character and and absolute joy to be around. Never a dull moment and I imagine that won't be changing anytime soon. The main thing about your personality that we enjoy the most is your pure happiness. I know babies seem to be happy in general, but there is just something special about you and the way you smile. The way you light up the room. The way you interact with others simply through your facial expressions. We get told a lot by strangers how happy you are. It instantly puts a smile on their face. And I love that you can have that sort of effect on others. I say that smiles are so important in this world, and if you could change a moment for someone or make their day, then that may bring more good into this world.

This past month:


Clothes: 6-9 months
Shoes: No shoes yet
Diapers: 3


You continue to BF about every 2 hours while awake. However, during our trip to Hilton Head, you lasted anywhere from 3-5 hours at a time. During the night you just wake up once to eat, and then go right. We have also continued to do solids 2-3 times a day and you are doing okay with them. Lets just say you know what you like and what you don't like. So far carrots, apples, bananas, squash, sweet potato, avocado, and kiwis have been a go. Green veggies? Not so much. You give me this face like I have done something terrible. You also love love love yogurt melts. A lot. And so does your sissy. And mama too.


You continue to be a great sleeper! In fact, I feel that if we were not so busy running around town with your sister that you would sleep even more than you do now. So far you take about 3 naps a day, one 2 hour nap, and then 2 cat naps depending on whether we are out and about {so in the car} or if we are at home {then in the crib fro about 30-40 minutes at a time}. You go down at night between 7:30-8 and wake up about 12 hours later with 1 time wake up call in the middle of the night.

You love to be rocked like a baby. Love it. Something that your sister never really enjoyed. Most nights we have to rock you to sleep and if we put you down before you are in a deep sleep, you sure make it known. So back to rocking we go. I don't mind it one bit. In fact I cherish those sweet quiet moments with you.


I mentioned last month that right before your 6 month birthday you started crawling on us. Army crawling all over the place. Well, a couple weeks ago you started full fledged crawling like a big boy. As a result, you keep busy for much longer periods of time. Which is great because you play independently so well. Cruising along in the the playroom from one toy/activity to the next. Always wanting to be wherever big sister is. This has also resulted in more free time for mama which is good because dishes are finally getting cleaned and laundry is getting washed.

Your favorite toys with play with are: sticks, anything with wheels on them, and anything you can use to bang. I have made a mental note that it's time for me to go out and actually buy you some trucks and cars and such... it's a new thing for us over here.

She loves you more and more every day. Truly. You are the first thing she asks about in the morning {after banana of course}. She gets so excited when you wake up, "He's awake mama, he's awake!" Then she proceeds to say "Hiiii little guy, good morning smiley face, you smiling me? you smiling me?" all while ticking you and giving you kisses. She really does great with you for how young she is and it has been so wonderful to watch you two become closer and closer. I imagine that when you start walking you will be running after her and once you pick up the pace, you two will be chasing each other. Not sure why, but this gets me so excited for the years ahead. I know that you two may not always get along, but I sure hope you both understand the importance of family and love.

------ I know I am missing so much more. Whenever I think about you, it brings the biggest smile on my face. Whenever I think about all the happiness that you have brought into our lives. I cannot wait to watch you grow and see your personality unfold. We have many many more wonderful years to come, and we are just so proud of every part of who you are already. We love you, to the moon and back, over and over again. Love, Mama, Papa, and Sissy

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The REAL 27 on 27 Post

I had a wonderful birthday. Nothing over the top, nothing extravagant, but full of happiness and love. Exactly how I envisioned a birthday should be.

Initially, I had not even planned to write about my birthday because I thought that nothing would happen that day that would be write down worthy. I thought about who would actually want to read about this kind of day. It's not like I took a private jet and flew to Italy for the weekend in celebration. But then I remembered that the one person who would want to read this would be me. Ten years from now. Twenty. And so, of course it was important.

Instead of just recapping the day, I thought I would just list 27 things that happened, that I want to remember, and so forth.

1. Starbucks run. I went to starbucks first thing in the morning to get my free drink. When my app wasn't uploading, I asked if the guy would like to see my ID. They were all so sweet and wished me a happy birthday and then proceeded to ask if I was 21. I blushed and said, "No, 25!" And he said, "No way!" At which I responded that I have 2 babies in the back. As I was pulling away laughing... it quickly dawned on me that I clearly lied about my age. Without even knowing me! And so it begins...

2. Four hours spent at the zoo. Usually when we go to the zoo {we go a lot because we have a membership}, I take the stroller so both babies can be pushed around. This time though, I decided to just wear Graham and have E hold my hand. I took her little backpack and stuffed all the essentials in there, and off we went. She did great with having to walk around everywhere, and of course G never complained. I wouldn't either if someone just carried me around everywhere.

3. We went on a train ride for the first time. Every time we go to the zoo, I mean to take E on the train ride, but for whatever reason, we always get caught up in doing something else. This time we did it, and she loved every bit of it. She waved like she wad the queen of England..."Hi Giraffe! Hi Elephant!"

4. Ate mango vanilla gelato yogurt deal. Not exactly sure what it was. But it was tasty. So tasty that we only ate half of it.

5. We also ate pizza for lunch. Juicy greasy cheese pizza. The rebels that we are. Oh, and breadsticks. That was the first time E dipped breadsticks in cheese sauce. Fake cheese sauce. Needless to say, she loved it.

6. Both kids were out at the speed of light as soon as we got into the car.

7. I listened to a lot of country music. Versus the nursery tunes that we listen to 90% of the time. "Hickory...dickory...dock...."

8. Which resulted in me missing an exit going home. Because I've only lived here 20+ years and still rely on google maps to tell me where to go. And then I still somehow completely miss an exit even though I "knew" I should go there, but google maps was not specific enough for me. I blame google maps.

9. We then went to my parent's house where my mom had the day off and was waiting for us.

10. Elliana's suit was in the car,so instead she dressed up in my nephew's cars outfit. It was pretty cute.

11. Then she proceeded to just "JUMP" in the water as soon as my sister told her to do so. Just like that. The freezing water.

12. Little man sat on my lap and ate raspberries like a big boy. Basically chewing off my finger at the same time.

13. E ran around like a crazy woman with my sister.

14. My brother, his wife, and nephews came over. Elliana's face was that of someone who just saw santa clause in real life. She loves her nephews. She kept hugging them all night.

15. Enjoyed a family dinner and toasts all around.

16. Andrew then drove me over to a dinner at a restaurant on the water with a bunch of girls that I work with. Put a bunch of ICU nurses together and that never ends well.

17. I took my first shot in I don't know how long... 2 years?

18. Then Andrew came and picked me up but the girls wanted me to stay so I worked my magic on him!

19. That didn't last long because within 20 minutes he was calling me telling me that the babies were still awake and couldn't go to sleep without me. In fact, Elliana was crying for me.

20. When I heard that? I was instantly out of there.

21. It was 10pm and my babies were never up this late. But as soon as I got home? They were both out within a few minutes. I rocked Graham and sang a little song while E layed there next to me.

22. Gotta admit, there is nothing better than being home with my family.

23. 27 reminded me of all the important things in life and what is most meaningful to me.

24. 27 showed me how much older and wiser I am than my previous years. Yet, how much more I have to learn. How much more growing I have to do.

25. When I turned 27, my babies were 6 months and 2.5 years old. They'll never be that age again. 

26. When I turned 27, my husband and I had been married 3 years {almost 4 in less than a month}. We had been dating since we were 19. Almost 10 years together.

27. Twenty-Seven never felt so good.

What Summer Time Means to Me

image credit

Tomorrow is officially the last day of July. August is literally right around the corner, and fall is creeping up on us. It seems that every year, after my birthday, I get this feeling of nostalgia. Summer has this way of lifting my spirits, brightening my day, and bringing an overall effect of happiness into my life. Every one has a favorite season, mine happens to be summer time.

Summer time means.....Read the rest here.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Please Help

When I receive emails like this, I always try to do the best that I can to reach out and help, including sharing such news with people that read here.

Now, I personally know of this person, so this is not someone random emailing me with a fraud story. Rest assured, what you read below is true and prayers and any kind of financial help will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Dear Becky,

On Friday, our family was completely devastated to learn that my cousin, Sean, had been involved in a horrific motorcycle accident and LifeLined to Methodist Hospital here in Indianapolis. He was hit by a car on his way to work. He was driving a motorcycle that morning because he wanted to try to save money for his family, who are struggling financially. During the accident, he sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury affecting his C3-C7 vertebrae. Last evening he underwent a spinal fusion and laminectomy, as he had no use of his arms. He also suffered a broken nose, orbital bone, and ankle.

Sean is an absolutely man. He is a loving, dedicated, and hardworking husband, father, family member, and friend. He is a genuinely wonderful person who would do anything for anyone. While his family doesn't have a lot of resources, they are always the first in line if someone needs something. They are the most humble, grateful people, and they are truly just wonderful people. Our family purchased all of their daughter's school supplies, and clothes so that she can begin school on Wednesday. We also paid to have their son's phone turned back on so he could communicate with those at the hospital, as it was shut off due to lack of funds.

With their financial situation as it is, Sean is worried sick about how his family is going to survive without him working. Our family has rallied and begun a fundraiser to help ease his worries so that he can focus on his recovery. We just want him to know everything will be okay, and that everyone is thinking about him as he begins his lengthy road to recovery. As such, we have began a fundraiser for him and his wife, Kim. If you wouldn't mind sharing his fundraiser, I would appreciate it so much. Even if people can just send him their thoughts and prayers, it would mean to the world to our family. He needs so much love and positivity as he recovers. 

You can donate here

If I could turn back time

They always say that you should live life with no regrets. Everything happens for a reason and we choose the paths we take. One path may lead you this way, one may lead you that way. No matter which way you choose, each path will eventually give you two additional paths to take. And then you get to make that decision again. Which path you will take.

The cycle goes on.

Overall, I think I live life with the notion that no one can be perfect, no particular situation can always go the right way, and that some things in life are supposed to happen, because they just are. However, when it becomes being a mom? I always wonder if I handled a situation the rigth way. Did I say the right things? Did I act in a way to be proud of.

I don't want to make this post directed towards things I regret or wish I could do over. We all know there are plenty of situations that we, if had the opportunity, would have done things differently. But like I said before, there's a reason things happen, with one of those reasons being an opportunity for growth.

If I could turn back time, I would tell my teenage self to stop crying over boyfriend 1, 2, and 3. I would have gone back in time, tapped myself on the shoulder, and whispered..."Not the one."

If I could turn back time, I would go back to nursing school and tell that girl that was crying over her first "D," first "C," and 7th {or so} "B" in her life. Tell her that her beautiful 1.75 semester gpa {in comparison to graduating high school with a 3.8} would simply be a reminder of what she could have lost, but quickly regained. No more sorority, no more good times. A lot more responsibilities.

If I could turn back time, I would not have gotten a dog in college. You know how everyone tells you not to do something and you don't listen? Then later on, oh say 7 years later, you go... "you were right." Well. They all were right. Having a dog and a family has been hard. Especially hard. Would we change things now? No. Is our dog going anywhere? Absolutely not. However, it doesn't change the fact that it has been quite the adjustment with children and all.

If I could turn back time, I would have prepared myself better for the toddler tantrums. Let myself be more at ease. Tell myself that I would not be alone, that all is normal, and that it does get better. Those firsts are never easy when it comes in form of defiance.

If I could turn back time, I would take back any negative things I have ever said to those I love. Words can be harsh. Arguments can be tough. Dealing with feelings in a positive way may be difficult. I struggle sometimes with holding back and when things build up... they truly build up. I always regret after the fact of saying something that I know might hurt those that I love.urn

If I could turn back time, I'd sit down with myself and have a chat. Tell that young self of mine all the wonderful things to come. Tell her how important to stay safe. Tell how important it is to continue to be a good role model. To respect others. To make a difference in the world. That one day there will be two children that will look up to me. And a husband that I will cherish with all my heart.

If only we knew back then how our lives would turn out like today.

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Next Week: If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}
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For the complete list of topics: Here

Next Week: If I could Turn Back Time {And Do Something Over}
- See more at:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

$50 Boutique Giveaway!

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We are a family-run business that lives by the motto: work hard and play hard.  We love to travel and when we are in new cities, I always look for fun boutiques.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for many years.  Now that the kids are older and more independent, I decided that I needed a my kids like to say!  So, my girls and I decided it would be fun to open our own boutique.  We are enjoying learning about opening a business. Because I have three daughters, I understand that each outfit can't be too expensive.  That being said, everyone wants to look good too!  We will strive to bring you unique pieces at affordable prices.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

This & That

Did This

So on Tuesday they had a little safari theme at the library, and I had heard there would be live animals. I thought maybe like a bunny rabbit, dog, cat, and animals of that nature would be there. Obviously, I was excited to take E&G nonetheless, but I was totally not prepared for what we would see. An owl, alligator, lemur, 50lb python snake, and tons more. Seriously, it was awesome. The guy that introduced the animals was great with the kids. And Elliana was in pure amazement. G did great sitting with me as well and only got antsy during the last few minutes. E was even able to pet the snake, rabbit, and tortuise as well.

Again, have I mentioned how much I love our library. In addition to the weekly toddler time and story time sessions that we go to, I love that they do fun things like this {and the puppet show last month} for the kids.
We went to Panera on Sunday during our errand run and I had realized that it was the first time the 4 of us went out to lunch together and G sat up in a high chair like a big boy and it was so nice. Just another reminder of how blessed I am and how precious this life is that we have been given.
Graham is standing now. Standing. I am working on his 7 month post now and that should be up on Tuesday, but seriously... STANDING. Crawling full force was a lot for me to take in, but here we are with yet another milestone. Walking must be next, huh? I wonder when that will happen...

By the way, today is officially his 7 month birthday... so happy birthday to my special little man.
Also, 2 nights in a row he has slept through the night. We're talking 7-7 business over here. Not going to say that it is going to last... but one can only be hopeful.

Instagrammed That

Cooked This

Whole Chicken Crockpot recipe. I have made whole chicken various ways, and there is nothing better then an easy recipe requiring simple ingredients {like spices}. Something that I always have on hand. This one was a new recipe that I did and I loved it. Juicy. Will definitely be trying it again

Stuffed Bell Peppers. I know I shared a recipe a few months ago of one that I really enjoyed, but I decided that I wanted to try a different one {since the husband was bored of the other one}. Well this one is not too different from the other one, however, different enough that I could tell a difference. I think I like this one maybe even more. The only changes I made was that I used turkey {93% lean}, added mushrooms instead of celery, and did 1 cup of rice instead of 1.5 cups. I also used 5 bell peppers and cut them in half {so making 10 total... and my stuff was still overflowing}. I also used the remaining of the tomato sauce {recipe calls for 8 ounces to be used to make the sauce, the remaining 7 ounces I put in the bottom of the pan}.

Video Taped That

Snapped This

Two bloggers hard at work.

Celebrated That

My birthday. With my children. With my husband. With my family. And then with my coworkers. I could not have asked for a better birthday and I am so grateful for this life. Each and every day. Each and every year.

Bought This

A new automatic garage door opener thing. In other words, a couple hundred dollars worth of product that I could have avoided had I remembered to move the baby toy table that ultimately made the garage door get stuck {and quit working} once I closed the garage. Just peachy.

Loving That

Huge. I'm talking HUGE sale on Motherhood Maternity. Pregnant mamas---> this one's for you!

Great Deal On This

First off, who was on pins and needles during the birth of the royal baby? Anyone? I know that was the biggest chatter, and common how could it not be. I am truly so delighted for the couple and it will be amazing to watch this little guy grow up. He sure does have a pretty spectaculir mom and dad, that's for sure.

But, did anyone notice the swaddle blanket that Kate decided to use? I am sure many of you may have recognized them as they are the famous Aden and Anais ones that everyone swoons over. Pregnant, new mom, or know someone that is expecting? These would make for great gifts and trust me when I say this, you will get your money's worth! I know we have. Here is a little more info about them:

The Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4-Pack Jungle Jam print is one of the top sellers with Aden and Anais! Did you see the blanket that William and Kate’s royal baby made his debut in?  It’s one from this Muslin Swaddle  4- Pack Jungle Jam Print. You will love this soft, versatile, cozy swaddle blanket just as much as Kate does for her little prince! Four 47″x47″ 100% cotton muslin swaddles by Aden and Anais. These are great, all purpose blankets. They can be used for swaddling, as a burp cloth, a sun shade, a nursing cover, a standard blanket and more! They are very soft and get softer with every wash! You and your lil sweetie will love them!
These blankets are made of a lightweight cotton muslin that is super soft and very cozy for your little one. A perfect gender- neutral set that will be a favorite for years to come! As a top choice of Britain’s royalty, this item will not disappoint!

Better yet, take 10% off using code: ROYAL in celebration of the birth of the royal baby!

*Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated for this post or any products mentioned. Simply promoting products that have worked for us.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Birthdays=Free Day

Not really, Today will most likely be just like any other day. Busy running around having fun with the kids. But? I wouldn't want to spend my birthday any other way.

So birthdays= day away from blogging.
Birthdays= sharing pretty pictures from vacation {an actual post on vacation is coming next week}.
Birthdays= one year older, one year wiser, one year gone, one less year to live, but one year to celebrate.
Birthdays= remembering everything we should be grateful for, like family, good health, and our children. Cheesecake, bud light lime, and chocolate too.

Birthdays are always a reminder for me of where life has taken me. What all I have accomplished in these 27 years of life, and the dreams that continue to lie ahead.

Birthdays. They're special.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


A child fills the home with....
Scarves, coats, gloves, and hats laying at the bottom of the steps waiting to be put away at the end of the day. Reminding you of their rosy cheeks while they smiled from ear to ear in the car telling you how much fun they had at the park.

Toys scattered on the ground. The one hundred too many that you own. Reminding you not to buy a single toy ever again because they'd rather play with the water bottles or the pots and pans. But you still do anyway.

Blocks that you periodically step on. Reminding you of how beautiful a child's imagination is. The castles they build. The "homes" they create. And the pain in your foot. 

Surprises underneath the couch. Reminding you to look there more often before things like spoiled milk stenches up your home.

Not to mention the surprises in the couches. Sophie, the Giraffe. Reminding you of the days when this little rubber toy would light up their world. A crayon. A sock. A cracker. Reminding you to never buy nice furniture again.

Baby gates that you have to lift your leg ridiculously high over. Reminding you that you probably need to work out a little more. That and you are getting old.

Crumbs on the floor that you hurry to try to push underneath the couch when an unexpected guest comes over for a play date. That same couch that you remind yourself to look under more often.

A home that also includes your car which you swear contains your life in. So that's where those shoes have been all along. The ones we searched high and low for months.  And the tap shoes, reminding you that Saturday will be here soon. That your daughter will be dancing {most likely running} around like a ballerina.

Foot prints on the car seat from your toddler climbing in Making you ask yourself when the last time you actually cleaned this car that used to hold your designer bags, your shoes from the night before, and clothes that may very well have dust on them for all they do is hang in your clost.

Sass, tantrums, and a whole lot of defiance. As they grow older, the challenges that we face as they learn consequences, right from wrong, and rules of the world. The crying out of nowhere, the whining for every little thing, and the thought process that they are much older and wiser than they are. So they think.

But most importantly... A child fills the home with:

Love. Undeniable, amazing, beautiful love. The way they hold you. The way they need you. The way they ask for you. Smile at you. Look up to you as though you are a celebrity. They are our biggest fans and its the greatest kind of love on Earth.

Laughter. The belly giggles. The sneaky giggles. The what in the world are those little legs doing and little arms swinging at giggles. The ones that can change your mood in a split second. Where you want to be mad, you want to hold your ground, and then they do it to you. They throw you that smile or giggle at something ridiculous and you just let it all go. And the great thing about it? It never gets old.

Happiness. Something about these children is truly infectious. No matter how upset, no matter how tired, no matter how frustrated you might be with your cable.... these little ones fill the home with happiness. They are infectious around you. All they live for is happiness. And as a result, they want to fill you up with it too.
Memories. Everything around you is a constant reminder. "Look honey, that's where E took her first steps." And look, that high chair in the corner, the one E smashed her little face in. The same one that G will soon be put in to enjoy his first "real" meal. The onesies that you pack up. Those remind you of how fast they grow. The shoes that you sell at the garage sale. Remind you of their first steps they took. Everything seems to be a constant memory.

Lastly, they fill the home with:

Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. When I look at my children, I see hope. I hope that they continue to grow to see the world for the good that it can be. Carry a bit of their innocence along the way. To encourage others, help them, and model the morals and values that we believe in.

I have hope. And it's in the form of these two children.

They give me hope for a better tomorrow.

Jelly Beans Are BACK

Do you remember wearing Jelly sandals as a kid? Do you remember how you begged your parents to own a pair? You needed to have one and you needed to have one now. Not to mention, you needed one in every color. Am I bringing up some memories in your head? Did you look down at your feet thinking that they are in fact missing something in their life? The feet, that is. Your feet.

These were the exact thoughts that crossed through my head when I had heard that Jellys were back. They reminded me of jumping in puddles as a kid. Skinned knees, dirt on my pants. I grew up a tomboy.

Read the rest of my experience with the best summer shoe here, because bringing up the old days is never a bad thing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We have a cruiser on our hands

You know how there are moments in life where you wake up and you realize that your world will never be the same due to a significant change, or in a mom's case, a new milestone that our babies reach. And then you catch yourself saying, "already?" Things like, "this soon?" and "surely it's not time" come out of your mouth. Perhaps maybe even a little panic sets in. "Man, I'm just not quite prepared for this," you say to your husband as it becomes evident that changes are ahead.

For me, those words and phrases came out of my mouth much more often the second time around. And much sooner at that. Simply because everything is happening much sooner, and time is flying by much faster. Because the first time around? You're all excited and jumping with joy. And not that I'm saying we're not excited for every new milestone with our Graham man, but perhaps we're just more aware of what these milestones entail. A little more cautious. A lot more hesitant.

Read the rest of our adventures with crawling and a $25 gift card to Target giveaway here

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bringing Home Baby

I remember my first pregnancy as if it was yesterday. I remember the kicks, the rolls, the hiccups and the pains {yes, there were pains}. I remember feeling the anxiety during the last few weeks. Playing the guessing game of..."When will she be here." I remember all the excitement and love that we felt from our family and friends. And then...

She was born.

And your pregnancy and your life before this child somehow, not sure how, just becomes a blur......

Read the rest of my guest post at Pam's blog where I talk bringing home baby.

If I Could Be Anything In the World

This week's prompt was If I could be anything in the world. I could have sworn that this week was something else and had already planned out a completely different post in my head. When I saw that this was the topic instead, the first thing that came to mind was, who came up with this? And why.

It's a simple question. A simple prompt. But I felt like I was not capable of answering, and therefore, why did I feel inclined to even have this as a topic. There had to have been a reason.

You see, when I came up with these topics, it was over a span of time and sometimes very random and sporadic. I could be washing the dishes and a thought would come to mind so I ran to the computer and made note of that thought so that I would not forget. I'm assuming that's what happened here.

So I thought pretty darn hard about what I could possibly write about. Actually, to be honest, I was thinking deep in my head about who exactly I wanted to be in this world. The truth is though? If I could be anything... do anything... be anyone, it would be me.


No. I am not saying that I am someone to be desired and looked after as a role model. I never want my life to be viewed as envious by any means. Because my life is as ordinary as ordinary gets. And there is absolutely not a thing wrong with that. I am who I am, proud of who I am, and am in the part of my life that I have always wanted to be. Content. Happy. Family.

So instead of approaching this prompt as If I could be anything... I decided to talk about how when I was younger what I did want to be... when I was growing up...

I wanted to become a teacher. I would take out my stuffed animals and "teach them." Had a little chalkboard, workbooks, assignments, and all. I would talk out loud and it was the best play time I ever had. My little friend down the street would also be my student and I would give her homework assignments to do. I remember telling my dad that I wanted to teach so bad one day. Still do.

Although I'm not a teacher, and although I still have that dream one day {to go back to get my masters and teach at a big University... nursing that is}, I get the opportunity to instead teach my children. Teach them and watch them soak it all in. It's one of the most rewarding moments of motherhood.

I wanted to become a lawyer.  I'm an argumentative person at heart. I love a great debate. I love to speak my mind. And I barely, ever, think I am wrong. Up until I started college, I was convinced that that was what I was supposed to do. I could see myself in the courtroom. Pencil skirt, glasses, and my briefcase sitting at the table {cliche, I know}. I wanted to be the best in the state.

And although that dream will never come true, and one that I no longer have, I get to instead practice law at home. I get to argue with my husband about who changed the last diaper, bring evidence to the table, and have a closing argument about why the evidence speaks for itself. And I get to play detective when searching for the clues of who drew on what wall. In other words, Elliana.

I wanted to become a doctor. To help people. To learn about the human body. To heal. I wanted to become a doctor when I went to college. and nursing was going to just be stepping stone to doing so. I was convinced that this is exactly what I was supposed to do. Then I went to Purdue and had a change of heart. I did not want to put the time in it and new that it was pure dedication to do this. Not to mention, I kind of, sort of, oh yes really, got lazy and slacked off in school.

Instead, I became a nurse. I get to heal, help, and learn about the human body and am just as proud as I ever thought I could be. I get to come to work and love what I do. But most importantly, nursing has allowed me to fulfill the one ultimate dream of mine to the fullest:

Being a mom. Growing up, I wanted to be a mom. I wanted to have a family. Children to call my own. I wanted to be able to leave something behind. Being a mom just felt like something that I was meant to do.

This dream of mine came true 2 and a half years ago and has been the greatest thing to ever have happened in my life.


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A drunk post? Probably sounds like it.

"Baby you a song that makes me want to roll my windows down and cruise...."(insert a mama flinging her long brown hair back and forth while a certain toddler in the back giggles her little head off).

So that song? The beginning verse... Before I went off tangent? That's the song that is playing on our drive home from Hilton Head (right now), and I always want to just break down and jam.
Except I can't. Because I'm in a car... And you know, that's probably not safe for anyone, including the driver (Andrew), and other people on the road. They may get too distracted by this undeniable

But hey, it sure makes me want to roll my windows down. And? Cruise.....

Gosh if you haven't heard that song you probably think that I'm drunk blogging. I assure you, I am not. I am though writing this from my phone so who knows how things sound on the other end.

Okay, I've almost forgotten why I even started to write. Believe it or not, it's not because of the song on the radio. Instead, we had driven by a lady in a truck and she was laughing at the passenger. Laughing and glowing. And instantly, I was curious about what they could be talking about. Genuinely curious. I thought how interesting it would be to sit inside someone else's car just for a moment. In someone's home.
Be there but not be noticed. Invisible, you could say. So they truly acted like themselves without knowing that a complete stranger was watching. I know. I sound like a creep.

I'm thinking here though. Listening to this song and just in deep thought about the outside world. And how perception is a funny thing.

Minus the humor part. 

How I can see someone laughing and assume that they are happy. How you can see someone arguing and assume that they are miserable. How when a parent loses their patience with their little one, you pass judgement on them. How when someone makes a mistake or acts out of character, the outside world has already made their mind up on how they view that individual. 

That lady driving laughing? That could be her first laugh in a long time. She could have been crying for hours before then, and no one would have known it. The outside worlrd I mean. She may have lost something or someone tragic in her life recently and the total stranger would have no idea. Because for that split second of seeing her, perhaps the only time I'd ever see her, my only perception of her was pure happiness. That's not a bad impression to have. But that doesnt mean that I haven't seen sadness or anger on someone's face and assumed an assortment of things about them.

Unfortunately, we as a society, tend to focus more on the negative side of things. Ever thought about that? Instead of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, we just assume something negative instead.

I did that once (well probably more tab once, but for the sake of not rambling too much). The first day of dance. I saw a little girl with her grandparents. The grandparents also had a newborn with them. I mean a couple weeks old. Instead of thinking about how awesome these grandparents were (which I did think), I nudged Andrew and said "where do you think the parents are?"

Why did I even think about that? Why did I even have to care? Why did the thought cross my mind that I just couldn't believe a mom could miss her daughter's first dance class. I quickly pushed it away, but you know how sometimes things pop into our head that we can't control?

Gosh, us humans have this weird way of thinking we know it all. Like we can just figure people out in moments of being put in the same room.

You know that saying... "don't judge a book by its cover. "

Yeah. That. THAT.

I'm thinking how wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of assuming only the good in people. Only that.

Then again, how wonderful it would be if we only lived in a world of good. Only good. 

I always hope my children will be better
people than we are. Our children. Yours and mine. So that maybe they can bring more good into this world.

Change this world. For the better.

One day at a time? One parent at a time? From one smiling face to the next...

If nothing else, that lady left an impact on me today from that second of seeing her. Funny how a smile can do that... 

So back to putting animal cracker boxes on my head as the toddler is in need of some entertainment. 

Happy Saturday and happy coming home day! 

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