Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I choose Happiness.


How many times have we heard about the "perfect" life. How this mom makes motherhood look like a cake in the park. How this one pulls off the unthinkable. This one somehow manages to make a craft-tastic wreath for every room in the house. For every season, holiday, and birthday. That one has a new recipe every day of the week. Organic, freshly picked from her garden in the back. There's the mom that has the best wardrobe with the largest closet. Not to mention she looks like the next victories secret model {five days after giving birth to her fourth child}. How about the mom with the beautiful home, beautiful children, and the hunk of a husband. Those pictures don't lie you know. And then to sum it all up, lets give it to the super-mom. The mom that does all this, all while blogging about it.

Did I cover most of the ideas that have come across all of our minds at one point or another about this or that blog, this or that mom, this or that life?

I probably haven't. Not even close. And I'm not saying that any of those things people say about me. What I'm trying to talk about here is what we all think when we stumble upon what seems to be "the perfect life." Whether it be in the blog world or the step-ford wife neighbor across the street.

But in retrospect, it made me think about my blogging. This space. My little place.  Why I choose to share what I share. And more importantly, how that may be perceived by others.

This space? It's just 1% of me.

You see, I turn to this blog a couple times a week. Sometimes only once. Sometimes even more. I devote a few hours out of the week to whip out my thoughts. As ideas come to mind throughout my day, I quickly jot them down on a piece of paper, a text to myself, or sometimes an email sitting in draft. Sometimes it's just one word. Sometimes it's a sentence. Just a reminder of a thought to be constructed into something bigger. And then when that time of the week comes... I close everything off and I write.

Sometimes the post has already been written. In the car. On the couch. As I drift off to sleep.

From start to finish, I already know what to say... because I had already said it at one point or another. Over and over again in my head. So typing it out... I could do it with my eyes closed.

I write these thoughts down. Sometimes, often times, I throw in pictures. Specifically chosen, pretty, happy pictures. Why pretty? Why happy? Because these pictures make me smile. Because seeing he faces of the ones I love most? That makes me happy. I then look at the calendar to see when I want these posts to schedule. A couple clicks later and the computer closes.

And that is that.

My 1% sitting in a little file on the computer waiting to be published.

And then it's out there for the world to see. For people to critique. For others to judge. Sometimes they are good judgements. Sometimes, unfortunately people misread. Or assume. Or no matter what, they don't like you from the minutes they clicked on your site. Whatever the reason, positive or negative, judgements are made.

Because you put 1% of yourself out there.

People assume that they know you. They can sometimes imagine what your voice sounds like. What kind of person you are. What kind of mother you are to your children, wife to your husband. And sometimes, just sometimes, they could close their eyes and envision your life.

Because your 1% is out there on display in pictures.

Sometimes people assume that because you write all these happy thoughts, post pretty pictures, and talk about your beautiful children that that makes you perfect. Or that you, yourself, think that you are perfect. That you put yourself above others because you only write about these happy thoughts. That you think that you are better.

Because your 1% is full of so much... happiness.

So then. If we choose to share 1% of our life. Why, then do some choose to share the happy, beautiful, 1% of their life.

I want this blog to serve as reminder to myself. That great days do exist. That happiness is around me all the time. To look back on and smile. When I'm having a rough day. When I second guess myself. When I'm all out of ideas, solutions, or back-up plans. To turn to this little space of mine and remember.

Remember. That these moments, that may be 90% of this day, or 85% of that day, or maybe just 30% of that day, are the greatest moments to exist. That although it doesn't mean I look this pretty all the time, that my kids are this happy all the time, that my home is this clean and put together all the time, ... that it's there, it's around us, and it's what we live for.

Whether it's through words, or whether it's through pictures, I have these moments to serve as a reminder to myself. And if it inspires someone else out there? If it touches just one person. If it turns someone's day around? Gives them a different perspective? Then that is a beautiful thing.

No, it doesn't mean that my life is perfect. No, it doesn't mean that I am super mom. No, it doesn't mean that I have it all together, that I don't raise my voice, that I don't have "mom fails," or that I don't question myself from time to time.

It means none of that. What it does mean? What does it mean when I choose to share all the happy moments? What does it mean when I choose to share the pretty pictures full of laughter and fun? What does it mean when I choose to share our achievements, and blessings in life?

It means that I choose happiness.

The best part of that statement? That it's my choice.

How you perceive it? Is yours.


  1. I LOVE this post! I get many emails asking me why I blog, for my Bible study blog- what credentials do I have to be able to lead a Bible study, why I chose the name I did for my blog, etc. Some comments and emails are really harsh- I get it- I put myself out there, good or bad- so I can expect to get some ridicule and skepticism. However, you are right, the part I portray on my blog is just a tiny portion of my crazy, imperfect, completely blessed life. :)

  2. I hate when people complain about bloggers having "perfect" lives. It really annoys me, because NOT everything needs to be aired out for everyone to read. Some things are private and personal and should be kept that way, especially when it involves another person.

    I totally agree that us as bloggers choose what we share. Why not make it happy? I know that I want to share the happy. Who wants to read a blog that is negative and sad all the time. I know we all go through hard times, but I usually like focusing on being a positive person. I probably hardly ever blog about "tough times."

  3. this is perfect! It makes me upset that people are so quick to judge and complain about someone because of a blog or what they write about...most people blog to remind themselves of the good things happening so yes, it does make people seem perfect! But Ive always been told don't judge someone until you've walked in their shoes, you don't know where they come from or what they have been through.

  4. So true. This is your space and I love that it reflects so much happiness in your life.

  5. I love this post because, to be honest, I often read your blog and do think that you are a super mom, who lost her baby weight in 5 days, has beautiful and perfect children, etc. And you know what? You're right! How I perceive it is my choice. And although I've seen it that way in the past, I'm going to choose to view it differently from here on out. Because none of us are perfect and none of us know it all. Thank you for the reality check mama :) Keep choosing happiness!

  6. Out of all people you brought me back lol and I cry! I haven't blogged or looked at blogs except checking in on you and a few if my favs from time to time without commenting I guess lurking is the term lol and then you wrote this! So so true! The reason I closed shop on my blog was for the judgements and comments I recieved based on my happy posts because I choose happy I choose to not give up I choose inspiration and I again choose happy! I agree so whole heartedly with you and I love you more than I did which I didn't think that was possible since I love ya so much already and then you go and do it you write this amazing post and you make me think should I stop what I love my writing my thoughts for a comment or ten lol sooooo am I back? Who knows but what I do know is I thank you for writing this and inspiring me as you have always done and the fact one of my dear friends is preggers with twinks that is just one more reason to come back! I don't know if ill be posting as much or if I will come back at all but you know I just may and If I do thank you for it! You keep being you we love you for it! Love Sumsy!!

  7. Great post. And great choice. What else can we choose if not happiness and those precious moments in life to blog about. I'm sure years from now when you look back to your life through your blog you won't want to remember the bad times but rather the good ones. I love this post!


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