Monday, October 27, 2014

I don't.

I recently read a post on a friend's blog about the things that she doesn't do, and it instantly made me think about the things that I don't. I've been jotting down ideas the past couple of weeks when I come across something and it makes me so.... "Ah, no!" 

Like dishwashers.
I don't do dishwashers. I used it maybe the first year that we were at the house, then I had Elliana and really {kind of} went hippie on my husband and banned many chemicals {not enough}in the house. Plus, it's like a 2 hour process for them to be washed, and then I have to remember to actually put them away. Putting laundry is enough for me.

I don't do drama. I'm sure this is a popular don't for many. But this is a huge one for me. Mainly because I don't have the time for drama in my life. And I'm one of those people that I just don't forget that easily. Which means that if one is dramatic, over the top, and goes crazy on me? They probably will not be a part of my life. Unless they are family. Then I kind of have to suck it up and deal.

I don't do painted nails....enough. This isn't one where I don't like to paint my nails, it's just that I don't do it nearly as much as I should. The reason this one made it on the list is because I got out the shower and looked down at my chipped toes. It's something I've been wanting to get in the habit of doing more often.

I don't do diets.
I just don't believe in them, and I see no reason for them. I think lifestyle changes and changing the way we eat is great, but going on some 30 day diet is just not something for me. I struggle enough as it is to stay away from the bad stuff, I would just purge like crazy if I completely excluded things out of my diet only to restart again after the diet. So, we just make little changes along the way, watch what we eat, and portion control. 

I don't do full price. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot for the life of me pay anything full price. Except obviously groceries, gas, and the essentials. But when it comes to buying stuff out of want, I have to always make sure I get the best deal. Which most of the time means it has to be at least 50% off. And....

I don't do shipping costs. I will not pay for shipping. I will look high and low online until I find a place that will ship for free, a coupon code for free shipping, or discounts high enough that it will pay for the shipping. So far, that has worked out for me about 99% of the time.

I don't do bad customer service. I am not one to let things slip by, so normally I will write a letter, let a manager know, or contact the company in order to make sure that they are aware and that a review in policy be made. I should write a post on the good companies, and the not so good ones. Amazing how companies have still not figured out that quality customer service will keep their business running.

I don't do disrespect from our children. Out of our house rules, the biggest and most important one for me is respect from our children. They're still little, so they are certainly still learning, but we will continue to correct behavior at each opportunity that comes our way. Respect begins at home. How children treat their parents will greatly affect how they treat others, and it is crucial that our children learn to respect those that they come in contact with.

I don't do medicine. I mentioned this before, but I just don't have the desire to fix common illnesses with pills. The same goes for our children. I do of course believe in medicine to save lives, and when absolutely necessary. But otherwise, I'm just a soup and rest kind of girl.

I don't do seafood....except fish. No crabs. No shrimp. No lobster. None of that slimy weird texture stuff. Fish I will do. But that's it.

I don't do my hair....but I should. I love when I see beautiful curled hair, and I have that long hair that would be great for experiments, but I just cannot bring myself to spend any time on my hair. Probably 5/7 of the days I don't even blow dry it. Thankfully it just dries straight and you really don't notice the difference, but this mama has got to start doing something different because boy are the greys coming in.

I don't delete my email. That is why my mailbox says I have 10,000+ unread emails. But I just skim through my emails on my phone, and when there is actually something worth reading {not sent by a random company promoting something}, then I read and it and try to make a mental note to reply. And then I remember 2 weeks later....

I don't do late nights. I'm passed out with the husband by 9/10 on most nights. It's almost pitiful.

And the exact reason why I no longer do scheduled posts. 

Sleep is much more glorious.....


  1. I love this list. I'm with you on the not paying full price for anything! My husband loves it lol! and most definitely the no drama! Amen sister. There's nothing that drains my energy faster than someone bringing drama around me. And I have three girls! That says A LOT! lol

  2. We are the exact same. "I don't" do all of these things either! Seriously.

  3. Great list! Agree on the no drama, disrespect from the children and no late nights.... :)

  4. what a neat idea! I'm going to do this later on. I also refuse to pay shipping. That's the first one that came to mind.

  5. I'm with you on almost all of these! The only exception...I hate fish and I stay up way too late to blog!


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