Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 Things I learned about myself this week.

1. I won't flush the toilet when the kids are napping. That is how precious nap time is to me, and part of the reason I don't get any housework done and simply use that time to catch up on promotions that I am working on or random blog posts. Because flushing a toilet and washing dishes and even starting the laundry machine is just too risky. I love nap time too much.

2. I wait until the last minute. For everything. To leave the house for work. To do my mandatory education at work. To work on some blog posts. To schedule the kids appointments. To send out bills. Now, I get it all done--and on time. It's just literally during the last hour. I believe that I work best under short time constraints. I was also that way in college when I had to study for exams.

3. I love this girl and her family. And that we are basketball stars in the making.

4. I do not like to read my writing. I don't like to go over what I write and I hate to proofread. I know I need to do this more often, but something about reading what I wrote over and over again just makes me cringe. Especially things I wrote in the past. It's amazing to me how a couple years later and I feel like I am so much older, and wiser. Well, probably not so much wiser as I am a know-it-all. With sarcasm.

5. The best toys are free. I've known this. Forever. But I'm always amazed when we come up with something new how easy and more entertaining it is for the kids when it didn't come out of a box, it didn't cost any money {kind of}, and it's an easy clean up. This one below gave me 30 minutes to sit, watch, and enjoy.

6. I love deals. I mean, I know this is an obvious one here and something that I have made publicly known, but this weekend alone was big on deals and I did a whole lot of shopping. For instance, at Target I got 17 articles of clothing for the kids for only $60. We are talking shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, you name it. That's pretty darn good. And Target doesn't even have coupons or anything!

7.  I should never buy white. For myself. For my daughter. Or for my son. It's silly and a complete waste of money because there is such a high likelihood that one of us, if not all of us, will get something on said white shirts. Our white shirts have a one day lifespan. That's it.

8. I need to clean my ring more often. It's been over a year, and I forgot what it was like to have a freshly cleaned ring. This is coming from a girl who used to have it cleaned every two weeks {at least}. Prior to children, obviously.
9. I bought 2 maternity shirts for no reason.  Otherwise titled as, I'm a planner. Or you can see it as I'm a hoarder. Another good name would be spender. But I like to see it as I'm a planner. Because one day I hope there will be a 3rd pregnancy which means that my belly will ultimately get large again, and which means that it is impossible for me to pass up $5 maternity shirts at gap when I had the opportunity.

And at that, I went from 5 things I learned about myself to 9. Not 10. But 9. Summed up as: I'm gross, I love deals and nap time, and I'm a procrastinator.

The end.


  1. I literally laughed out loud at the first one. I never flush the toilet during nap time, too risky indeed! I'm learning the best toys are free, my son loves boxes and tupperware.

  2. With the Target Cartwheel app you can often get discounts on clothing!

  3. Loved the first one as I don't dare flush a toilet or close a door to hard or clean or barely make a peep during nap time....that is some precious me time right there and I will not mess it up! And yes, the Target Cartwheel app almost always has a discount for clothing!

  4. Your last one made me laugh out loud! I am right there with you for the first one. I don't do ANYTHING that involves noise because it's a sacred time in our household. Even more so with three rowdy, screaming girls. LOL

  5. But Target does have coupons! They are on the website.

  6. I got really lucky with my son, he could probably sleep through a hurricane going right down the street. When he was a newborn I got all of my cleaning done while he was napping. I also wait until last minute to get things done! I really wish I could start scheduling my blog posts better. I love this list! Also, your ring is GORGEOUS!

  7. Oh my goodness, the second one is so me! I always tell myself I will stick to a schedule and get things done early, but it NEVER happens!

  8. I don't know how I missed this post, I am usually so good about catching all of them :) I also hate reading my writing.. I like to just put it down on paper/computer and then move on. haha. Love you boo! Come visit. xox


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