Friday, October 3, 2014

What it's like to be rich.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love being home with my babies? I know I have said it before—many times. I know that I've explained on multiple occasions why I do what I do because of my babies. But sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of these things as life quickly zips on by.

Man, I love being home with my babies. Being able to wake up and get them dressed and ready for the day. Cooking their meals for them. Reading them stories. Going to the library, the zoo, the museum, multiple parks, and fun little play dates. Watching them reach their milestones. Watching them learn. Watching them discover themselves and the people that live around them.

And I get to be right there with them, watching them.

Elliana is sitting quietly playing with cars —the favorite thing around this house. Graham is already down for a nap at 9:30 —must be going through a growth spurt. And I sit here on the couch by the window watching as the rain pours down on the trees that have now started to turn golden orange, yellow, and red. Gosh, I sure do love October. And what is it about rain that makes things so calm and serene?

You know....

I've been so deep into our family that I have not taken the time to just sit down and reflect lately. It's good for my soul to sit down and write, and yet, it's something that I push off the agenda more times than not. But I promised myself to sit here for 5 minutes and do just that– write. So here I am. Writing.

Don't ask me about what.

Just life. I guess.

We are in a great place right now with the kids. Life is so much easier {yet busier}. We have a set routine, the kids are pretty predictable, and there is so much less stress and much more fun these days that it's hard not to think about how lucky we are for our health and the people and things in our lives. It's hard for me though not to think about the what-ifs, the why us, and the when will something bad happen to us moments? I'm constantly surrounded by so much sadness at work and the stories that we hear, that it's hard for me not to think about how tomorrow is never guaranteed and how easily our world can change in just a split second. We shouldn't go there. We shouldn't think that way. But it's also helped me enjoy each and every moment with my children and my husband. Even the not so picture perfect ones.

We cook a lot together. We play pretend a lot together. We read a lot together. We dance a lot together. And sing {although neither one of us four are any good}. And we laugh a lot. And we take a lot of pictures. And we do a lot of looking at those pictures {and videos}. And we love a lot.

Andrew and I were doing silly dances in our small bathroom while the kids bathed and sang one of our favorite songs, and I caught myself look at these three family members of mine and thinking... this is exactly what life is all about.

Not the money. Not the things. Not the parties or the trips or the people that we know in our lives. Not our status. Not our careers. Not our cars, homes, or toys.

But the people.

Our family. Our love. Our relationships among one another.

My kids make me feel like the richest celebrity alive.
And I hope that I make them feel the same way one day.

Until then, I'll just keep dancing, singing, playing, and getting messy with them.

Speaking of playing, time for me to go play cars. My 5 minutes {eh, 10} of fame is up.
Happy Weekend. 


  1. Such a sweet post. We're about to have our first baby in December and I absolutely cannot wait for our little family to grow! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Yes! When I have time to sit and thing, I realize that all the hectic day to day is SO worth it and that I have everything I need. Great post :)


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