Thursday, October 2, 2014

VTECH Innotab 3 review and giveaway! Can't put it down!

***VTech product, information, and additional playset have all been provided by VTech. This review however are my own honest opinions of the product.

In our family, we try to minimize the amount of technology use that not only our children use, but that we use as well. We want them to grow up playing and exploring and seeking educational opportunities that they can physically attain versus those on a screen. That being said, we do however enjoy and support any technology that helps stimulate further learning in a way that is fun and thought provoking. VTech®’s InnoTab® 3 Plus kids’ learning tablet was provided to us for review, and I was so excited to get my hands on it and start figuring all the ins and outs.

Elli is only 3 and was able to figure out this device almost immediately with little assistance from myself. She created her own user name and was able to take a picture of herself, which then automatically set the notion that she actually owned something and most importantly that she had to take care of it. We had this important conversation.

We went through all the different apps that were programmed into the device, and the camera was definitely a big time favorite from the start. Walking around the house and taking "pictures" of her baby brother, the dog, and an arm and a leg, was definitely quite the entertainment.  She continued on to read "books" and all I kept hearing from her is "this is cool" and "so fun!" Needless to say, there were be lots of chores done around the house so that she can download new books and learning apps to work on. 

Some of our favorite things about the Innotab include:
  • Innotab 3 comes with a rechargeable battery pack! It really doesn't get much better than that. So important when we are already eating through batteries every day, and in this case, I'll never have to worry about replacing batteries in the tablet ever again.
  • There are more than 800 apps that are education driven and can be purchased through the Vtech learning app store. That's a lot of skimming through on my part!
  • The camera isn't just your basic every day snap and shoot camera. It has a 180° rotating camera with over 55 special effect. They can also make their own videos and even store their own music!
  •  The price is definitely right. InnoTab 3 Plus comes with 12 apps at an affordable price of only $59.99. You know my thoughts on this right? Great Christmas gift!

Better yet, a great gift to giveaway! You can now have the opportunity to win on to gift to a special little someone in your life that will most certainly light up when they find out what's inside the package!

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