Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Learning cartridges that teach vocabulary and reading while having fun at the same time

***The VTech products mentioned below were provided for review, however, all opinions stated are that of my own.

Last month, I shared our experience with the new VTech innotab. It's still strange and a whole new territory for me to be discussing learning tablets because I feel like I should still be talking about her first steps, and baby food, and learning how to walk, and everything else that you get wrapped up in when you become a new mom. It makes me wonder if one minute I'll go to sleep and my baby will be little, and the next, we will be sending out college applications. 
But before college, we have VTech Innotab.

I had the opportunity to test out two of their learning cartridges, Learn to Write with Cody & Cora learning cartridge and Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Busy Day in Alphabet Town learning cartridge. Both of which came at the perfect time, as my biggest is practicing writing her letters, and my little one is learning the alphabet. Might I mention again how wonderful it is that I have something that is beneficial to children of different ages, and something that they can learn how to share and teach one another? 
Really, it's pretty great.

So the Learn to Write with Cody and Cora learning cartridge has 11 different activities and games for the kids as they go on an adventure with Cody and Cora discovering how to not only write the words, but spell them too. Some of the activities include a memory game, a handwriting practice, matching, mirror drawing, and a fun maze for them to go through. 

As for the Go!Go! Smart Wheels Busy Day in Alphabet Town,  Graham is obsessed with and begs for on the daily. It doesn't help that is utterly obsessed with cars. He goes on the adventure of matching letters in the mechanic's shop, rescue's kittens from trees by finding the correct letters, builds roads while practicing the correct writing of the letters, and even has fun with taking pictures! 

One of the things that the kids {and mom over here} love the most is that the cartridges both come with an e-book for a little extra practice in reading. 

My son, who will be 2 in December, definitely needed my guidance while navigating through the games, but was able to catch on pretty quickly. My daughter, who just turned 4, is able to work through the games on her own, but it never hurts for me to sit right there with her so that we could talk about the things that she is learning. 

They're both fun, challenging for the kids, and have great picture and sound quality.  

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